111+ Travel blogs in 2024

With so many great Travel bloggers out there

“Why has no one made a list that’s more than just a top 10”

and how do you even pick a top 10, 30 or even 50 travel bloggers, out of so many different types of travel?

That was my thought – and I was almost annoyed at all the other bloggers who hadn’t done this

Ironically, it took some time before it dawned on me that I could be the person who threw me into the task and made the perfect travel blogger list.

The collection is here now – made as I (and hopefully you) would like it to be:

With the ability to sort based on travel-“category”
A good overview of what each person writes about and their latest posts
Manually collected list but shown based on latest activity.

Find and sort here – blogs are listed by when they last posted new posts:

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 Adventure, Solo Female, Travel writing
 Latest update 5. July 2023
A true adventurer at heart, Becki Enright started the Borders of Adventure blog around six years ago. At the age of 24 years old she took her first solo trip to Vietnam and in so doing set her trajectory to a life-long passion of travel writing. She believes in discovering, uncovering places of great change, deeper culture, and wider meaning. This is particularly the reason why she got the accolade for Blogger of the year award from the British Travel Press.

Her blog has a unique voice that tells people the story of the destination or country that far outreaches anything you would superficially gain from just going the normal tourist route. Her goal is to change misperceptions and to shed light on misunderstood regions and countries.

If you crave a more in-depth blog that speaks to the soul of the destination you are going to than Borders of Adventure will have you intrigue as Becki Enright takes you on a journey worth exploring.
 Photography, Solo Female, Travel writing
 Latest update 5. July 2023
As a Digital Nomad a full-time traveler Isabella shares tales of new discoveries, adventures and personal growth through her writing and photography. Bel Around The World is dedicated to useful guides and tips for millennial travelers. She aims to expand the possibilities of travel for you.
 Adventure, Hiking, Outdoor, Travel
 Latest update 5. July 2023
As an avid outdoorsman and traveler, Max DesMarais travels to beautiful destinations where he takes his passions for fly fishing, hiking, and running, and creates incredibly useful written guides to trails, rivers, hikes, destinations that serve to help others create incredible experiences for themselves. He also writes about gear and other tips to enable other adventurers.
 Scott and Cici
 Latest update 29. June 2023
Scott and Cici are the writers behind the adventure travel blog Lovicarious. Together with their 2 kids and Golden Doodle, they travel the eastern US and around the world sharing incredible experiences, outdoor adventures, and unique places to stay. They have climbed to the top of Kilimanjaro, scuba dived among shipwrecks in the Philippines, and explored hidden crypts in the ancient city of Matera.Each month, thousands of readers live vicariously through the inspiring stories found on Lovicarious and the photography on their Instagram page. Following this travel blog is sure to inspire you to choose adventure when planning your next trip.
 Charlotte & Natalie
 Latest update 19. June 2023
Charlotte Hockin and Natalie Bruynseels-Fogg are the explorers and adventurers behind the LGBT+ & Adventure Travel Blog Our Taste For Life. They are a lesbian couple of 5 years, who've spent the best part of the past three years living out of a backpack. Now, you'll find them based in the Isle of Man in the UK, where they split their time between there and travel. You will often find them wandering off the beaten path, immersed in nature, or enjoying authentic cultural experiences. After travel changed their lives, their goal is to inspire others to get out and see the world. They believe that travel is for everybody! Their blog focuses on travel advice for the LGBT+ community, as well as comprehensive travel guides, itineraries, and story-telling.
 Adventure, Lifestyle, Solo Male, Travel writing
 Latest update 14. June 2023
On Dave Anderson's seven days in Europe in 2009, his mind would forever be changed because of the notion I LOVE TRAVEL. This short trip forever changed his view, and the travel and exploration bug had a profound impression on his life. This prompted him to spend a semester abroad in Rome, upon graduating with a bachelors degree, he landed an international travel guide position for a company in Florence, Italy.

Every weekend, he would head up travel groups all around Europe. He has been paid to attend events like the Oktoberfest in Germany, Toga parties in Greece and the Cannes Film Festival in the Riviera. Every weekend he was entrusted with sharing his knowledge

After all of these travels, he began Jones Around The World, and he shares all of his experiences from student to travel guide to digital nomad. The blog has many useful articles on how to study while traveling, how to travel while working and many great articles about all of his adventures. So get to it and start reading.
 Adventure, Photography
 Latest update 16. May 2023
Brendan Van Son is a travel photographer and journalist from Rocky Mountain House, Canada. He graduated Political Science and Geography at university in Calgary. After completing college in 2008, he headed to South America to take a job that paid him only $50 a week, but allowed him to travel. He knew upon arriving in South America that he’d never stop travelling, focused on find a way to meld travel into his career. Van Son has been travelling for over five years, and has visited more than 80 countries on six continents. His work has appeared in various publications including, the Guardian, the BBC and National Geographic Traveler. Brendan has a successful website and web page showcasing his work. His website also has a store selling his book and information regarding his upcoming travel photography workshops due to take place in Peru, Iceland, Morocco and Cuba. With experience international tour leading and tour guiding he started running photography workshops and tours on location allowing participants to gain some on the ground experience, build some images for their portfolio, get an insight into the business of travel photography, and also see some amazing places. He has travelled and photographed continents so far (Australia excluded) and has no intention on settling down. He posts daily videos on his youtube chanell (at least five a week)
 Latest update 16. November 2021
Micky Weis arbejder som leder af Online Sales & Marketing Firtal Web ApS.

Micky er uddannet ved Aarhus Business College. Micky har erfaring inden for online marketing, sociale medier, SEO m.fl. og har i en lang årrække arbejdet som ansvarlig for markedsføringen i virksomheder, og har hjulpet med planlægningen af strategier for virksomhedernes online aktivitet.

På Mickys blog deler Micky sine råd til succes på de sociale medier og content marketing. Indlæggene er oftest lange og fyldte med gode råd i forhold til virksomheder og personers ageren online.

Er du nyopstartet blogger eller overvejer du at kaste dig over tasterne som blogger, så finder du også rigtig gode inputs omkring blogging og hvordan du maksimerer sandsynligheden for trafik til din blog.
 Latest update 16. November 2021
Divein is a scuba blog written and driven by two brothers, Nicolai and Torben. All the info you’ll find there is written with the greatest passion and love for the ocean and the sport. Once you visit the site, you can feel their passion for diving and traveling. They stared back in 2012 while on a holiday in Bali where and since then they've traveled all over the world and written about their destination and experiences. On Divein you can read great guides about dive gear, dive destinations, trip reports and ocean environment which they focus a lot on
 Adventure, Solo Male, Travel writing
 Latest update 15. September 2020
The blog David's Been Here is the brainchild of David Hoffman and he has covered 74 countries and over 1109 cities a really impressive feat for any individual. David was born in Miami, Florida and has parents from both Hungarian and Italian descent. The diverse nature of his roots fueled his curiosity of other countries and instilled an exploratory sense within himself.

The blog is a goldmine full of insight and tips for travelers willing to take the plunge into the unknown. He has been named one of the top 10 best Travel Videographers by the USA and Top 10 video travel sites. The blog takes you around the world in a fantastic fashion. Visit the blog to grab your taste of where David has been.
 Adventure, Nature, Solo Female, Travel writing
 Latest update 15. September 2020
The strong-willed and adventurous nature made Aileen decide at the age of 21 that a life in the corporate sector was not for her. This thought propelled the young Philipino to travel the world and start her online business. To her, it all seemed reckless and irresponsible, seeing that she was broke and young. In a couple of months after her leaving the corporate jungle, she made it all come true - traveling and building her online presence.

Today she is a successful digital nomad living a sustainable travel lifestyle. On her website, she focuses on ways to make a living out of traveling despite obstacles and restraints that may come in your way. She also discusses key issues best type of experiences and resources you might need on your travels. She helps travels plan that perfect getaway and travels around the world.

Her blog is full of interesting tidbits that will make you start your nomad journey right away. Check out her blog and control your destiny.
 Adventure, Couple, Culture, Lifestyle, Outdoor, Travel writing
 Latest update 15. September 2020
The blog e-Tramping was founded by Agness and Cez two travel buddies who love outdoors and traveling. The left their 9-5 jobs for more unique adventures around the world. The first trip abroad for Agnes was in 2011 when she went to China for the first time. All that she had to rely on was her luggage and a copy of a Lonely Planet book. She set on a journey that would impact her profoundly immersing herself in the culture and learning how to live abroad.

