The 16 Best Yoga retreats around the world


The fast-paced lives every human seems to be living in the 21st century inevitably calls for the practice of self-care. While it may take a variety of forms, the kind that tends to help the most is the physical, mental and spiritual one. How does one combine the three? You guessed it right – he explores the concept of yoga and meditation.


With the Indian discipline becoming a huge movement in the past decade, it can be overwhelming to get the hang of it without giving up halfway through. Yoga retreats were created for this exact reason – to cultivate a healthy relationship between your body and your mind through guided daily practices.


Certified yogis have the power instilled in them to help you align your energy-filled breath with physical movements and find the inner peace amidst the outside chaos.


Yogis who have been consistently practicing a spiritual practice are able to disconnect in an instant and meditate for hours at a time. This, certainly, takes time and patience, but mindfulness can be achieved with a single trip to a yoga retreat that will set the tone for the rest of your working year.


When on an exotic yoga getaway, you will have the opportunity to step back and take in the natural surroundings you don’t pay attention to being in a hustle mode. Be it a beach location with vegan meals or a rainforest spot in a jungle with a juice cleanse, chances are you will feel mentally and physically replenished by the end of your stay.


Choose a retreat that fits your spiritual healing criteria the best – thanks to yoga being in vogue, finding one won’t be an issue – and embark on a life-changing trip ASAP.


P.S. Take mental notes of the things you will encounter on your ethereal journey as your colleagues will surely want to follow your footsteps.



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EcoYoga, Scotland

Created by and based on Nick and Rachel’s belief in a sustainable and fulfilled lifestyle, EcoYoga is a destination in the heart of Scotland’s natural wonders for people to learn the basics of yoga and environmentally-friendly living. The transformed outdoor space now serves as the main center for visitors to relax, listen and discover the spiritual routine yogis have been practicing for centuries.

The retreat overlooks the spectacular waters of the Loch Awe river which can be observed during a sweat-session in a local sauna or an unwinding tranquillity in a solar-battery-powered hot tub. Explore Pranayama and Yin yoga during the day with an experienced yogi Rionach and pick up a book in the retreat’s library to rest after. Or, advance in Hatha and Ashtanga yoga with Sandra and participate in daily workshops at the EcoYoga cafe in the afternoons. Either way, you will have a replenishing experience in the highlands of Scotland and stay full thanks to the vegetarian dishes catered by the retreat’s best cooks.

Emphasis: Yoga practice, practical workshops, sustainable lifestyle 

Location: Argyll, Scotland

Cost: $782 - $1117 per person

Contact: +44 (0)1546 810259; [email protected]


Sen Wellness Sanctuary, Sri Lanka

Established by the founder of the London-based holistic clinic Dr. Sam Kankanamge, Sen Wellness Retreat is a much sought-after Sri Lankan haven that draws people from different backgrounds to reconnect with their body, mind, and spirit. Sam and his team claim that retreats at the Sen Wellness Sanctuary will help you ‘unlock your true potential and discover your own personal gifted treasures’.

Located on the southern coast of the tropical island amidst the pristine National Park, the retreat offers a variety of customizable programs aimed at teaching each and everyone about the ancient ayurvedic principles of the east combined with the advanced lessons from the west. Listen to the waves of the Indian Ocean while getting acupuncture treatment and practice meditation led by the Buddhist Monk.

Receive a consultation from the Ayurvedic doctor and enroll in daily therapies chosen in accordance with your body type. Practice yoga with a qualified yogi one-on-one and find out what diet suits your body the best. Whether you choose a 14-day, 10-day or a 3-day program, rest assured that you will return back home as a brand new living being.

Emphasis: Ayurveda, Buddhist meditations, wellness mentoring
Location: Netolpitiya, Sri Lanka
Cost: $1200 per person
Contact: +94 77390 4800 Sri Lanka; +44 207 4863 373 (UK) international


Anamaya Resort, Costa Rica

Founded by Geoff McCabe, Joseph Mikrut, and Kelsey Matheson in Montezuma, the prime Costa Rican destination located on the Nicoya Peninsula, Anamaya Resort is known to host spiritual awakening seeking individuals and provide them with the personal growth and de-stressing experiences.

