Things to do in Palm Springs

Palm Springs

If you are looking for a comfortable place to relax during your trip throughout Florida, the perfect place for you would be Palm Springs.


The uniqueness of Palm Springs stems from its unique hotels and top-notch attractions. That’s why the King of Rock & Roll had his honeymoon here at Graceland.


So if you are keen on Rock & Roll and you like luxurious hotels, you simply can’t go wrong by heading to Palm Springs.


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Palm Springs Visitors Center

Everyone that travels to Palm Springs should first make a stop at the visitor center. At the center, you will find useful information about Palm Springs like accommodation, dining, shopping, and attraction spots. There are also gift stores located in the building where you can buy Palm Springs logo-apparel.

The center is open from 9 am till 5 pm daily and is situated on the corner of North Palm Canyon Drive and Tramway Park.

  • Make the Palm Springs your first stop to receive valuable information about the city.
  • You can get various logo-apparel and other goodies at the gift shop.
  • The building was a service station in the 60s so it’s well worth exploring the architecture.

Free Adventure Nature Family

Palm Springs Air Museum

This air museum is ranked number one in California and number 14 in the world when it comes to aviation. The Palm Springs Air Museum predominantly displays aircraft from World War 2, Korea and the Vietnam wars. Surprisingly most of the aircraft at the museum is still in a flyable condition.

Many of the docents are veterans that have served in one or multiple of these wars. They are always friendly and they love to share their experiences and sacrifices on the front lines.

Apart from the aircraft they also house permanent and temporary exhibition, artwork, related artifacts, and library sources to forward the history for future generations.

Children under five and active military (with immediate family) receive free entry.

  • This is the number one Air Museum in California.
  • Various aircraft from the Second World War, Korea, and the Vietnams wars can be viewed here.
  • Learn about the first-hand encounters of the war from the docents present at the museum.

Medium Adventure Family

Workshop Kitchen + Bar

One of the trendiest restaurants in the Palm Springs area offers visitors the authentic side of the city. The original building was a 90 old year movie theatre that they renovated into the James Beard award-winning restaurant.

All of their produce is locally sourced to give back to the community that makes this place great. They serve a special World War 2 cocktail that is worth the taste while visiting the restaurant.

  • Visit one of the trendiest restaurants in Palm Springs.
  • The original building was a 90-year-old movie theatre and is ranked a Class 1 historic El Paseo building.
  • Try out World War 2 dedicated cocktail that remarkably teases the taste-buds.

Medium History Local experience Food couple

Yoga in the Park by Power Yoga

At the power yoga classes, you will have an amazing backdrop of the San Jacinto Mountain. Not only that the park is surrounded with lush greenery and trees with animal life roaming around. The Yoga sessions are donation-based and a $10 fee will be accepted and is then donated to local charities.

Power Yoga aims to make the classes accessible to everyone and it is a nice way to meet the people of Palm Springs while stretching out in the park.

  • Meet and get to know the locals of Palm Springs.
  • Donate to the local charities while stretching out at the park.
  • Enjoy the scenery and the backdrop of the Mountain San Jacinto.

Free Nature Solo

The Parker Palm Springs

The Parker is a five-star hotel that has everything that you need for your holiday in Palm Springs. They have a selection of excellent rooms that have views looking over the greater Palm Springs area. At the Parker, you will find various relaxing and leisure activities to pass the time if you are not enjoying the Coachella events over the weekend.

  • Relax at the poolside at the 5-star hotels.
  • There are various spacious rooms that have great views of the city.
  • While you not at the hotel you can head down to one of the Coachella events.

Expensive Food couple

Palm Springs Village Fest

One of the highlights, when you visit Palm Springs, is the Village Fest held every Thursday for the visitors of this lovely city. At the fest that thousands of visitors go too, you will be met with a variety of food stalls, arts, crafts and friendly residents of Palm Springs. The warm welcoming will set the ideal starting point for you to explore the rest of the city.

The fest also has live entertainment and starts every Thursday at around 7 pm.

  • Get a warm welcoming to Palm Springs through the Village Fest.
  • Walk traffic-free through the streets and explore the markets that offer, crafts, food, art and meet fabulous locals.
  • Witness the live entertainment on show at the festival and experience the culture.