The blog in its early days mostly focused on budget-friendly trips that were economically viable. However, they focus more on the intensity and uniqueness of travels. The blog is full of twists and unknown destinations explored by them, creating a unique and often missed the itinerary schedule. e-Tramping will make your wanderlust transform into curiosity and excitement because there are too many things to explore that people often overlook.
 Adventure, Culture, Food, Photography, Tradition, Travel writing
 Latest update 15. September 2020
Lola Akinmade Åkerström is a Nigerian photographer and travel writer based in Stockholm, Sweden. She is the editor in chief for Slow Travel Stockholm. Her works have been featured in the National Geographic Traveler, BBC, and CNN, among other publications. She studied Geography Information System (GIS) at the University of Maryland. Åkerström started her career as a field journalist at Eco-Challenge. She worked for 12 years as a GIS developer before becoming a professional photographer. Between 2006 and 2007, she joined Matador Network and worked as an editor. In October 2009 she resigned her appointment at the GIS world to pursue her passion. In June 2011, Åkerström contested in a pre-selection program organized by Quark Expeditions to pick a writer that will be traveling to the North Pole for the project of documenting its ecosystem. In 2012 she participated in the expedition race in Fiji, where she started the combination of her traveling, photography and writing skills. In 2016, she went to Italy to attend the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Sabbioneta and Mantua for exploration.
 Adventure, Life, Lifestyle, Solo Male, Travel, Travel writing
 Latest update 15. September 2020
Since his early childhood, Ben Schlappig has been traveling from Germany to the United States. He admits those travels weren't glamorous by any stretch of the imagination, back in those days they typically flew Condor from Tampa when they still had a smoking section. He acknowledges that this did not dampen his spirits as he could see new places and especially loved the airports. He says to this day he has a soft spot for the 'flip-style' departure boards at Frankfurt airport.

He has been chronicling his travels since 2008 when he was in his college dorm room. This was the origin of One Mile at a Time. Since that first summer, he has traveled over four million miles and visited nearly 100 countries. The blog explores the latest happenings in the travel industry. He also gives detail accounts of his travels and where to find the most comfortable airport lounges, hotels, and reviews on the best airlines.
 Adventure, Solo Female, Travel writing
 Latest update 15. September 2020
The created of the blog Ana Silva O’Reilly was born in Lisbon, Portugal. She resides in the United Kingdom now and is very religious. She is a daughter that believes in being obedient to her mother, this is partially why the blog originated. Her mother's motto was:
“if you are leaving home, it has to be to a better place”

“I love camping… in 5 star hotels”.

The blog was established in November 2011 as a way for Mrs. O to transfer her vast knowledge of travel to benefit friends and family and the wider online community.

Today Mrs. O is a leading lifestyle and travel magazine with over 40 000 visitors each month. The blog is centered around stunning destinations, tips, and tricks, and various insight to trendy spots, best places to dine and everything in-between.

The blog is bound to keep you fascinated with travel so check it out.
 Adventure, Business, Solo Male, Travel writing
 Latest update 15. September 2020
Anil Polat has been an avid traveler from an early age, this is mainly due to the fact that he had journalistic parents who kept moving from place to place for their work. In his adult years, he worked as a computer security consultant for six years and this also allowed him to travel frequently.

Around this time he decided to sell all his stuff and live out of a suitcase and use his carry on bag as his office. His mission was to visit every single country in the world.

He decided to begin the blog as a way to chronical his adventures. The blog is not just a travel blog but he incorporates technologies that will impact your travels in the most amazing ways. He is an app developer that develops apps for traveling.

Anil Polat also tackles important issues relating to travel. The site is well balanced and will keep you entertained for a while.
 Adventure, Luxury, Travel writing
 Latest update 15. September 2020
A Luxury Travel Blog was created by Dr. Paul Johnson, and it aims to focus on the finer things of travel. Dr. Paul Johnson explores the most luxurious hotels and resorts and many of the most excellent restaurants. He also covers all the news related to the luxury travel industry.

The doc has over 600 writers and guest bloggers in his arsenal of talent. Paul has had a remarkable 30-years in the travel agency. The well-versed traveler is also a director of The Dedicated Partnership Ltd an online platform that features online tourism companies that has major hotels all over the world as clients.

The blog has grown tremendously over the years and is now considered to be one of the biggest Luxury Travel blogs in the world.

Check it out and see what luxury travel is all about.
 Adventure, Solo Female, Travel writing
 Latest update 15. September 2020
Burnout is something that we all experience in our lives, it can be scary or a catalyst into something you only dream about. This is the story of Kristin and her inspiring blog named 'Be my travel Buddy.' She has always been a dreamer playing games like 'Civilisation' and the newest amazon trial releases; searching google for destinations to explore once she had the financial encouragement. However, as faith would have it her dream of traveling dissipated and she got a stable job as an investment banker.  She continued this job for four years until she was burnt out and a change in scenery was the only way she would find her true self.

She sold everything that she had, quit her job, and with one backpack booked a flight to Bangkok to see what she was longing for all those years. Seven years later and countless countries in her memories she dots down all of her experiences in this blog of overcoming the norms of the society and living YOUR best life.

Check out her blog to see how those seven years were spent.
 Adventure, Photography, Solo Female, Travel writing
 Latest update 15. September 2020
Kiersten aka Kiki created the blog The Blonde Abroad in 2012 as a platform for women to obtain the courage to explore and travel the world. The blog has everything you need to be equipped for solo travel or traveling with a companion or in a group. She also offers packing guides with some much-needed photography tips (most likely why they call her Kiki).

On her blog she explores every country she has been and she says her 70+ country experiences have made her one of the top authorities when it comes to solo female traveling in the world. The blog is filled with useful tips and giveaways that you can get when you join her newsletter.

Check out her blog to get the down-low on fashion, baggage and everything travel related.
 Adventure, Photography, Travel writing
 Latest update 15. September 2020
California is full of personality, trendy spots and the climate is just right for any traveler to explore the city. This is why Josh decided to start his blog 'California Through My Lens' 5 years ago and it has been a major success. He shares the blog with his wife and they have been mentioned or talked about in places like the LA Times and Goodmorning America.

Josh is an avid photographer and likes adventure so you will also see him with his camera in hand capturing the magic moments in the city. The blog will give you an extensive guide to all there is to do in California and then some. Check out the blog for your next destination in California.
 Adventure, Photography, Road trip
 Latest update 15. September 2020
Josh McNair is the founder behind “California Through My Lens” travel blog focused on California`s attractions, natural and manmade. He runs the blog together with his wife as they both share a love for the outdoors and photography. The aim was to create a site in order to document their adventures and encourage other people to do the same. Photography plays an important part in his life so the blog is a way of documenting it and presenting it to wide auditorium. They started documenting their surroundings (California) to get other people to explore California`s beauties and show all that is out there. His work has been featured in Los Angeles Times, Good Morning America, ABC News and many more.
 Adventure, Online courses, Solo Male, Travel writing
 Latest update 15. September 2020
One of the most visited blogs, with over 1 million views per month. Matt is definitely at the top of the game when it comes to blogging and travel writing. New York Times awarded him with the bestselling author award for his “How to travel the world on 50$ a day”. Matt started blogging back in 2008 and has since grown his website into a full-time business that provides travel tips, has its own forum and ells books and runs tours. His business has grown so much that he has a team of 10 people he employs. Besides that Matt also has a media school where he offers four different courses – photography, writing, video, and Travel blogging. Matt is definitely a good example of how to start your own business while traveling the world and maintaining it. His website Nomadic Matt has been featured on major media such as the New York Times, CNN, BBC, Yahoo, The Independent, The Huffington Post, Time, National Geographic and many more.
 Adventure, Lifestyle, Solo Male
 Latest update 15. September 2020
Johnny Blair, a thirty-something Northern Irish, blogger, and a hardcore backpacker. With 80 countries visited on all 7 continents, Johnny has lots of stories to tell. He started his epic adventure a decade ago, with the aim to leave everything behind and explore the world. He started his blog Don`t Stop Living, a personal lifestyle blog and developed it into an online resource to help other travelers. Today blog can be seen as a guide to over 80 countries he has experienced firsthand. Johnny is always on the move, traveling to all corners of the earth always trying to find unusual destinations and remote places to explore. His travels have led him from luxury to backpacker lifestyle, from fancy spa resort in Andora to the frozen landscape on Antarctica in a tent. Johnny’s adventure has caught the eye of the media as well, his blog was featured on BBC, Wanderlust, Belfast telegraph, etc.
 Adventure, Lifestyle, Solo Female, Travel, Travel writing
 Latest update 14. September 2020
Rachel Jones was born in a small town in Ohio in a small knit family of 4. It was a dream of her from a very young age to work for 6 months and spend the other 6 months traveling. In college, she would save all year round to go backpacking in Europe or in winter having Christmas in Africa.

About five years ago she decided to leave her cozy nursing job to go live on warm sandy beaches in Goa. She describes herself as a bit of a contradiction being one part hippie and one part girlie girl. Her blog focuseses on offbeat places and glamorous travel. She incorporates these opposite travel styles into one cohesive experience that people find intriguing.

The blog is full of her wonderful experiences that are worth taking a peek at.
 Adventure, Lifestyle, Photography, Solo Female, Travel, Travel writing
 Latest update 14. September 2020
Hole in the donut was created by owner/editor Barbara Weibel as a way to express her release into society. She always envied the people happy with their 9-5 jobs. Her life felt meaningless just worked to sustain a comfortable lifestyle. She says she was raised to work hard give 110% in able to afford a nice retirement plan. She was diagnosed with lime disease and this made a bedridden and gave her a lot of time to contemplate her life and what she wanted out of it. She felt like she needed to change her circumstances because she felt like a donut a wonderfull outer shell, with a hollow center.