Anamaya is translated from Indo-Aryan Sanskrit as ‘good health’ and can be seen in everything the retreats hosted there offer. You are equipped with a 7 or a 3-day experience in a center overlooking a true jungle along with 270 degrees of ocean coastline. Pick one of the 15 eclectically decorated rooms and enjoy sunrise yoga sessions with a view of an ocean. Swim in the infinity pool filled with saltwater and devour the organic gourmet meals consisting of vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options.

If you have got extra time on hand, book a surfing lesson, a nature hike, sea kayaking adventure or a zipline canopy tour that will complete your retreat journey. Learn yoga from the guest yoga teachers invited from around the world and incorporate the newly learned practices back at home. We are certain you will want to come back and repeat your mindful trip year after year.

Emphasis: Anusara yoga, adventurous excursions, spa services
Location: Montezuma, Costa Rica
Cost: $375 - $1995 per person
Contact: (+506) 2642-1289 Costa Rica; (+1) 415-830-6291 USA


Reclaim Your Self, Japan

Organized by Emma Henry, this 7-night yoga retreat on a Kyushu island and across Japan is filled to the brim with picturesque hikes, ikebana flower meditations and tea ceremonies. From Jivamukti yoga sessions on the Kunisaki peninsula and farmhouse cooking to Zen Buddhist meditations under the guidance of a local priest from the Futago-Ji temple, your trip will be a non-stop adventure with mass discoveries of Japanese culture along the way.

You will stay in the old Kyoto townhouse and in Usa’s calm cottage located among the forest mountains. You will swim in the thermal hot springs, eat vegetarian meals in Kunisaki and seasonal wild vegetables in Midozo for lunch. You will wander through ancient forest trails to discover the largest Buddha relief craving known as Kumano Magai-butsu and ride a Shinkansen bullet train. Temples and Buddha statues will follow you throughout the entire trip - this is how you wholely immerse yourself in the Japanese traditions and spiritual practices.

Learning Jivamukti yoga will be fun and nurturing at the same time experience that involves learning breathing techniques, vinyasa sequences, chanting, and meditations. You will be safe and sound with the experienced yogi like Emma who will challenge you day after day. Sign up for this autumn yoga retreat if staying in one place is not your cup of tea (but green tea is).

Emphasis: Japanese culture, active hiking, Jivamukti yoga
Location: Kunisaki Peninsula & Kyoto, Japan
Cost: $3275 - $3800 per person
Contact: 07939907501 (WhatsApp); [email protected]


Akasha Wellness Retreat, Romania

Initiated by Daniela Raileanu at over 1000 meters altitude up in the sky in Romania, Akasha Wellness Retreat represents the perfect getaway spot for westerners to do yoga flows in the Pestera village. Transylvanian mountain air mixed with guests’ willingness to learn about a sustainable way of living is reflected in a wide variety of retreats offered by the center.

Whether you choose a 5-night program dedicated to slowing down, meditating and natural healing or a 5-might program combining yoga teachings and hiking, the end result will be the same - you will feel re-energized, gain awareness and reconnect with nature and your inner self. Relax in a hot tub with a mountainside view and go on a hike to explore the local forests. Take a part in yoga workshops and enjoy the nutritious vegan and plant-based meals.

Spend your mornings practicing Vinyasa/Hatha yoga and your evenings unwinding with the help of Nidra/Yin/Restorative yoga. You will build your core strength, become more flexible and learn to chant mantras that serve as an antidote to the build-up stress of everyday life. You will come back home with a newly acquired appreciation for yoga and knowledge on how to take a step back and switch your mind from a turmoil state to a state of serenity.

