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St Louis

If you are seeking to explore St Louis’s most amazing museums and fascinating parks and sights, then this article would be the perfect fit for you…


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In this informative guide, you will be able to take a look at some of the most notable places in St Louis that will undoubtedly make you come back for more (for real).


From museums and architectures to large parks, St Louis will definitely keep you entertained and highly engaged.


And to make it even easier for you, we’ve assembled this 15-best-places guide to give you a straight direction to the sites that will actually leave you amazed.


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Gateway Arch

We start off with the largest and most notable attraction in St Louis, which has a high chance of leaving you with a jaw-dropping experience. The Gateway Arch has been captivating audiences for 50 straight years. It's actually the architecture that St Louis' natives are most proud of.

What's more, is that the structure boasts an enormous height of 630 feet and spreads 630 feet from leg to leg. If this attraction seems interesting to you, then you should definitely check out the Museum of Westward Expansion and the Gateway Arch Visitors Center.

Moreover, the building sits right below the arch (which creates a fantastic view looked from below). What's more, is that the center contains 6 galleries that perfectly describe the history of the West.

For the adventurous spirits, you'll be granted permission to go to the top of the arch and contemplate the city from above for only $13. It's an unforgettable view. You'll be able to enjoy the moment above in the "clouds."

Typically, you can visit the Gateway Arch from 8 am to 10 pm. However, in the winter months, the opening hours detract. Therefore, you'll be able to visit the astonishing arch only between 9 am and 6 pm.

The Gateway Arch is an outstanding attraction that can leave you highly impressed and make you come back to St Louis for further adventures.

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Get In The Game

If you love sports, especially soccer, and your whole family are keen on sports, St Louis offers a couple of fascinating stadiums that will definitely return the team spirit in your body. You can head to the Busch Stadium and give "thumbs up" to the 11-time World champions - the St Louis Cardinals. It's a place that will undoubtedly leave you highly impressed if you are a soccer fan.

Yet, if you are keen on baseball, then you definitely can't go wrong by visiting the Gateway Grizzlies at GCS Ballpark. The atmosphere there is on a high sports level and will keep you enormously invested in the surrounding activities.

When it comes down to soccer, you can head to the World Wide Technology Soccer Park. There you can watch Saint Louis FC compete incredibly in the United Soccer League.

St Louis boasts a fascinating soccer atmosphere that will absolutely leave you highly energized. It's definitely worth checking out the stadiums we just mentioned.

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The Forest Park

If you think Central Park in NYC is vast, then we proudly present you the Forest Park in St Louis, which is almost as double as large as Central Park in New York. It consists of 1300 acres of beautiful landscapes and trees, whereas Central Park stays at approximately 800 acres.

The Forest Park in St Louis boasts a substantial number of outdoor activities that will keep you extremely engaged. Golf course? Yes. Tennis Court? Absolutely. Amazing museums where you'll be able to check incredible artworks and historical objects that will make you stare like you just met a ghost? Absolutely, yes.

What's more, is that Forest Park contains a large zoo. It's the perfect place for your kids that will be able to experience first-hand animal communication.

The Park has been opened since 1876 and has been amazing people since then. And it will definitely captivate your attention and keep you highly entertained. Forest Park in St Louis is definitely worth the visit.

Free Nature Local experience Food Solo couple Family

A Night In St Louis

Do you love entertaining evenings and nights out? Do you consider yourself a night owl? If that's the case, and you've just landed in St Louis with your partner, you're in luck.

That's simply because St Louis boasts enormous flavorful restaurants. That's where you and your soulmate will be able to have a delicious meal.

Some of the most delicious restaurants in St Louis can be found in the 42-acre large entertaining center Westport Plaza and in Clayton. After you've filled your abdomen with flavorful food, you are more than welcome to head to Washington Avenue or Laclede's Landing. There you check out some of the most impressive bars and nightclubs in the town.

Or if perhaps live music is your second nature, your best option would be to head to Soulard.