After she got well she strapped on her backpack and went on traveling the world one destination at a time. She says this was the best decision she has ever made she got her life back and felt happy. She started the blog soon after this, trying to help people who don't see any direction for their life. The blog also depicts all her travels and where she wants to go next.  If you are in need of a soulful change than this blog will move your inner being to take on that adventure trip you have forever been holding out on.
 Adventure, Travel writing
 Latest update 14. September 2020
Kasey Bradley is a self-proclaimed drifter that is why she felt the need to create the website Thedriftercollective. The blog is a powerful and meaningful exploration into the psyche of one of the best travel bloggers in the world.

Traveling has given Kasey the opportunity to further her knowledge and interest in nature, the terrific feeling of setting out for an unknown destination and to embrace other cultures and religions she says. What makes these experiences fit well together is her love for writing and expressing all the wonders she encounters on her drifter escapades.

The blog is, however, not just about travel it takes you on a journey with her love for fashion, wedding inspiration, homemaking and a whole lot more.
 Adventure, Road trip, Solo Male
 Latest update 14. September 2020
Quirky travel is a travel blog by Scott Shetler. This Seattle enthusiast travels the world and describes his adventures, cultural experiences, seeks off the beaten path treasures and unique attractions. The aim of the blog is to bring photos and stories of the places he visits and show how traveling doesn`t have to be expensive. It is very easy to go anywhere in the world on an average size budget, Scott claims. With a journalism background, it wasn`t hard for him to create his own travel blog and deliver amazing stories and photos. The topic that dominates his blog includes a wide range of subjects besides mere traveling, for example, hiking, wildlife, LGBT, history are just a few to name. The core of his travels has been Canada, US, Mexico and a bit of Caribbean, with Africa next on the bucket list.
 Adventure, Couple, Culture, Food, Lifestyle, Photography, Travel, Travel writing
 Latest update 14. September 2020
The Poor Traveler was born from humble beginnings and is a story of determination against all odds. Yoshke Dimen and Vins Carlos were neither rich, trip savvy or socially adept. The first few articles of the blog were merely experiences they had on company outings business that they took advantage of. When they had the means to go on personal trips they stayed at airports and bus terminals and never ate at restaurants but opted for grocery eateries.

The more business trips they did, the harder they worked and the more they saved to fulfill their dream of becoming independent travelers. After 8 years the blog has grown and this has enabled them to travel all over the world. Their digital nomad lifestyle sustained through dedication and hard work.

The blog focuses on their journey and helps people to not fall into the pitfalls they experienced in their early traveling days. The blog is full of budget-friendly travel tips and hacks. They focus on scams and focuses on well-planned itineraries that you can follow to the T.

If you have similar aspirations than this blog is a good starting point for your travels.
 Adventure, Solo Male, Travel writing
 Latest update 14. September 2020
Matt Long is not a backpacker, nor has he sold left everything he owned and sold it in order to explore the world. He does own a house, lives in the suburbs and even has two dogs. Matt says he is just a normal person that has learned how to get the most out of travel experience making traveling his profession. His blog “Landloopers” reflects things he has seen and learned, and a place to find answers on your travel questions. The idea behind the blog is to make travel more fun and accessible for everyone by providing info on how to experience the best world has to offer, keeping in mind that most people don`t have a lot of vacation days at their disposal so they need to get the most out of their “time off”. Like many other others, Matt had a “soulless” job and desperately needed a “creative outlet”, so he turned his true love – traveling into a profession. In his own words, starting a travel blog site was easy, but keeping it going was a hard part, hoverer features in the world`s top media say he is doing a good job.
 Adventure, Culture, Solo Female, Travel
 Latest update 14. September 2020
Liz Carlson is an award-winning photographer and writer who started a blog – The Young Adventurer back in 2010. Two hundred and fifty thousand followers on social networks and half a million clicks monthly on her blog, tell how successful she has become. For eight years now Liz has been traveling the world, visiting over 50 countries. Her travels have been featured on BBC Travel, The New York Times, Buzz feed, Forbes, etc. Liz is very passionate for traveling and she managed to turn in it into a carrier, so good that she earns easily six figures. Her motto for success is “you`re not going to get anywhere doing what everyone else is doing”, instead of doing the exact opposite. Lizz often tends conferences where she gives public speeches, always pointing out that in order to be successful you need to be different, original.
 Adventure, Couple, Lifestyle, Travel writing
 Latest update 14. September 2020
Dariece Wharton and Nick Swift are 30 something-year-olds who have been traveling for the past 8-years. Both of them were born in Canada and they are co-editors/owners of the Goats On The Road blog. They share a love for adventure and wine drinking.  They both are avid culture-seeking videographers, photographers and writers.

The blog offers useful tips on how to enjoy your travels stress and carefree. They talk about how you can make money while you are abroad and how you can sustain your lifestyle. They also have lots of travel hacks for you to employ while you are living the high life.

They say they are content with living the nomad lifestyle. So be sure to check out their blog for handy tips and hacks.
 Adventure, Couple, Lifestyle, Travel writing
 Latest update 13. September 2020
The Gypsy Nester is your portal into a world of travel that is made convenient and tackles all the issues you may encounter on your trips. David James & Veronica James started their traveling journey after their kids left the home and they found they had a lot of free time on their hands. This is not your conventional blog where you are subjected to start your travels from an early age but rather one of patients, where you fulfill your long lost dreams into something that is feasible and worth the effort.

On the blog, you will find lots of books that they have written, some of them reaching the Amazons bestseller list. Many of the blog posts on the site focus on how you can enjoy your life after your kids are all grown up. The blog has also been mentioned in big publication houses like The Chicago Tribune and Huffington Post.  So if your kids have left the nest and you are in need of fun ideas of traveling abroad then you should check out the website to start your life after kids.
 Adventure, Lifestyle, Solo Female
 Latest update 13. September 2020
Richelle Gamlam is 27-year-old Seattle girl, who spent her junior year of college studying in China, Beijing, and Xi`an. With nothing, in particular, holding her back in Seattle she decided to embark on an adventure and move to China. Finding a job as an English teacher in rural China proved an easy task and Richelle very quickly accommodated. She knew she wasn’t going home to Seattle any time soon so she decided to start a blog and share her China adventures with the world. She went from a girl who was afraid to stay in Seoul`s hostel to solo female backpacker of Southeast Asia. Her blog originally started as way to stay in touch with her friends and family back home and share the experience with other people who were interested in learning more about China. Blog slowly turned into a career, and she tends to show how traveling and living in Asia today is more achievable than ever. Over 200 000 followers on social networks speak enough of her success.
 Adventure, Luxury, Solo Female, Travel, Travel writing
 Latest update 13. September 2020
Janet Newenham is an intrepid traveler from Ireland that is a professional Journalist. The 29-year-old just loves to travel and meet new people all around the world. The blog is centered around her escapades one destination at a time.

She listed all the places she wanted to see before 30 and took the list to heart, now that she is approaching 30 she is revising the list with bigger and better things to do.

The blog is a detailed account of her travels and adventures, her career growth, career failure and keeping track of all her goals and those that she is yet to accomplish. Catch her blog and see what goal she tackles next.
 Adventure, Couple, Culture, Food, Lifestyle, Travel writing
 Latest update 12. September 2020
JB & Renée have traveled all over the world trying to find that perfect spot for a local delicacy that has not tried yet. Like most people, they long for travel and adventure and food plays a big part when they choose where to go next. To put it in comparison to them a hawker stall in Penang - known for serving the same iconic dish for decades is equally important to them as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

On the blog, they tell their stories and adventures they have had in the countless countries they have visited. They also have exclusive travel guides for people who want to take an off-the-road tour that takes you deeper into the culture and food. On the website, you will find a spot to add the special dishes that you would like them to try out. They truly live up to their name, so what's stopping you, food is great and traveling is fun mixing the too means a life of fulfillment every day.
 Adventure, Travel writing
 Latest update 12. September 2020
Micky and her husband Charles have been traveling since 2003 and they co-founded The Barefoot Nomad. They are from Canada but since starting their nomad existence you can call any stop their home, they also have two lovely children who love to travel with them.

The blog revolves around their travels and the many tips and hacks they have learned over the years. You can see them in, The Lonely Planet, the News or The Medium just to mention a few. They have covered over 40+ countries in their travels with an emphasis on East Asia taking the bulk of the traveling destinations in their early years.