Free Adventure Culture Local experience Food Family

Tahquitz Canyon

Palm Springs has an abundant beauty that is eye-catching and spiritual rewarding at the same time. The Tahquitz Canyon has a 60-foot long waterfall that draws in tourist all season long. The Canyon is a wealth of rock art, ancient irrigation systems, wildlife, and flora.

If you want more insight into the Canyon and its surroundings you should visit the Tahquitz Canyon visitor center. The center also offers educational and cultural exhibits.

  • Explore the visitor center and watch ‘The Legend of Tahquitz Canyon’ in the theatre.
  • Enjoy the 60-foot waterfall in all of its majesties as it runs down the hilltop.
  • There is a wealth of rock art, ancient irrigation systems, wildlife and flora to explore in the canyon.

Cheap Adventure Nature Solo

Queen Palm International Film Festival 2019

If you a movie buff are an occasional cinematic watcher the Queen Film Fest will have something that catches your eye. The event is held quarterly in Palm Springs. The Film Festival is an official IMDB festival and host films from all over the world. There is also a yearly event where a grand prize is presented the Queen Supreme Trophy, don’t forget to check that out.

  • Witness the glitz and glamour of this prestigious event held quarterly in Palm Springs.
  • The event is an official IMDB festival.
  • Get to watch some of the best movies from around the world.

Expensive Local experience Food Solo

Happy Hour at Azucar at La Serena Villas

If you are staying at the La Serena Villas you need to check out the Azucar restaurant. The Azucar is considered by many as a cozy and warm place to dine at. The second-floor rooftop area is really special with lanterns lighting up space and boho furniture giving it that chic look. The food on offer is also delicious offering vegetarian and vegan options too.

  • The view from the second-floor rooftop is awe-inspiring.
  • The food at the Azucar is some of the best you will find in Palm Springs.
  • The boho furniture gives a slick look as well as a cozy atmosphere.

Medium Local experience Food couple

Living Desert Zoo & Camp Gardens

There are so many things to do at the Living Desert Zoo & Gardens. You can take your whole family out for a day of fun activities that involves feeding the Giraffes or visit the petting kraal to interact with various animals.

The hiking and nature trails are full of interesting visuals and the guides are very insightful letting you discover a whole a new take on the wildlife and terrain in Palm Springs.

  • Take a ride on the endangered animal carousel.
  • Enjoy ¾ of an acre G-scale model train that operates daily, the luminous light show is enhanced with the train show.
  • Get to feed and interact with various animals in the kraal.
  • Take the kids to the Gecko Gultch where they can create their fun in an open environment.

Download the Living Desert App for audio tour stops & interesting facts ANDROID OR APP STORE

Cheap Adventure Nature Local experience Solo

Elvis Honeymoon Hideaway

The King of Rock & Roll once stayed at this guesthouse with his soon to be the wife for 2 years in 1966-1967. They also had their honeymoon here after their wedding in 1967. It is said that Lisa Marie Presley was born 9 months after their honeymoon stay at the guesthouse.

There are daily guided tours of the house with a viewing of the two master bedrooms named after Elvis Presley’s parents the Vernon and Gladys suites.

If you are lucky you can catch the annual Elvis Tribute Show held on the estate. You can enjoy the live living room concert or relax by the poolside and there are also refreshments on hand. Check out the dates for the yearly show.

  • Visit the honeymoon guesthouse where famous Rock & Roll legend Elvis Presley stayed with his wife.
  • Go on a guided tour of the house and admire the grand architecture of the time.
  • Experience the living room show of the great Rock & Roll legend.

Medium History Local experience Food couple

Palm Springs Art Museum

The original museum was established in 1938-1952 and was named the Palm Springs Desert Museum. However, in 1958 they completed the museum and auditorium to house contemporary art and galleries.

On the outside, the gallery has rich architecture and inside it is full of wonders that depict the early years of the Mexicans and various other arts. There are on average 24,000 objects in the museum so when you visit be sure to have enough to explore everything.

  • Visit the Annenberg Theatre to witness international performances and dancers.
  • Explore the exhibits and galleries and view works by Thomas Moran, Walter Ufer and Stephen H, Willard.
  • Art on display includes fine art, fine art photography, Native American Art, Mesoamerican art and artifacts.

Cheap Culture History Solo

Cabazon Dinosaurs

As you head towards Palm Springs you will have to stop the Cabazon Dinosaur attraction. This roadside stop offers passersby with iconic dinosaur memorabilia. The stop is so popular that it was featured in various movies including Pee Wee Herman’s big adventure and The Wizard.