Emphasis: Yoga practice, vegan meals, hiking
Location: Pestera village, Transylvania, Romania
Cost: $220 - $1324 per person
Contact: +40727860439; [email protected]


Sparkling Yoga Retreats, Morocco

Founded by the yoga practitioner with over 20 years of experience Elena, Sparkling Yoga Retreats offers an exclusive retreat in the heart of a Moroccan desert in Berber village. Your stay in the spacious rooms of the yoga center will be accompanied by the majestic Atlas mountains situated right across the retreat.

As per Moroccan traditions, there are two pools with aromas to enjoy when the temperature starts rising and a hammam with authentic skincare consisting of oils, herbs, and fruits. With 2-3 yoga classes every day, you will be fully immersed in the spiritual practice and learn to restore your energy through doing Vinyasa flows with elements of Yin yoga and Nidra mediation. North Africa is known for its rich palette of flavors, which staff fo the retreat made sure to incorporate into the guests’ meals.

Breakfast, lunch buffet and a 3-course dinner are all served by the retreat’s stuff and are nourishing enough to keep you going. In your free time, you can either rest in your room with a fireplace turned on, wander through the gardens filled with banana palms and orange trees, or explore the vibrant city of Marrakech located 30 minutes away from the retreat. Desert yoga is indeed a one-of-a-kind experience that you will want to add to your bucket list even if it is not in the plans (yet).

Emphasis: Restorative yoga, hammam, buffet meals
Location: Berber village, Marrakesh, Morocco
Cost: ~$2000 per person
Contact: [email protected]


Kamalaya Yoga Retreats, Thailand

The coming together of John Stewart’s 16 years of devotion to spiritual studies in Himalaya and Karina Stewart’s 22 years of experience of Asian healing and spiritual practices resulted in the establishment of a yoga retreat center in the place favored by Buddhist monks, Thailandese Koh Samui. The enlightening energy of the island, therefore, allows the spiritual awakening aspirants to profoundly connect with universal energies.

When enrolling in a Personal Synergy program or one of the group retreat programs, you are provided with wellness, yoga and recreational facilities like Shakti Fitness Center, Alchemy Tea Lounge and Yoga Pavilion. You are free to explore the plunge pools and the two herbal steam caverns belonging to the retreat as well as the TV lounge and a library when feeling inspired or longing for some alone time. Meditation gurus with decades of experience are there to guide you in the right direction and teach you the basics of meditation.

Thai and Indian massages, saunas and personal mentoring sessions are a part of some group and personal programs at your disposal. Personnel at Kamalaya Yoga Retreats doesn’t take wellness lightly and is thus equipping you with personal consultations with Ayurvedic specialists and gift bags for you to continue the holistic journey once the retreat is over.

Emphasis: Personal consultations, Thai & Indian massages, Sauna
Location: Koh Samui, Thailand
Cost: $2200 - $14000 per person
Contact: +66 774 298 00


Fykiada Retreats, Greece

Run by two health enthusiasts Anna and Eranthi, Fykiada Retreats is a luxurious center organizing high-end getaways to the gorgeous Greek Islands for those wanting to reconnect with their bodies and get a taste of a Greek lifestyle. Be it Mykonos, Kythnos or Koufonisia, an experience you receive is well worth the money due to its customized schedule and, of course, unforgettable scenery that comes in the package.

Villas and resort on the aforementioned islands look like they are out of a fairytale - either the accommodation’s location is next to the Aegean sea, its amenities include infinity pools, fine dining, and private jacuzzis, or it has a Thai-style massage room and an outdoor covered yoga shala. A typical program of a retreat involves Greek-inspired meals, yoga flows, sunset/sunrise hikes, and movement-based workshops.

There is even a day dedicated entirely to island-hopping. You are given the necessary yoga equipment so that you won’t need to bring anything except for a bright spirit and a pair of UV-protective sunglasses. Retreats are organized in a way for you to get a taste of an island, find your own voice and connect with like-minded people. Mind-blowing views, eye-opening meditation sessions, and recharging massages are guaranteed!