The blog will also introduce you to nifty gadgets and tech that will make your experiences more enjoyable. Check out the blog for an awesome vacation.
 Adventure, Solo Male, Travel writing
 Latest update 9. September 2020
Wandering Earl is a travel blog made by Derek Earl Baron who has been traveling, living, working, and volunteering abroad since 1999. His blog is a retrospective of his travels and experiences he acquired wondering the world. Originally from Boston area – USA, he took a three month trip after graduation to SE Asia, a trip that changed his life and convinced him to pursue a life of indefinite travel. In addition to his travel blog he had also written two eBooks, “How to live a life of travel” and “How to work on a cruise ship”. Derek has never stopped traveling since 1999, he visited over 100 countries on 6 continents, in which he worked, lived, travelled and even had been kidnaped in Bangladesh for three days. Back in 2012, he started a small tour-group company – Wandering Earl Tours. The main point of his blog is to share his own experience to prove that long-term travel doesn`t just have to be some crazy fantasy but rather a realistic lifestyle option.
 Adventure, Business, LGBTQ, Lifestyle, Luxury
 Latest update 8. September 2020
LatinFlyer is a blog by Mark Chesnut, an American who is very passionate about Latin America. Weekly insight into Latin America travels and experiences from Mexico – US border to the very tip of South America. LatinFlyer is focused solely on Latin America, offering content for a diverse range of interests like luxury getaways, reliable business hotels or simply a backpacking adventure. LatinFlyer is not about extensive travel guides, but rather classic favorites as well as a what`s hot, what`s new and unknown. Wide range of topics was covered, from culture, to travel, to entertainment. Mark doesn`t only share his own experiences but cooperates with other experienced journalists and travel bloggers to always bring fresh inspiring stories of the region.
 Adventure, Life, Photography, Solo Female, Travel
 Latest update 8. September 2020
Mid. 40 adventurer and digital nomad from New York City. She quit her corporate IT job in 2006 with the intention to take a simple career break. She traveled to 23 countries and discover the world is outside office walls. She sold all her possession and settled in Vietnam for a year dedicated to keep on traveling. To make money she taught ESL, sold photography, and started really working at building blogging and writing presence, including launching her other career break travel website, Meet Plan Go! Since leaving Vietnam in 2009, she has stayed on the road and has built up the Ottsworld travel blog, built a freelance writing/photography career, did public speaking, consult/participate on social media marketing campaigns. She continues to wander the world solo without a home – no kids, husband or boyfriend as tit would slow her down she says. Cherry still has spent nearly a decade living out of a suitcase and experiencing the world through housesitting, volunteering writing assignments, and anything else that sounds exciting and comes with a bed. Because she is a writer and seen as a travel influencer, about 65% of her travel is sponsored/comped.
 Adventure, Travel writing
 Latest update 8. September 2020
The Culture Map blog is the brainchild of Shing that resides in the United Kingdom. The blog was created in 2012 as a fun hobby and later became something Shing would cherish and grow. She has an Irish mother and a Chinese father which makes for an interesting person as she would say.

She has traveled to over 50 countries exploring the best places and cuisines on offer. However, there is a twist, Shing stays away from major attractions and only focus on the lesser-known gems that people mostly overlook. Her favorite spots to travel are Scandanavia and the Arctic although it is cold the scenery and epic pristine beauty makes it all worth it.

 Adventure, Couple, Lifestyle, Photography, Travel, Travel writing
 Latest update 8. September 2020
Maria and Espen are two IT nerds who grew up in Norway, Espen, and Tromso respectively. They met at university and found they had a love for traveling in common. They decided to complete their last year of their master's degree in Brisbane, Australia. While there they explored the rest of Australia as often as they had time in-between the programming.

After they finished their masters in 2005 they went traveling through Asia for 5 months. The trip changed their lives forever and since then they have been traveling non-stop due to the 5 weeks of vacations Norwegians get every year.

The blog is for everyone who is obsessed with travel hence the name Nerd Nomads. The blog takes a look at different cultures, food, languages, sports, pop-culture, music, and technology.

Their definition is of a nerd is - is not stigmatized by a perceived lack of social skills, but rather one that celebrates the mad, the inspired, and the passionate!

Check out this nerdy blog to explore your inner nerd fantasies of traveling the globe.
 Adventure, Outdoor, Solo Female, Travel writing
 Latest update 7. September 2020
The Professional Hobo blog was created by Nora Dunn who traveled full time for well over 12 years. She has traveled to over 55+ countries and she plans to expand the list in the near future. Her blog focusses on how to make traveling more budget-friendly.

She literally sold everything she owned in 2006 to embrace her life long dream of traveling and exploring the world. She is a former financial planner and this is why she has gotten the best of both worlds mixing the financial wisdom she obtained with her traveling missions.

She also says that there was a lot of learning curves and fun moments which she showcases on her blog. The blog is ideal if you are scared of taking that initial step to the professional hobo lifestyle.

Whatever your reason may be the blog is certain to entertain and leave you with much needed financial tips that will be invaluable in your travels.
 Adventure, Nature, Photography
 Latest update 6. September 2020
Brendan van Son is a travel photographer and journalist from Rocky Mountain House, Canada. He graduated in Political Science and Geography at university in Calgary. After completing college in 2008, he headed to South America to take a job that paid him only $50 a week but allowed him to travel. He knew upon arriving in South America that he’d never stop travelling, focused on finding a way to meld travel into his career. Van Son has been travelling for over five years and has visited more than 80 countries on six continents. His work has appeared in various publications including, the Guardian, the BBC, and National Geographic Traveler. Brendan has a successful website and web page showcasing his work. His website also has a store selling his book and information regarding his upcoming travel photography workshops due to take place in Peru, Iceland, Morocco, and Cuba. With experience international tour leading and tour guiding he started running photography workshops and tours on location allowing participants to gain some on the ground experience, build some images for their portfolio, get an insight into the business of travel photography, and also see some amazing places. He has traveled and photographed continents so far (Australia excluded) and has no intention of settling down. He posts daily videos on his youtube channel (at least five a week)
 Adventure, Photography, Solo Male, Travel writing
 Latest update 6. September 2020
The Adventure blog was created by Brendan van Son a Canadian who left the conventional way of living for something only a few people get to experience. He has been living this nomadic existence for well over 9 years now. On his journeys, he has visited over 100 countries and has lived in most of them.

He lives for photography and this is well known in the photography community as he has been featured in major publications like The Toronto Star, The Guardian, BBC, Nat Geo, and the Traveler just to mention a few.

He also works with industry giants like SanDisk, Canyon, Marriot, and Axe among others. You can also catch him on his YouTube channel where he vlogs about 5 times a week.

Take a look at his blog to experience the world through his lens and find out what equipment he uses to capture all his special moments.
 Adventure, Couple, Culture, Nature, Photography, Travel
 Latest update 4. September 2020
Canadians Dave and Deb have been travel bloggers for the past 8 years, during which they have visited all the continents and explored 107 countries. They were named one of the top 10 influencers in the world by Forbes magazine, won a gold medal for Best Travel Blog by Society of American Travel Writers and North American Travel Journalists and they had partnered with some of the greatest brands like National Geographic, Lonely Planet, Yahoo Travel, The Huffington Post, etc. Planet D isn`t only the place where one can escape their daily lives, but rather a place to find inspiration to take the next step in life as they say. Through their blog, they tend to show people that it is possible to discover something new when stepping out of their comfort zone. Their success is measured in over 2 million followers on social media and their web site, showcasing award-winning photography, writing, and video.
 Adventure, Solo Male, Travel writing
 Latest update 4. September 2020
The owner of the blog goes by the name of Jeremy Scot Foster and if wasn't for the recession in the United States he probably would have never started this journey. It was around 9 months into his first professional working experience that he decided to call it quits and head towards Australia on a one-way ticket.

After exploring Australia for 2 months he was refreshed, intoxicated by life and utterly broke. In the next five years, he got a job as a bartender and traveled all over doing bar gigs and enjoying life. It was only in 2015 when he completely went the digital nomad way and made his presence online felt.

His travel advice has been featured in publications like The New York Times, Vanity Fair, Forbes, and National Geographic just to mention a few. The blog is full of useful tips and tricks you can use on your journeys. The way he brings his adventures to life is worth checking out.
 Adventure, Photography, Solo Male, Travel writing
 Latest update 3. September 2020
Leave your daily hell, an interesting name for a blog but the title reviles the agenda behind the name. Robert Schrader, the men behind the blog is originally from American Midwest who never could have imagined he`d be living the life he is living now. Roberts’s success is a combination of hard work and a bit of luck. He has traveled to over 100 countries over the past decade, exploring the weird, thrilling and beautiful things the world has to offer. Asia is his No.1 continent and soon he plans an extensive trip to Africa. Leave Your Daily Hell is an award-winning blog that is often featured in top media like Business Insider, CNN Travel, The Huffington Post, etc. Robert is a digital nomad currently based in Bangkok from which he explores the world. In 2018 he started another blog “Japan Starts Here, entirely dedicated to the land of the rising sun.
 Adventure, Culture, Food, Lifestyle, Solo Female, Travel, Travel writing
 Latest update 3. September 2020
Nellie Huang owner/editor of the 'Wild Junket' travel blog has been traveling since 2003. She grew up a shy and timid girl in Singapore. Her academic aspirations at the school were only matched by her lack of participation in sports and recreational activities. Peculiar indeed as she would become an adventurous traveler that globe-trots all over seeking adventure. However, her interest in travel began when she used to vacation with her family in Thailand, Indonesia, and Hong Kong.