You can visit Dinny’s gift shop to purchase different dinosaur-themed merchandise and souvenirs. There is also a dinosaur exhibit that houses over 50 lifelike dinosaurs and a dino dig to explore.

  • Visit the roadside attraction that was featured in various movies.
  • At the gift shop, you can buy various merchandise and souvenirs that are dinosaur-related.
  • Explore the dinosaur exhibit and get your hands dirty at the dinosaur dig.

Free Nature Local experience Food Family

4 Saints

The Four Saints restaurant is perched on the 7th floor of the Kimpton Rowan Hotel. On the 7th floor, you are introduced to a 270-degree view of the valley. The food on offer is just as impressive as the views. The restaurant serves small plate snacks, entrees, and platters to share.

What makes the Four Saints stand out is their selection of innovative craft cocktails and local artisan beers.

It is the perfect setting to bring your significant other for a romantic night filled with cocktails and amazing views.

  • Enjoy the epic 270-degree views of the valley at night.
  • Sample some of the delicious cocktails and artisan beers.
  • Grab a platter to share while dining on the7th floor of the Kimpton Rowan Hotel.

Medium Local experience Food couple

Coachella Valley Preserve

Get immersed in the Coachella Valley as the desert-like surroundings will make you feel like you just climbed into a movie. The valley offers various guided hiking routes and trails to choose from. One of these trails takes you to the San Andreas Fault line. The fault line takes you through two live oases with a diverse ecosystem that exposes you to wildlife and various plant species.

There is also a route that takes you through the McCallum trail that exposes you to the various wild bird species. The walk is about 2 2/1 hours and the guide will talk and try to make it a learning experience for you.

  • Explore the various trails and routes in the Coachella Valley.
  • Get to see wildlife and birds as well as the fauna that is only located in that region.
  • See the San Andreas Fault line and gain valuable knowledge through the informative guide.

Cheap Adventure Nature Local experience Solo

Charles Busch - Native New Yorker

The role that Charles Busch plays in this role is both admirable and comedic at the same time. The Tony award-winning actor will take you back to his early years as he tries to find himself in the industry. The production is open to everyone that likes a good laugh but it also tackles serious issues that he went through along the road.

Some of the songs he performed in this piece include songs from, Rupert Holmes, Jim Croce, Michael Legrand and Stephen Sondheim who are some of the best in Broadway.

Book your ticket for the show – Ticket Booking

  • Experience a performance by a Tony award winner.
  • Go through the earlier years of Charles Busch and experience the coming of age story.
  • Listen to the songs he performs from various artists like Rupert Holmes, Jim Croce, Michael Legrand, and Stephen Sondheim.

Medium Local experience Family

Moorten Botanical Garden

When you think of Botanical Gardens a desert-like an environment is the last thing that springs to mind. This botanical garden was created in 1938 as a privately owned arboretum. The owners known as the Moortens are desert plant specialist. They have compiled an impressive array of miniature to gigantic desert plants. There are about 3,000 varieties of different species in the Botanical Garden.

The Cactarium(a word coined by the Moortens) is the first of its kind in the world.

There are also other things to explore in the Botanical Garden like colorful rocks, ancient fossils, gleaming rocks, and gold mining relics.

  • Visit the first Cactarium in the world that is devoted to desert plants.
  • Explore the different habitats that are specifically designed to house different desert plants from around the world.
  • Get to see ancient fossils, gleaming rocks, and gold mining relics.

Free Nature Local experience Family

Sparrows Lodge

The Lodge was built in 1952 by MGM actor Don Castle and it was the number one spot for Hollywood celebs looking for a lavish retreat. Since that time the lodge has undergone many changes and was revamped in 2013 to its former glory. While traveling Palm Springs you should book yourself a stay at this luxurious resort and see why it was so popular by the Hollywood elite of the time.

Upon booking, you can choose between a poolside room, garden rooms or a nice secluded cabin room. There is a communal barn and outdoor fire pit so that the guests can get acquainted with one another.

  • Stay at a lodge that was once occupied by Hollywood royalty like Elizabeth Montgomery.
  • Choose between three different accommodations the pool, garden or cabin side rooms.
  • Mingle with the fellow guest at the resort at the communal barn or the outdoor fire pit.