The nightlife in St Louis is definitely worth it. If you're looking for entertainment during night time, the city got you covered with its promising restaurants and nightclubs teeming with life.

Low Culture Local experience Food Solo couple

St Louis Zoo

If you simply love animals and would like to have the chance to examine spectacular species, then the St Louis Zoo is the perfect place for you. It boasts three types of mammals, along with armadillos, sloths, swans, penguins, turtles, gators and tarantulas, and other kinds of fascinating creatures.

Moreover, the zoo features a massive territory in which you need to spare 1 whole day to explore it fully, along with the amazing animals that live in it.

What's more, is that the St Louis Zoo requires no fee to enter. Therefore, it can get quite overcrowded during the weekend. If you would like to have a smooth zoo exploration, then it's probably best to visit the zoo early in the morning or during the weekdays.

All in all, the St Louis Zoo will definitely leave you with a jaw-dropping expression on your face. It's a sin if you don't make hundreds of photos capturing the fantastic animal species. Therefore, make sure you bring a quality camera with yourself. The St Louis Zoo is definitely worth checking it out.

Low Adventure Nature Local experience Food couple Family

Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis

If you're keen on Roman architecture, then you definitely can't go wrong with the Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis. It was established in the early years of the 1900s and has been representing a significant attraction since then.

What you can expect from this incredible cathedral are an impressive mosaics collection on the walls and the ceiling.

The church boasts a substantial amount of religious objects and keeps you highly entertained the whole time during your tour. Just check the church schedule before visiting it because when Mass is in session, visits aren't allowed.

The Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis is definitely worth it and will leave you highly impressed.

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The Magic House, St Louis Children's Museum

If you are on holiday in St Louis with your kids, then visiting the Magic House, should be a checkmark in your "things to do" list. The children's museum boasts incredible exhibits that will both entertain and educate your kids.

Moreover, there's an area for budding builders, a bubble room, and a "Jack and the Beanstalk"-inspired climbing structure. During the sunny days, your kids can head to the Outdoor Play Garden and have a whale of a time, while you're drinking a hot coffee and keeping an eye on them.

The uniqueness of the Magic House stems from its educational materials each exhibit encompasses. Therefore, your kids will be able to learn and grow mentally while still having fun, which is perhaps the biggest challenge for younger kids.

Typically, during the weekends and summer, the museum gets quite overcrowded and full. To escape the masses of people, head to the museum after 2 pm. Your kids will have enough time to explore the cool attractions the museum brings to the table.

Low Local experience Food couple Family

Grant's Farm

By the name, you can tell that this would be an excellent place for any farmer or would-be zoologist. The origin of the farm stemmed from the distant 1854 when Ulysses S. Grant settled on the land in order to farm it and eventually build a castle. Fast-forward a couple of years, the farm got fame because of its service during the Civil War.

When Grant left the land, August A. Busch got access to it. Since then, Grant's Farm belongs to the Busch family. What's more, is that the place hosts incredible concerts and animal shows that keep visitors highly vested and entertained.

What's more, is that you'll be able to find stables on the farm and check out the famous Clydesdale horses.

Moreover, the farm offers special events that will definitely leave you with a jaw-dropping experience. However, the fees to enter might be quite high. All in all, Grant's Farm is definitely worth every penny.

Expensive Nature Culture Local experience Food Solo couple Family


If you are keen on art and architecture, then the Citygarden would be an astonishing place for you to explore. It boasts lush paintings, along with renowned sculptures with delights of water, stone, and architecture. It's definitely a place that will keep you highly entertained. What's more, is that it's open all year-round. No matter the weather, you can head to the Citygarden and examine the fascinating attractions it has to offer.

Moreover, it's located adjacent to the Gateway Arch. So after you're finished with the examination of the Gateway Arch, you can head to the Citygarden and check out fascinating paintings. It's definitely worth it.

Free Nature Local experience Solo couple Family

Museum Of Contemporary Religious Art (MOCRA)

If you would like to dive into the religious and spiritual world, then you can't go wrong by visiting the Museum Of Contemporary Religious Art. It's actually the world's first interfaith museum of religious art. It encompasses aspects from both the religious and spiritual world.