When she turned 18 she went on her first backing trip to Australia with her friends. She made a conscious decision then that she wanted to see the worldon her terms. That was the ignition point for her and since then her travels has taken her all over the world.

She created the blog in 2008 not only to share her traveling experiences but to also build her portfolio. She says the blog takes you into her travels in a profound way that only her mind can pen to paper. She also shares a lot of tips/hacks that have helped her over the years.

After becoming a mother she still says she is always up for an adventure but is limiting the risk involved. If you have a taste for adventure and want to put your thoughts into action than this travel blog is meant for you. Experience the wild side of life.
 Adventure, Photography, Travel writing
 Latest update 3. September 2020
Dan loves to explore and meet new people his travels have taken him all over the world. Between 2014-2018 he was on the road 1467 days. He was in the restaurant business before he decided to take on a nomad living style with his camera in hand. He says meeting people and goats are some of the best experiences he has on his travels.

His blog takes you to the places he has visited and offers a lot of insight into the different countries he has been. He is currently in Portugal living it up on the sunny beaches. Check out his latest blog to see where he goes next.
 Adventure, Solo Female, Travel writing
 Latest update 3. September 2020
Amanda started her career as a journalist and today she is now an award-winning travel blogger. She is on a mission to see as much of the world as possible in order to show the people that traveling need not only be an activity for the rich and those with means.

She visits country after country and covers all of the activities and sites you can see in her blog. The blog is well written because of her journalistic background. She also covers various tips and tricks which you can employ on your travels. The blog also features a section solely dedicated to packing and luggage. There is something for every kind of traveler so check it out.
 Adventure, Lifestyle, Photography, Solo Female
 Latest update 1. September 2020
Jiyeon Kim from Seoul, South Korea and expat and travel blogger who has been on the move since 2011. She left her job as a mechanical engineer and embarked on a journey of adventure and discovery. From Northern lights to skiing in Namibia`s desert, June has set to explore all corners of the Earth. And share her travel stories. She became quite an entrepreneur earning her income from several different channels. RunawayJuno is her blog and starting point, she does various Social media consulting and training, she is an Outreach specialist, brand ambassador, and influencer and does affiliate sales. In recent years she has founded a tour company Unquote travel with two more partners. Together all three of them had visited over 95 countries in 15 years, which gave them a good insight into the tourism industry. The aim behind the company was to help other travelers to experience the world through well-designed itineraries, insightful tour leaders and meaningful encounters with the locals.
 Adventure, Solo Female, Travel writing
 Latest update 1. September 2020
The Bucket List Journey was created by Annette a puppy, fuzzy socks and red wine lover. She embraces the concept of going through your bucket list while you still have the time. This attitude has led Annette all around the world doing one amazing thing after another in countries people only dream of visiting.

She is also an author with a book Bucket List Adventures and co-owns a restaurant named Sugo-Trattoria. Her blog focuses on her travels and her journey as she scratches things off her bucket list. She gives valuable tips, advice, and inspiration to take on their own bucket list.

Take the plunge and visit her blog to get started knocking off of items from that rusty list of yours.
 Adventure, Solo Female, Travel writing
 Latest update 31. August 2020
Alex grew up in Albany, New York and in her later years studied and work in Brooklyn for 4 years. Her mindset changed in those years and she wanted something unconventional and she followed this yearning in her heart. She has been traveling for three years now and finds this experience the best in her whole life. Although she does not have an alternative plan for when she stops traveling she believes the adrenaline rush of traveling alone is all worth it.

She fulfills her dreams by traveling and blogging about it, she is also a photographer who dabbles in design and scuba diving. Check out her blog to see what the journey has been like for her.

 Adventure, Culture, Life, Photography, Road trip, Solo Female, Travel writing
 Latest update 31. August 2020
Erin was born in Alaska and has lived in six other states in the US. She also spent 13 months living in Malaysia. Erin has a degree in Operations Management from the Oregon Institute of Technology and works with special needs kids. She is an avid traveler who always makes time to see new places and seeking new adventures. She has been to 14 countries and 21 states so far.

Her fascination is ruins and historic buildings and sites. She has a fondness for history and when she travels she makes it a point to visit historical institutions. On her blog, she shares all of her sightings and places to see the most beautiful ruins and old architecture. Explore her travels on her blog and get transported back in history.
 Adventure, Photography, Solo Female
 Latest update 31. August 2020
Alex in Wanderland is a travel blog by Alexandra Baackes. This New York native has a passion for photography, design, scuba diving, and squealing over small animals. Her blog is a somewhat different era of blogging. You won’t find posts like “top ten” lists on her blog but rather a journal-style post. Raw and real to make the reader truly connect with the content. On her journey, she`s been through a lot, fell in love, been heartbroken, tried a variety of jobs, faced fears, all of which she transferred to her blog. Through her adventures, she has rediscovered solo travel and uncovered some of the best scuba diving spots. Her passion for traveling and a prolific writing style have turned Alex in one of the top-rated travel writers.
 Adventure, Lifestyle, Travel writing
 Latest update 29. August 2020
This Bulgarian Traveller started her travel blog in 2013 as a way to empower people with first-hand knowledge and tips about places she has visited.

She puts it simply, after her travels she didn't want to explain 20 times over the same thing to people. If they wanted to hear her story, they could go read it on her blog.

Little did she know this chain of events would hield her many online followers who wanted more adventures and more stories about her travels.

She expresses in her blog that people should not be afraid of travel, you should just take that first big step. Her blog will inspire you to travel more, so stop procrastinating and head on over to her blog to find out more.
 Adventure, Couple, Travel writing
 Latest update 28. August 2020
Dan & Audrey had their first travel experience in 2001 when they left San Francisco on a one-way ticket to Prague with no jobs lined up. Five years later in 2006, they did the exact same thing they left their jobs in Prague to travel the world this time. They just wanted to share stories of the people they met on their travels.

They created a movement of travelers that live in the intersection of adventure, deep travel, and life experiences. They care about the planet, and that is why they also support green traveling, and they discuss this topic in detail on their blog.

Although they currently reside in Germany, this is just a temporary pitstop on their way to exploring the globe.

Check out their blog for a first-hand encounter of their experiences.
 Adventure, Solo Female, Travel writing
 Latest update 26. August 2020
Trisha Velarmino is a die-hard Barcelona fan, and this is partly why the blog P.S I'M ON MY WAY was formed. When she was 22 years old, she got a bright idea that she needed to do some traveling. As luck would have it, she ended up at the University of Malan where she studied Fashion and Arts Management and at the same time she got to explore Europe.

Then about three years ago Liverpool and Arsenal had an Asian tour and being a die-hard fan of the lovely game she followed every single game wherever they were played. This was an eye-opener and for her to explore more fantastic places and see the world.

Her blog addresses key concerns that many travelers have, budget issues, best places to go, how long to stay, and safety issues. In her words, she puts it so eloquently
I am not traveling. I just choose to be somewhere else, all the time.

That is her blogs philosophy as well. She does not go to visit famous places but to immerse herself in the culture and learn and grow with the locals. Her blog is really inspiring so be sure to check it out you might learn a thing or two.
 Adventure, Couple, Outdoor, Photography, Solo Female, Travel, Travel writing
 Latest update 25. August 2020
The power couple(Kristen and Siya) has been described as adventure-seeking, world traveling, entertaining young souls that travel to their heart's content.  Hopscotch The Globe has been labeled as a leading, award-winning website, YouTube channel, and travel lifestyle brand for everything internationally inspired. On top of making video content for the site Kristen also makes videos for publications like Lonely Planet and Mode.com.

The website caters to all your travel queries be it travel tips and advice, destination guides, beuty, and fashion, food adventures, DIY, bizarre travel reviews, and plenty more juicy articles that show off the extensive nature of the blog.

Hopscotch the Globe is your one-stop destination for everything travel related.
 Adventure, Lifestyle, Photography, Solo Male, Travel, Travel writing
 Latest update 24. August 2020
On Ryan Gargiulo's 24th birthday he jetted off to Dublin on his first solo backpacking trip through Europe. He spent 3 months bouncing around the continent and spending approximately $10,000.  This was a lot of money to spend in such a short amount of time and this gave him more insight into traveling, learning about himself, others and a whole lot about life in general.

It is because of the people he met that his passion for traveling was ignited. His blog is about finding yourself outside your comfort zone. It is a blog tailored travel resource where he shares his knowledge, expertise and personal recommendations. You will find a kaleidoscope of articles, stories, photos, videos that cover travel hacks/tips destination guides and so much more.