Medium Adventure Nature Local experience Food couple

See the Giant Faceless Babies

A favorite among travelers is the big babies with bar-coded faces. These artworks were erected in 2018 and are the work of David Cerny a Czech Republic artist. These babies use to hang on a TV building in Prague before the building became unstable. They were shipped here while they now are displayed in a sandpit crawling.

The babies are huge but the emphasis is put on the bar-coded faces. The artist wanted to show that people are being dehumanized especially the younger generations.

  • Visit the sandpit to the large babies crawling in the sand.
  • The babies were shipped to Palm Springs from Prague.
  • The artist who created the work was David Cerny a Czech Republic artist.
  • The barcoded faces resemble the dehumanized younger generation.

Free Local experience Family

Tour Celebrity Homes by Bus

In the days of yesteryear, people use to call Palm Springs, Hollywood’s playground. This award-winning celebrity tour will take you all around Palm Springs and showing you where the celebs use to hang out.

The tour takes you on a 36 passenger luxury charter bus as you visit famous neighborhoods, secret spots of the celebs, and homes that famous artists resided in like Frank Sinatra, Elizabeth Taylor, Sonny and Cher, Bop Hope and Marilyn Monroe.

  • The tours have received numerous awards for their great tours.
  • The 36 passenger bus will take you all over Palm Springs to secret spots of celebs.
  • Visit the homes of famous celebs like Frank Sinatra, Elizabeth Taylor, and Marilyn Monroe.

Medium Adventure Local experience Family

Visit the Kooky Robolights Display

This light show has people raving for good and bad reasons. It is a Christmas light show with a difference. Kevin Irwin the creator of these creations went overboard with the Christmas decorations. The showcase is full of weird creations in the spirit of Christmas and some are a bit obscure.

The creator takes about 20 hours each day to create these wonders. He collects materials from neighbors and buys the rest online. In the Robolights display, he uses about a million lights.

  • Get to the weird and awesome display by Kevin Irwin.
  • It takes the creator about 20 hours each day to complete his creations.
  • Most of his materials are collected from neighbors and bought online.

Cheap Local experience couple

See a Volkswagen Beetle Turned Into a Giant Spider

If you are into the weird and the wonderful then you will like our next attraction in Palm Springs a Volkswagen Beetle turned into a Giant Spider. Many people miss this awesome creation but if you head south on Indian Canyon Drive where you will find a small gravel parking area on the right. You can pull in there and snap some pictures with the giant spider.

  • Visit the weird and giant spider on the Indian Canyon Drive.
  • The Volkswagen Beetle has been transformed into a giant spider.
  • Take pictures with this enormous creature as you stop along your journey.

Free Local experience Family

Marvel at Some of the Fancy Hotels

Palm Springs has a variety of great hotels that will fit any of your needs perfectly. If you looking for high class and sophistication Palm Springs have some of the best in the world. Each hotel caters to your exact specifications and you will be treated like a king or queen on your stay at the hotel.

Some of the best hotels in Palm Springs include the JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort & Spa, Hyatt Regency Indian Wells Resort & Spa, Parker Palm Springs, Renaissance Indian Wells Resort & Spa and The Westin Mission Hills Resort Villas-Palm Springs. All of these hotels are between 5 and 4 stars hotel and comfort is always guaranteed.

  • High class and sophistication at all of the high-end hotels.
  • The hotels offer a specialized service to their entire guest list.
  • All of the hotels have a 4 or 5-star rating.

Expensive Local experience Food Family

Sit Next to Lucille Ball

Every major city these days has a statue that everyone just admires like the statue of David, The Peeing Boy, Lincoln Statue and in Palm Springs you will find the Lucille Ball statue. The Lucille Ball is a bronze statue sitting on a bench in Palm Canyon.

Tourists and locals alike snap pictures of the glamorous statue while sitting next to her on the bench. The photo opt has become a rite of passage for any traveler to have on their photo list.

  • Take photos with an ‘I love Lucy’ tv star.
  • The statue is made out of bronze.
  • There are various eateries around the statue.
  • The surrounds are ideal for a nice walk in the park.

Free Local experience Family

Drive past the Nudist Bridge

Going to the Desert Shadows Resort and Villas will expose you to a whole other crowd of people that are sometimes looked down on. At the Resort and Villa, you will meet people that have no clothes on and they prefer it that way.

The nudist beach has been around for a while and is truly something to bewilder your eyes.

  • Go take a swim at the eye-catching beach of Desert Shadows.
  • Get to see various nude beachgoers lounging on the beach.
  • Partake in the nude festivities at the resort.
  • Drive past the nudist bridge to catch a glimpse of the pedestrians.