What's more, is that the museum boasts education programs, eye-catching exhibits, and collections. All of these will definitely give you the experience you need in order to dive into the spiritual world fully. The museum will definitely leave you highly impressed. That's why it's in our "top things to do in St Louis."

Check it out, you won't regret it.

Free Culture Local experience Solo couple

Saint Louis Science Center

If your kids get excited when science is brought to the discussion, then your perfect place for a visit would be the Saint Louis Science Center.

What's more, is that this incredible science center boasts a vast amount of hands-on exhibits. Most of which range from animals and weather-related to space and skyscrapers.

A lot of people have been raving about this place, which is one of the most impressive buildings in the city. So if you're looking for an attraction that will definitely captivate your kid's attention, the Saint Louis Science Center has the capability of doing so.

Medium Adventure Local experience Family

Cars Collection

If working on your car has always been exciting, then you're in huge luck. That's because St Louis offers a couple of car-related museums and activities you can check out.

First of all, you can head to the St. Louis Museum of Transportation and explore the history behind the first cars, planes, and trains. It will definitely broaden your knowledge "scope."

Next, you can take a tour at the Moto Museum and examine a fantastic collection of vintage-style motorcycles.

And finally, you can stop by at the Victory Raceway St Louis - Indoor Karting for some incredible karting activity.

Low Adventure Food Solo couple Family

St Louis Art Museum

If you would like to explore a significant amount of artwork, some of which include amazing paintings, sculptures, photographs, and textiles, the St Louis Art Museum is the perfect place for you. It's located in Forest Park, and once you are near the end of your Forest Park's walk, you can head to the St Louis Art Museum and examine more than 34,000 exhibits.

Most of the attractions include aspects from Europe, Asia, and ancient Egypt.

Some of the most prominent exhibits are the "Sunken Cities: Egypt's Lost Worlds" exhibit and the "European Art" gallery. Both will definitely leave you highly impressed.

All in all, the St Louis Art Museum is the perfect place where you can go when you're near the end of your Forest Park's walk. It will definitely leave you with a jaw-dropping experience.

Low Culture History Local experience Solo couple

Missouri Botanical Garden

The Missouri Botanical Garden is actually the oldest botanical garden in the United States. So, if you are keen on flora, statues, and green nature, you'll definitely be impressed by visiting this garden. It's the last attraction on our list, however, not least entertaining. It encompasses 79 acres of lush gardens, landscape architecture, greenhouses, and conservatories.

And in order to contemplate incredible waterfalls, tropical birds and exotic plants, merely head to the Climatron. This is the place where you'll be absolutely blown away by the fantastic atmosphere.

Other cool places are the Japanese garden and the education Children's garden. Both areas will keep your kids highly entertained.

On the whole, the Missouri Botanical Garden is absolutely worth the visit.

Medium Nature couple Family

General information about St Louis

Country The United States of America
Capital Washington DC
Language English
Timezone  (GMT-6)
Currency US Dollar
International dialing code +1 314
Electricity The standard voltage is 127 V and the frequency is 60 Hz.
City population of Aruba 318069






Things To Know Before Visiting St Louis


In this section, we’ll mention a couple of essential things you need to be aware of before you plan your visit to St Louis. So without further ado:


Similar to New York City, Saint Louis is likewise home to vast amounts of immigrants. The town boasts German, Indian, Libyan, and Mexican natives.


When it comes to restaurants, the city offers international foods that can leave you highly impressed and satisfied.


When safety is brought to the discussion, it’s worth mentioning that St Louis wouldn’t represent any potential harm. Yet, keep your awareness up when you visit areas north of Delmar Boulevard and across the Mississippi River in East St. Louis.


Truth be told, there aren’t many essential things you need to keep in mind when visiting St Louis. Simply, be aware of the immigrants, try to stay away from areas where potential harm is possible, and your trip will be amazing.


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