Pause for a moment and go check out the blog.
 Latest update 21. August 2020
Divein is a scuba blog written and driven by two brothers, Nicolai and Torben. All the info you’ll find there is written with the greatest passion and love for the ocean and the sport. Once you visit the site, you can feel their passion for diving and traveling. They stared back in 2012 while on a holiday in Bali where and since then they've traveled all over the world and written about their destination and experiences. On Divein you can read great guides about dive gear, dive destinations, trip reports and ocean environment which they focus a lot on
 Adventure, Culture, Photography, Solo Female, Travel
 Latest update 21. August 2020
Sabrina Iovino half German, half Italian travel blogger and photographer from Germany. Sabrina`s blog is somewhat different from other travel bloggers – and there are many out there. That is mostly because of her brutal honesty. Her blog is not just “shinny dream world come true”, but rather a realistic view on how she started everything and what to expect in certain destination. In her blog, she is focused on sharing experiences and photos from her travels. Her first blog post – “10 reasons to visit the Philippines” was so popular in Philippine media that it was shared thousands of times through social media which gave her a good kick start of her new carrier. After one year her blog reached half a million views, always showing in her articles, not just the fun part but rather to provide the reader with knowledge. Sabrina`s blog is often featured on BuzzFeed, BBC, Lonely Planet, Trip Advisor, The Huffington Post and various tourist boards of SE Asia.
 Adventure, Lifestyle, Solo Male, Travel writing
 Latest update 19. August 2020
One step 4ward is a blog made by Johnny Ward. Johnny has an interesting success story. Growing up in Ireland he was quite poor his entire life. That is until he started his travel blog, now he works 10 – 20 hours a week, from anywhere on the planet and he is on a full-time journey to visit every single country in the world, all 193 of them. Johnny went from being a poor English teacher in Chiang Mai to earning over $1million from his blog. Johnny Ward truly is one of the biggest in the blogging business. In his blog, Johnny not only shares his travel experiences but also advice and his life story how he made it with blogging. Johnny`s story is a story of inspiration, success doesn`t come overnight and a great deal of determination is required, however it very much achievable, and Johnny`s story proves that.
 Adventure, Culture, Lifestyle, Solo Female, Travel writing
 Latest update 13. August 2020
Jane is a well-traveled city girl who originally resided in Australia with her husband. She is the creator of the Girl Tweets World travel blog that is, in essence, an affordable luxury blog. She reiterates that it is just a fancy way of saying she likes pretty things but isn't rich.

She manages to travel every month and stay at a boutique hotel that is situated near a highly rated brunch spot. She confesses that her travel guides are in fact a mix of street eateries, shopping secrets, and big-ticket tourist attractions.

Overall she has traveled to 63 countries and has visited a fair bit of Europe, Asia, and Australia. This is why her articles mainly focus on these destinations. Her 8 years in the blogging industry gives her ample experience to explore and write in-detail about her traveling adventures. Check out the blog for more about her travels and insights.
 Adventure, Solo Female, Travel writing
 Latest update 3. August 2020
The blog That Backpacker was started by Aubrey while she was still in university. However, while in university she would use every break, Christmas break, reading week and summer holiday to go on travels and experience the world. She then went to South Korea where she did a one year teach English in Korea program. This set her up to become a professional travel blogger and she hasn't looked back once.

The blog is aimed at giving the readers insight to travel blogging and what experiences you can have in the various destinations. She also tries to keep the blog centered on learning and providing info for fellow travelers who are still new to the traveling scene.
 Adventure, Nature, Photography, Travel
 Latest update 14. July 2020
Stephen Gollan is a Canadian adventurer and traveler, who dedicated his life in discovering the remaining "magic" in the world. He tends to travel to more isolated places, not too "touristy" with unspoiled nature and more preserved, traditional way of life. His travels have taken him from steps of Central Asia to Sahara desert, to jungles of Kongo. When asked how he funds his trips, Stephan admits that this way of life is not easy, in fact, it’s quite hard and demands lots of “giving away”. While working as a lifeguard back home in Canada he saved all the money he earned for the trips. He was lucky enough to get a job at some of the destinations he visited, like being a diving instructor in Thailand, English teacher in Lybia and so on. He has been living this lifestyle for 8 years and has no intention of stopping as there are still many places to explore and experience. Intention of his blog is to encourage other people to travel and share some tips and advice for travelling on a tight budget.
 Adventure, Couple, Lifestyle, Nature, Outdoor, Travel writing
 Latest update 14. July 2020
Hannah & Adam started this blog just before they reached 30. They have had careers for the past 10 years and both felt that a change was necessary. They say they had a conversation with a couple on one of their travels and this changed their whole idea around traveling. The couple said that they sold their house and belongings to pursue a year of traveling. This sounded totally ridiculous to Hannah & Adam at the time but 6 years later they have not looked back once.

They started the blog to document their travels and experiences while traveling the world. They have traveled to 80 countries so far and the list keeps on increasing. On the blog, you can find many itineraries and things-to-do lists on the various places they have visited. Get that stamp and begin living your dream.
 Adventure, Luxury, Solo Male, Travel writing
 Latest update 9. July 2020
VelvetEscape is a luxury travel blog by Keith Jenkins. After 10 years of working in the banking sector, Keith decided to change his life and make a turnover from corporate jobs, to become a travel blogger and social media advocate. He has been doing for 10 years, in which he has traveled over 80 countries on 6 continents. His travels are described in his blog and he also exhibits photos on The Happy Explorer, a photoblog. He often gives public speeches at various conferences and offers consultancy in social media and various marketing, and general tourism and travel blogging. Through his “iambassador” brand he provides consultancy services to various clients such as “Canadian Tourism Commission”, “Jordan Tourism Board”, “South African Tourism”, “German National Tourism Board” etc. When asked what makes his blog different from a million others just like it, he says that a compelling story helps to distinguish you from the rest.
 Adventure, Lifestyle, Road trip, Solo Male
 Latest update 8. July 2020
Mike`s road trip is a blog by Mike Shubic featuring an interesting yet somewhat tragic story of a man who lost his house, then decided to sell everything and sit in his car to embark on a nomadic lifetime adventure. After six months, back in 2010, GotSaga awarded his blog with Best travel Tips award. The aim behind the blog was to discover hiding gems of the road and share them with enthusiasts and adventurers. Mike has earned the nickname “Most roads tripped man in the world”. He also shares a lot of video content from his journeys and speaks at various travel conferences globally. Nomadic travel lifestyle has earned Mike quite a business with books, TV shows, and production all in motion.
 Adventure, Culture, Lifestyle, Solo Female, Tradition, Travel
 Latest update 4. July 2020
Global Gallivanting is travel lifestyle and adventure blog by Anna Phipps. Anna decided to quit her UK job back in 2012 and has been traveling ever since. She is currently located in Goa India, but her travels have taken her all across South East Asia, Australia, and Europe. She travels independently and on a budget for six years in a row, earning her income along the way as a travel writer, blogger, and digital marketing consultant. She started her blog, Global Gallivanting to help and inspire others to make full time travel their lifestyle and share her tips and advice on the countries she visited. Her blog became very popular in India so much that it became “go-to” site for inspiration and practical tips about traveling in India, from a “Western” perspective. Anna has created quite a business from her travel lifestyle, cooperating with some fancy names like the Lonely Planet, Viator, Holiday scout, various tourist boards of SE Asia and India, etc. With over 64 thousand followers on social media, this young enthusiast is set to explore the world.
 Adventure, Photography, Solo Female
 Latest update 1. July 2020
Rocky Travel is an award-winning travel blog by Michaela Fantinel. Travel addict and enthusiast that above else likes to travel solo and explore. She started in her early 20s, as a student and has kept on traveling for the next 30 years. Her travels are mostly based in Europe and Australia, and the cores are cultural city breaks, road-tripping, and adventure travel. Rocky Travel is all about sharing guides and stories of the adventurous solo female traveler. There are many advice blogs on how to make trip planning more straightforward. Michaela has crossed every corner of Australia and published a book in 2014 called “Australia tip itinerary book”. Numerous mini-guides of Australia can be found on her blog and it is safe to say she might know the country`s every corner.
 Adventure, Food, Lifestyle, Solo Male, Travel writing
 Latest update 18. June 2020
DJ Yabis is an educated, fun and adventurous gypsetter, who has been traveling for the past ten years now. He backpacked all over East Asia in a year stint of discovery. In 2009 he moved to Europe where he has stayed in Warshaw, Stockholm, and Cologne he also ventured across the Atlantic to the Americas to get a more in-depth feeling around traveling and the different cultures.

His main travel destinations are in Europe and he has impressively traveled to 300 European cities.  He is originally from the Philippines and always wants to give back to his home country. He is involved in many charity works that are aimed at raising funds through a Norwegian non-profit.

The blog is super insightful and will elevate your perception of how traveling should be done in Europe. His journeys are well documented throughout the blog and he spares no knowledge because he only wants his readers to experience the same fun lifestyle he has come accustomed too.
 Adventure, Couple, Lifestyle, Travel writing
 Latest update 1. May 2020
Jules and Christine are the power couple behind the 'Don't Forget To Move' blog. They are full-time travel bloggers who love to share their experiences of their many adventures all around the world. Jules and Christine visit the most amazing and breathtaking places with the aim to inform would-be travelers on their journeys and share key hacks that would improve your travels.

This unlikely team started on separate journeys just traveling and exploring. Jules is from Australia and Christine from San Fransico. They first met at a non-profit organization in Peru in 2012. After a brief friendship, their relationship got more serious, and they ended up spending another 6 months in Peru volunteering together. They helped build houses that were destroyed in an earthquake.