Emphasis: Daily yoga practice, healthy meals, luxurious accommodation
Location: Mykonos/Kythnos/Koufonisia, Greece
Cost: $2150 - $4800 per person
Contact: +30 698 488 5228; +30 697 618 1564; [email protected]


Go Natural, Jamaica

Founded by Lion, a yogi with deep knowledge of herbal medicine, Go Natural is a real-life paradise yoga retreat center located on the sandy Long Bay of Portland in Jamaica. The seaside is right next to the center, meaning that you get to enjoy the idyllic views of the ocean and green nature all day every day. Unlike other yoga retreats, this exotic number allows you to refresh your mind, detox your body and revitalize your spirit for up to one month.

This way you will be able to become one with your surroundings and wholely heal your body from within. You have the choice of a dorm room if staying on a budget, a full-on villa with an Oceanview and a few options in between. Yoga classes are held every day by guest yogis with over 10 years of experience. Regardless of whether you are a beginner or an advanced yogi, you will not only perform some healing flows but also learn how to incorporate these skills into your day-to-day life.

Meals offered by the retreat are revolutionary too - ‘Jamaican cuisine with a twist’ is what Go Natural describes them as and is not wrong. Vegan, vegetarian and raw meals are prepared from fresh island fruits and vegetables that blend nicely with the retreat’s mission. Nutritious and detox smoothies are also on the menu. If you have got some time on hands, make sure to explore Jamaican surroundings by booking a trip to Reach Falls, Blue Lagoon excursion or a snorkeling session - make every day of the mindful journey count.

Emphasis: Organic meals, yoga, and meditation mix, cultural activities
Location: Long Bay, Portland, Jamaica
Cost: $470 - $3198 per person
Contact: +1 876 405 6968; [email protected]

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Flow into Freedom, Mexico

Organized by Jonelle Lewis, an international yoga instructor, Flow Into Freedom retreat in Mexico’s sunny Baja is the perfect escape from your daily rut and assimilation in the wildlife of the North American spicy location. Yoga classes taught by Jonelle have been raved about by many as a thoughtful teacher who takes a personal approach to every guest. You will do morning Hatha/Vinyasa flows aimed at replenishing and detoxifying your body and soul that are followed by the evening Yin/Nidra yoga targeted at preparing you for the good night of sleep.

The two yoga studios have a golden bamboo floor and a thatched palapa roof that is accommodating to spiritual practices. Meditations and breathing practices are also a part of the experience just like mantra chanting and prana waking up. Time off from yoga can be spent chilling in a hot tub, flushing toxins in a sauna or refreshing in a saltwater filled swimming pool that has a mesmerizing view of the Pacific Ocean. ‘Where the mountains and the desert meet the sea’ is the accurate description of this place - its Sierra de la Laguna mountains give off the atmosphere that allows you to relax in the garden hammock and catch up on a book in free time.

You might even catch the sea whales playing in the ocean as you stroll through the garden and listen to hummingbirds sing. Peace and the quiet border with activities like horseback riding and surfing, which gives you the opportunity to make the most of your trip.

Emphasis: Yoga flows, wildlife activities, zen atmosphere
Location: Baja, Mexico
Cost: $2200 - $2920 per person
Contact: +44 20 3488 1715; [email protected]


Alchemy of Yoga Retreat, Indonesia

Led by the yoga teacher and Lululemon ambassador Annie Clarke and her team, Alchemy of Yoga is Balinese heaven that runs just as smooth and fresh as it looks. The program is like no other - it is split into three so-called chapters called ‘Tapas’ (Physical Alchemy), ‘Svadhyaya’ (Mental Alchemy) and ‘Ishvara’ (Spiritual Alchemy) that transforms an individual from the inside out.