Free Culture Local experience couple

Graves of Frank Sinatra and Sonny Bono

If you are a fan of Frank Sinatra or Sonny Bono than you would be pleased to know their graves are located in Palm Springs. You can view their graves at the Desert Memorial Park. You can visit the cemetery anytime as they are open daily for visitors. The graves are well kept and there is a vigil held on their death each year.

  • Get to see the gravesites of two of the greatest entertainers ever.
  • Roam about and explore the many other prominent figures at the cemetery.
  • There is a vigil held every year on the day they died.

Free History Local experience Family

See the LGBT Veterans Memorial

The memorial is dedicated to all the veterans that served and the ultimate sacrifice for their freedom. The memorial is for all lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people who served. It will be the first recognized LGBT veterans memorial in the United States if the regulation is approved. It is worth checking out a piece of history in the making.

  • A memorial dedicated to LGBT Veterans.
  • Many LGBT Veterans gave their life without ever being acknowledged.
  • Many from the community come to commemorate their fellow heroes.

Free History Local experience Family

La Quinta park 8. Fritz Burns Park

Visiting this 12-acre park is the best decision you can make while visiting Palm Springs. The park is ideal for families and couples and is dog-friendly so your pet is always welcome, as people often struggle to find pet appropriate places.

At the Fritz Burns Park, you will be able to have a nice BBQ under the shading surroundings. There are various picnic tables and a dog park for your furry friend to play. The rest of the things that you can do include, public art viewing, tennis courts, pools, Skate Park and visiting the playground with your children to play.

  • The 12-acre park is full of activities to do while you are in Palm Springs.
  • Have a nice BBQ under shading surrounding.
  • There are tennis courts, a skate park, public art viewing and a playground for the kids.
  • The park is dog-friendly and has its own park.

Medium Adventure Nature Local experience Food Family

Shields Date Garden

The date garden is an authentic institution that sells dates to the public. The dates are locally produced and are manufactured into a variety of other products like date crystals, all dates, sauces and dressings, and specialties. If you have a sweet tooth for dates that this is your perfect location to get a variety of different date products.

At the date garden, you can various books and stationery relating to dates and recipes you can use with dates. They also sell fresh citrus and special promotion boxes for people who love trying out distinct fruit.

  • Get a variety of date products all in one place.
  • They sell a variety of books and recipes relating to dates.
  • Learn how dates are grown and where they originated from.

Cheap Food Family

Palm Springs Walk of Stars

People often think that it is only in Hollywood where you get a walk of fame this is not true as Palm Springs has their own Walk of Stars. Since the 1920s big stars have tended to escape from Hollywood to Palm Springs some of these early actors were William Powell, Rudolf Valentino, and Harold Lloyd.

In the later years, big icons in the entertainment industry got their stars edged in history like Charlie Farrell, Shirley Temple and probably the most famous Frank Sinatra.

  • Take a walk around the stars in Palm Springs and see why many migrated from Hollywood.
  • The walk of stars began all the way back in the 1920s.
  • The most famous of the walk of stars members is Frank Sinatra.
  • There are over 400 walks of stars inductees.


Free History Local experience Family

Chill at Ace Hotel & Swim Club

Sophistication and elegance are just some of the things you can expect from the Ace Hotel & Swim Club. The Hotel has luxury suites with private outdoor fireplaces. The Ace hotel also offers basic rooms at democratic rates if you are looking to spend a little less.

The Ace Hotel has a bar, dinner, and an event place for functions. Many people just choose to relax poolside with a nice cocktail from the bar. On terraces, you will find a lot of plants and spectacular mountain views.

  • Enjoy the elegance and sophistication of the Ace Hotel & Swim Club.
  • The hotel has luxury suites and private outdoor fireplaces.
  • You can also find budget-friendly rooms that won’t cost an arm and a leg.
  • Relaxing by the pool with a cocktail from the bar is the preferred option.
  • There are great views of the mountain from the balconies.


Expensive Local experience Food Family

General info Palm Springs

Country The United States of America
Capital Wahington DC
Language English
Timezone  (GMT-7)
Currency Dollar (USD)
International dialing code +279
Electricity In the United States of America, the power plugs and sockets are of type A and B. The standard voltage is 120 V and the standard frequency is 60 Hz
City population of Copenhagen 48,142

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