They solidified their relationship with a common love for travel and helping the communities they encounter. The blog was formed soon after this realization. Their aim is to empower fellow readers to make a positive impact while traveling. You won't want to miss out on this enlightening blog. It shows you that the best travels are based on not just fun but giving back and leaving an impression on communities long after you have left.
 Adventure, Solo Male, Travel writing
 Latest update 26. March 2020
Man On The Lam is a peculiar blog by Raymond Walsh. It became a success with a large number of followers in a short period. Interesting storytelling and strange adventures made his blog one of the top 100 Travel Blogs in the world. Mere layout and design of his blog are truly unique, with late 19th century motives and a gentleman’s perspective. Raymond also got sick of corporate life and decided there is more to life than an office. Man On The Lam is a combination of escape and escapism, while the entire blog design resembles a 19th-century newspaper. He defiantly wanted to outstand from other travel blogs and stroked to make his blog as different as possible. Dropdown menus named “The Yard describe experiences, “Peculiarities” are strange things he found while traveling, “Canteen” section is for food and drink, etc. Through his blog, Raymond tends to provide an amusing look at traveling, which he combines with useful advice.
 Adventure, Hiking, Outdoor, Solo Male
 Latest update 14. Febuary 2020
Backpacking Matt is an adventure blog featuring Matt Kyhnn an American that found his happiness in New Zealand. With his blog, Matt aims to offer specific travel advice, stories of adventure, exploration, travel reviews of a specific destination. The core of his blog is New Zealand with practical advice on backpacking and mountain climbing. It all started with a trip to Europe after graduation and realizing he is more of an outdoor adventure type, rather than office guy. Through his blog, Matt gives tips on how to travel the world and shows an alternative, unconventional lifestyle. In addition to his blog, Matt also runs travel planning and booking website - Planit NZ.
 Adventure, Hiking, Lifestyle, Nature, Outdoor, Solo Male, Travel, Travel writing
 Latest update 2. Febuary 2020
This blog is the brainchild of Victor Eekhof an avid traveler with a philosophy unique to the nomad existence enthusiast. Victor is a 30-something Dutch world explorer. The blog is about traveling on your own terms and not being absorbed by the masses at large. It is ideally for those people who are happiest with a big backpack on their back and a smaller one in front, people who would prefer walking as apose to a taxi or bus, it is for people who would take a bus instead of traveling via an airplane.

On his blog, he writes about the various places he has visited like Mongolia, North-Korea, Antartica, and Venezuela. Not one of these destinations are known for attracting tourist but it is that fact that Victor takes into account when choosing his destinations. The blog lets you experience places that have been termed taboo by the natural society.

He gives insights and travel knowledge on how to get to these destinations and debunk all the myths allocated with them.
 Adventure, Solo Female, Travel writing
 Latest update 31. January 2020
Karisa Klee is an attorney by profession with a serious case of wanderlust. She says she is lucky to be able to log enough billable hours in the office in order to take time off and explore the world. She describes herself as an outgoing friendly (over-talkative) extrovert that loves great food & champagne.

She says in her blog that she isn't a full-time traveler but she works and makes sure that she fits traveling into her schedule. This is why many people adore her blog because unlike most nomad blogs she talks to the workaholic and stay-at-home mums. Flirting with the globe is full of tips and hacks for the 'working stiffs' who don't make time to explore their horizons.

The blog aims to make the most out of your time in a specific country or place.  If you have wanderlust then you should definitely check out her blog.
 Adventure, Culture, Travel writing
 Latest update 28. January 2020
Rice Potato was created founded by Chris and Etty. Chris was born in the Netherland and Etty is from Taiwan, they both bring different personalities to the blog is that is why it works so perfectly. They started the blog as a result of only seeing boring and singular related blogs about Bangkok. They wanted to create something different that does not explore only usually spots but go deeper because the modern traveler demands a sophisticated experience.

The blog looks at Bangkok from their eyes taking you into a world filled with deserted parks, kooky restaurants in China Town and 80-year-old breakfast shops. They have curator an itinerary that is unconventional and will leave you with a great experience you will never forget.
 Adventure, Food, Travel writing
 Latest update 19. January 2020
Sabrina started her journey in the Czech Republic, it was only when she was 13 that her traveling escapades begun. After that, she moved to Vienna in Austria where she gained her American accent that people have come accustomed to from her YouTube videos; she blames binge-watching 'Mean Girls & The Office.

Her blog 'Girl vs Globe' was created on the 7th of January, 2014 while she was working in Russia. The blog is centered around travel and empowering women to take action in their life and take some risk. Sabrina also has a love for food and you get her favorite recipes from her visits on her blog.

She has a huge following on her online community with over 6.500 like-minded women and she encourages everyone to join.
 Adventure, Solo Male, Travel writing
 Latest update 6. October 2019
Marcello Arrambide is a day trader that runs Wandering trader blog. It is a travel blog that deals with subjects of travel, destinations and location-independent life. As early as 2009 Marcello has lived in 12 countries across five continents and visited over 110 countries in total. Besides travel writing, he also runs Day Trading Academy where he trains others how to work in the stock market for several hours a day. Features in the world’s top media speak of his success. Wandering Trader and Day Trading Academy have been featured by CNN, USA Today, Business Insider, BBC, etc. Wandering trader is certainly one the most unique travel sites out there. It shows an interesting perspective of a digital nomad who combined living by day trading around the world and even teaching others how to do it. Wandering Trader get over 300 000 visits monthly.
 Adventure, Couple, Travel, Travel writing
 Latest update 11. September 2019
Stephanie and Megan have been running 'Why Wait To See The World' since 2009. They realized quite early in their journey that Millenials are becoming the dominant generation force in the traveling industry. They have always made it their mission to curate their content towards Millenials. They have worked with various brands like Visit Fiji, Trover, Kyrgyzstan and IHG.

The blog is full of wonderful itineraries for you to choose from which will take you all around the world. It is also a hub full of information related to culinary travel, trip planning, travel mindset, and travel advice if you are unsure about anything relating to travel. The site are also full of articles that depict locations all around the world with wonderful photographs.

Why wait, go out and explore the world.
 Adventure, Lifestyle, Photography, Solo Female, Travel, Travel writing
 Latest update 29. August 2019
Packing my Suitcase is well versed, intelligent and forward-thinking blog about traveling the world. The founder of the blog Allane Milliane is a Brazilian currently residing in Germany if she is not on her travels. She describes herself as a wine appreciator, traveler, writer, aspiring photographer, diver, formula one fan and a firm believer of a better world, one little change at a time.

The blog was founded in April 2014 with the idea of sharing her travel tips, her travels, and to inspire others to travel the world. Her blog is also shared by W and Enzo who write riveting articles about Germany and destinations to explore as an expat.

Packing my Suitcase is packed with wholesome articles that cover a diverse range of topics related to travel, check out the blog for the insight scoop.
 Adventure, Lifestyle, Photography, Solo Female
 Latest update 25. August 2019
Beth Leung is a professional travel blogger and “Asia expert”. Working as a photographer, writer, social influencer, graphic designer and consultant, however – location independent. Travels in Translation is a travel blog started in 2012 as a simple Tumblr site featuring Beth`s attending university in Japan. Since then it has grown into one of the more influential blogs on the internet showcasing Beth`s travel stories around Asia and her state of the art photography. Her blog certainly caught the public eye as she is often featured in media; National Geographic, Yahoo Travel, Travel channel, Trivago are just a few to mention, and social media reach is measured in several thousand followers.
 Adventure, Life, Lifestyle, Travel, Travel writing
 Latest update 5. August 2019
Colleen Lanin started Travel Mamas in 2009 as a way to help parents travel more comfortably with their children. Travel Mamas has been around for quite a while and she has been living her dream job helping parents travel with their kids to various destinations.

After earning her MBA she was a marketing manager for a non-profit hospice for a few years. She has also worked in human resources, finance, retail management, and a cocktail waitress. After starting her travel blog she has given all sorts of travel tips on radio and television.

The blog is aimed at helping mothers and parents travel more effectively with their kids. She has also written a book ' The Travel Mamas' Guide' which you can find on the website. Stay in control of your vacation with the help of Travel Mama's check out the blog for more thorough information.
 Adventure, Lifestyle, Solo Male, Travel writing
 Latest update 11. December 2018
The Gaijin Crew blog was created by Jamie Cambell as a way to bring all of the experience and knowledge he has gained in his countless travels together in one coherent spot. The blog delivers expert advice on budget-friendly travels, minimalist travel and creating a community of flamboyant travelers not just as a vacation option but as a lifestyle choice.

The blog takes out all the redundant and irrelevant information that you normally get out of travel sites and introduces you to a lifestyle/philosophy that is unique to the Gaijin Crew blog.

He eliminates three myths that many people take as truths when it comes to traveling.