The first chapter focuses on transforming the body through Vinyasa flows while the second aims at observing one’s thoughts, reflecting on them and gaining awareness. The last chapter, consequently, targets the break of one’s old habits by the release of ego and judgment. This approach to spiritual healing is unique to this retreat and is thus appealing to a big number of those finding themselves stuck in life or unsure about what to do next. Mindful Yoga and meditation classes occur twice a day under the guidance of the best yogis with years of experience.

When doing yoga, you will be seeing the wild jungle of Ubud and might even spot a monkey (or two). There are cooking classes, cacao ceremony and a Kintamani volcano tour to enroll in when taking part in the spiritual program. Meals include, of course, vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options for you to choose from and are inspired by Balinese vividly colored cuisine. The schedule of the retreat is crafted with the intention of providing you with a nurturing and supportive environment alongside like-minded people - each on their unique healing journey.

Emphasis: Spiritual healing, personal approach, community spirit
Location: Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
Cost: $3999 - $5199
Contact: +1 206 886 5743 (WhatsApp); [email protected]


Mandali, Italy

Started by two entrepreneurial friends Wouter Tavecchio and Wildrik Timmerman in March of 2017, Mandali became a real-life interpretation of their vision. The retreat center is located on a hilltop in stunning Northern Italy and overlooks a wonder of nature - Lago D’Orta. Being a non-profit organization, Mandali takes pride in running on an eco-friendly basis and staying true to the essence of spiritual enlightenment.

It is dedicated to cultivating deep self-reflection, healing and becoming the best version of you. It is just as committed to executing it all with green intentions - that is, utilizing solar energy and natural heating systems throughout the entire retreat center. The surplus power is given to the local communities, which is a great way to operate a business and stay true to its values. Meditate with the group or opt for yoga sessions only - the retreat programs offer both but the choice is ultimately yours.

You are in charge of designing your experience and deciding what activities suit you the best. Tai-Chi classes, medicine wheel workshops, Crystal Bowl healing practices, and crystalline labyrinth are just some of the activities you can participate in on a daily. In your free time, massages and saunas are open for you to take advantage of and so is the mountain stroll along with self-rediscovery. You will certainly have plenty of time to let go of the past and concentrate on the now.

Emphasis: Yoga and meditation, self-healing, silent breakfasts
Location: Quarna Sopra, Italy
Cost: starting from $850
Contact: +39 0323 826439; [email protected]


Yumee Chung Retreat, Portugal

Established in the sunniest spot in Europe in Portugal, Algarve, Yumee Chung Retreat is organized in the rentable property ‘Casa Fuzetta’. The traveler and yoga teacher Yumee takes it upon herself to organize an all-inclusive tour for you to do morning yoga on the rooftop terrace, meditate in the midst of a sanctuary and receive spa massages when needed. Seasonal produce combined with the Portuguese cooking techniques allows you to fill up your stomach with the most nutritious meals.

Olhao’s old town gives off the atmosphere that makes you want to concentrate on the positive sides of life and connect with likeminded people with whom you are sharing the experience. From poolside relaxation to island-hopping and olive oil tasting, there is no shortage of activities with which you can fill up your day.

Take part in the retreat-based workshops to advance your yoga skills or venture out alone to explore the city and spend time in your head. Visit an authentic Portuguese restaurant for lunch or take a tango dance class - stuff at Casa Fuzetta is always ready to organize it all for you. You won’t be bored a second of your stay due to the abundance of activities available upon your request.

Emphasis: Morning yoga, comfortable stay, extracurricular activities
Location: Olhao, Algarve, Portugal
Cost: starting from $1284
Contact: +44(0)7899 064 020; [email protected]


Haramara Retreat, Mexico

Sajeela, the founder of the Haramara Retreat, asked herself whether it is possible to create a place where yoga would be materialized in life as a healing and restoring practice. The answer came to her naturally and resulted in the creation of a seaside yoga resort in the breathtakingly beautiful Riviera Nayarit above the Pacific Ocean in Mexico.

The retreat is designed to offer its guests a sensual tropical experience accompanied by yoga practice and a wide variety of wellness-induced activities. The yoga pavilions have a magnificent 360-degree panorama along with the thatched roofs and handcrafted wooden floors. These detail-oriented elements allow you to have the full view of the lush mountains and the feel of the fresh ocean breeze while being challenged with the yoga instructor taught yoga flows.

The infinity pool overlooking the ocean is a great idea for an afternoon swim, whereas a terrace is a nice add-on for having a refreshing drink before dinner time. The retreat provides its visitors with gourmet dishes made from organic products and reminiscent of local cuisine. You can relax in the open-air spa located in the retreat area and get pampered not only mentally but also physically. Your spirit will be rejuvenated by the end of the retreat and your body will be recharged and ready for the routine back home.

Emphasis: Restorative yoga, nutritious meals, relaxing activities
Location: Riviera Nayarit, Mexico
Cost: $1650 - $3300 per person
Contact: +1 866 801-4084; [email protected]


Ananda Yoga Retreat, India

Founded by Ashok Khanna, Ananda in the Himalayas is the definition of the holy place where soul cleansing and chakra unblocking is at the core of its retreats’ mission. Since yoga originated in India, it is only fair for such a retreat to abide by the ancient Indian virtues and adhere to the holistic lifestyle the country is based on.

Created for those who are already familiar with yoga and are willing to advance their skills and practice spirituality in the place with the same faithful spirit, Ananda offers an array of meditation and yoga sessions combined with Vedanta talks and cleansing therapies. You will be provided with the wellness and fitness consultations followed by the Ayurveda doctor check-ups and Ayurvedic therapy sessions aimed at teaching you the basics of the self-care from the inside out.

Your mornings will be filled with retreat’s signature tea and the local bowl of fresh fruit, while your lunch and dinners will consist of the authentic seasonal cuisine aimed at warming and healing your body. You have the opportunity to take part in the cooking classes and weekly treks as well as use hydrotherapy facilities like steam, Chili plunge pool, sauna, and Kneipp foot bath. The personalized approach of every activity ensures you get the most out of your retreat and bring back a suitcase of knowledge to share with your loved ones.

Emphasis: Ayurveda, personal consultations, immunity enhancement
Location: Himalayas, India
Cost: $870 - $5430 per person
Contact: +91 11 61210000; [email protected]

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Byron Yoga Retreats, Australia

Started by John Ogilvie in 1988, Byron Yoga Center is one of the longest-running yoga schools in Australia. This means that its reputation is good enough to provide you with the unforgettable 8-day spiritual experience filled with health-focused activities in the coastal town of New South Wales. The timetable of the retreat is flexible, which implies that you are free to design your own program and stock it with both on-site activities and off-site excursions.

Yin yoga classes, guided meditations, wellness workshops are available to you just as much as dolphin spotting and surfing. Explore the sandy area by undertaking a kayaking class or simply chill and get a massage in your free time in the afternoon. Meals are overflowing with vitamins your body needs to restore and recharge, while teachings on nutrition will keep your brain working even when you return home.

Add a bicycle to your retreat routine that is offered by the center or take a dip in the local swimming pool filled with mineral salt. At the end of the day, you will have achieved the goal you came for - your mind is reset, your spirit is elevated, and your body is re-energized.

Emphasis: Yoga and meditation, excursions, wellness and nutrition
Location: Byron Bay, NSW, Australia
Cost: starting from $1890/2085
Contact: +61 (0)2 6685 8327; [email protected]



Frequently Asked Questions



How much does a yoga retreat cost?


It’s not a secret that yoga retreats have become a profitable business as of recently. Don’t be surprised – it’s a simple supply that has to meet the high demand. This doesn’t mean, however, that someone is trying to rip you off. Rather, this is a calculated fee that takes into account factors like destination, accommodation, meals, activities, and duration.


The more remote and exotic the yoga retreat destination is (think jungle in the midst of Costa Rica), the more costly it is. If you add the high demand for this location in the equation, you get quite a hefty sum.


Community housing and 5-star hotels will differ in price too. Sharing the treehouse with 3 other people will certainly be cheaper than having an entire hotel room with a private pool all to yourself. The availability of additional amenities like unlimited Wi-Fi and cleaning service inevitably raises the price as well.


Since yoga and Ayurveda are closely connected, yoga retreats tend to include vegan/vegetarian/raw/gluten-free meals more often than not. If they are included in the price, you are pretty much set and don’t need to think about hitting grocery shops and spending time cooking. This also means that the price of the retreat is likely to be on the high spectrum.


A low-end yoga retreat will be composed of a few yoga sessions per day and a lot of free time, whereas a high-end yoga retreat will keep you occupied every minute of the day. Activities like zip-lining, spa massages, surfing lessons, and Ayurveda teachings will either make you pay extra on the spot or be reflected in the price of the retreat.


Yoga retreats that last less than 5 days tend to be cheaper and include less pre-paid activities. Take note of those that last longer than a week as they are usually more expensive and have a strict plan every member has to stick to.


Concluding the breakdown of the things you have to consider when choosing a retreat for your budget, we can say that retreats costing anywhere between $399-899 will suit anyone looking for a budget-friendly trip, while those costing $1500+ will best accommodate those seeking a once-in-a-lifetime kind of a spiritual experience.


Is a yoga retreat worth it?


It’s only normal to hesitate before booking a yoga retreat somewhere in Bali for your only time off of work – they are an investment both from a financial perspective and a timing viewpoint. For this reason, you should carefully evaluate whether this is something you would be willing to take on or whether a quiet vacation on the beach in Greece makes more sense to you.


In case you come to the conclusion that a yoga retreat is just what you need at that moment in time, know that this journey will leave a significant footprint on you as a person. Imagine this – you are away from the bustling life and daily distractions like cell-phone buzz, office gossips, and digital news. You are connecting with nature and, most importantly, with yourself through thoughts that you tend to ignore most of the time. You are in a safe space where you are able to question the things that have been on your mind for the longest time and ponder what’s next in store for you. Isn’t this life-changing?


The time away from home in a location where you share spiritual practices with like-minded people is a healing experience in itself. You are put in the environment that naturally makes you address all the burning issues that have been piling up inside of you and are ready to be resolved. With qualified yoga teachers, pre-determined schedule and planned-out meals, you are bound to recharge your inner batteries and come back to your routine as a rejuvenated person with possibly new goals and ambitions. This practice tends to transform lives if you fully immerse yourself into the experience and let your mind relax and do its thing.


How do you prepare for a yoga retreat?


There is not much physical preparation as there is mental preparation that goes into getting ready to embark on your yoga retreat trip.


First off, you have to set your intentions right. That is, take time to think about what is your primary purpose for this trip and keep it in your head when at the retreat destination. It doesn’t have to be anything transformative – a simple intent to reduce your stress, eat more balanced meals and learn a thing or two about Ayurveda is enough.


Second off, you might want to stretch your body a little before putting it under some pressure of everyday activities. There is no point in forcing yourself to become an athlete or a pilates guru in a span of a few months prior to a yoga retreat trip. Instead, focus on listening to your body when stretching and toning it as you go without pushing too hard. Basically, treat your body as a temple it is by bringing it to the state where you are confident in its ability to do some daily yoga practices.


Lastly, pack light and research about the destination where you will spend your time away from home. ‘Less is more’ is the motto perfectly applicable to yoga retreats and their holistic vibes. Depending on the time of the year, pack a few outfits you will feel comfortable meditating in and set your expectations right. You might find yourself overly excited about the upcoming trip, which is why it is crucial to calm your mind and get ready to share the experiences you had with your family and friends when you’re back.