  • You have to be rich to travel

  • The amount of luggage or bags as paramount in your journey

  • You can only travel occasionally

Check out his blog to find out why these myths were created to stop you from enjoying the best experiences of your life.
 Adventure, Photography, Solo Female, Travel, Travel writing
 Latest update 7. December 2018
The journey for A Little Adrift began in 2009 when Shannon O’Donnell decided to travel the world. Since that time she has gotten a lot of accolades such as being voted 'Traveler of the Year' by National Geographic for her work in responsible traveling. She is still astounded by the number of people who visit her blog and through them, they have created a community with one common belief - "A life of travel creates a story of the world worth telling."

The blog is about sharing her travels with the world, not only that she shares the hows and whys for other people who feel adrift and who want to change their lives. She enriches her readers by transforming a normal travelogue into a resource point for travels that offer advice, motivation and encourages travelers through her stories and photography.

Her blog is splendidly designed and worth checking out. Feel unmotivated - get inspired by A Little Adrift.

 Adventure, Couple, Lifestyle, Photography, Travel, Travel writing
 Latest update 17. September 2018
Asher Fergusson is originally from Manly Beach, Sydney, Australia but he has lived abroad since 2004 when he started pursuing his MBA and Bachelors's degree from Maharishi University in the USA. In 2008 he took his first 3-month trip to India and he describes it as magical and life-changing. In his initial travel there he was scammed numerous times and got sick with the Delhi belly.

Since then he has made several more visits to India learning and gathering critical intel on how to avoid the pitfalls of traveling there. His blog his about all his travels and ways people can avoid falling for scams and other pitfalls on their traveling trips.

If security and safety are your top priority then this blog is worth a checking out.
 Adventure, Couple, Culture, Nature, Travel
 Latest update 18. March 2018
Hugo and Christina are a young couple on a quest to travel and explore the best cultural and natural destinations in the world. Although they are not a full-time digital nomads (they have a home in London, UK) they do travel a lot and share their experiences on their travel blog. Over the past few years, they have been to over 20 countries, collecting plenty of memories and new ideas for the future. In their own words traveling and exploring new places is a natural thing for them and what they most enjoy doing. Their travels are focused on the outdoors and nature always searching for a unique heritage and cultural experiences. Their articles showcase their personal view of the destinations they visited with the goal to share the knowledge they acquired from traveling. Their blog has been featured many times in the press like The New York Times, Lonely Planet, Geeky Explorer, Tripper and they have received multiple awards for their work like Top 100 blogs 2015, List of top 2300 travel blogs on the internet, Top 1000+ travel blogs, etc.
 Adventure, Couple, Outdoor, Photography, Travel, Travel writing
 Latest update 25. October 2017
Travel to be Alive is a blog created by Jessica Lancia (writer) and Marco Grassi (photographer). Jessica is originally from Italy and she always had a longing or something more than a boring existence. When she took a trip a too New-Zealand all of this changed as she was exposed to a wonderful world full of excitement and travel opportunities. Since that time she has visited 26 countries and aimes in increasing these numbers as time goes on.

Jessica is also a photographer lover who can't help but snap up moments as she experiences them on her journeys. The blog depicts her adventures and also gives valuable advice, tips/hacks on travels. If feeling alive is what you are after then traveling should accomplish that in no time.
 Adventure, Lifestyle, Photography, Solo Male
 Latest update 12. April 2014
Ambot – ah, an award winning blog by Marcos Caratao. A pragmatic Philippino, who turned back from established office career and decided to explore instead. His focus is mainly on Southeast Asia, and his chronicles of adventures are very detail. Ambot – ah is a personal blog showcasing adventures of Marcos, his lifestyle and photography. Besides the blog, Marcos has several other projects. Detourista.com is a travel site, with his personal travel journals, photo galleries, and guides to various destinations in Philippines and SE Asia. The aim was to create a platform for travel discovery and sharing experiences and travel advice for people searching new adventures and places to discover. MarcosDeourist.com is another site where Marcos features location-independent lifestyle as a traveler, photographer and blogger. Marcos received several awards for being one the most influential Asian travel bloggers, one of the most significant being the one from his home country – Philippine blog awards for being the best travel blog.
 Adventure, Road trip, Solo Male
 Latest update 14. Febuary 2012
Amtekker is travel blog created by Brett Rounsaville. The guiding idea for the blog was to finally start doing things from the bucket list. He has set for himself a target of 50 things to do across his home country – USA, and share his adventures on his blog. Brett had quit his job as a designer for Disney California and decided to commit o filling up his bucket list goals and share them with the world in a funny nice way. This whole adventure started back in 2008, he even has an iTunes podcast and each of his videos gets between 3000 to 5000 views. Some of his adventures include tubing down the river, learning survival skills, enter a hot dog eating contest, touch a sloth, etc. His adventures are even featured on some of the large media houses like “ABC News” and “Good Morning America”.
 Adventure, LGBTQ, Lifestyle, Solo Male, Travel writing
Former graphic designer from Boston, now a hipster travel blogger Adam Groffman. After quitting his job as a book designer in Boston he went on a trip to Iceland and it changed his life. He decided to continue the adventure life of traveling but from a perspective of a gay hipster travel blogger. He moved from Boston to Berlin – a city he chose as a home base and from where he discovered the world. Travels of Adam is a men`s lifestyle blog that is focused on stylish travel and LGBTQ places around the world. It features hipster city guides, travel tips, hotel reviews, gay travel stories and photo essays from various destinations. The success of his blog can be observed trough features in media like Vanity Fair, Metro, Traveller and various tourist boards of SE Asia.
 Culture, Nature, Photography, Tradition
Jimmy Nelson started working as a photographer in 1987. After 10 years at a Jesuit boarding school, he set off to explore Tibet on foot (1985). After a year his visual diary, featuring revealing images of a previously inaccessible Tibet, was published. Soon after (1987) he covered a variety of culturally themes from the Russian involvement in Afghanistan, strife between India and Pakistan in Kashmir to the beginning of the war in former Yugoslavia. In early 1994 he and his wife produced “Literary Portraits of China”. The book was the result of a forty-month project that took them to all the hidden corners of the newly opening People’s Republic. The images were exhibited in the People’s Palace on Tiananmen Square, Beijing, and then followed by a successful worldwide tour. In 2010 he began his iconic artistic document that became “Before They Pass Away”. After visiting 35 chosen Indigenous communities, part 1 was published to International acclaim at the beginning of 2014 and received many awards. Today Jimmy is still traveling and photographing to produce part 2 of the project. He is exhibiting at International Museums, shows his work at the world’s leading Photographic Art galleries, speaking at international conferences and launched the Jimmy Nelson Foundation in October 2016.
 Adventure, Photography, Travel
Matthew Karsten is a full-time adventure travel blogger and photographer from New Hampshire, USA. He has been living as a digital nomad for the past 8 years and in that time he visited over 50 countries worldwide. Adventure travel for Matt is breaking out of comfort zone and immersing in different cultures. Matt’s blog shows a perspective of breaking your normal life routine and accepting new challenges even though the end result may not be seen, but the point is to go for it and follow your dreams. In his blog, Matt shares his experiences on how to travel the world on a budget, how to earn money while traveling and tends to show the world cultures and the way of life of the locals he had met. Matt is definitely one of the more influential travel bloggers and thousands of followers on social networks prove that.
 Adventure, Solo Female, Solo Male, Travel writing
Solo Traveler is much more than your run of the mill blog. It's essentially a community of like-minded travelers sharing all of their knowledge about their countless travels.

The community also exchanges solo travel tips, suggestions, and words of encouragement.

On the site itself, they tackle post related to solo travel destinations and photos that are supplied by valued readers of the blog. New post is published on a weekly basis, and they always keep the readers entertained.

Janice Waugh started the blog in 2009, and it soon went from a personal to a public blog. The site has also gotten speaking gigs at The Smithsonian Institute. Her writing voice has even gotten her the active status of a member of the Society of American Travel Writers.

Join the community and give your input to better the society of solo travel.
 Adventure, Food, Lifestyle, Nature, Photography
Sankara Subramanian, the founder of ‘Be On The Road’ travel blog, is your regular middle class Indian who has made ‘An Active Travel Lifestyle’ as his full-time career and life. Eight years back, this 34-year-old Tam-Brahm from Bangalore chose to live his dream of experiencing the world in his own slow way. And there has been no looking back since. Be On The Road is all about his experiences from all around the planet and a lot of tips, ideas, and recommendations for all those people who wish to live their travel dream and create their own story. This travel blog talks about pushing your limits either in the world of travel or in life per se, surviving as a global vegetarian traveler, seeing the world through the local’s eyes by immersing oneself wholeheartedly into the local culture, doing our bit to make the world a better place through community service, learning through the school of traveling, exploring the so-called tough destinations and getting to understand ourselves better through those multi-month life-changing journeys.
 Adventure, Couple, Lifestyle, Travel, Travel writing
Digital nomads are a dime a dozen but what differentiates this blog is that there is no right time for that perfect adventure. It speaks to all those people who want to retire early and go travel the world. Keith and Tina (owners of the blog) met each other when they were 18 and had their first travel experience at 19. Skip through all those years in-between when in 2016 they decided to quit their successful careers and retire early.

They came to the conclusion that living abroad was far cheaper than living in the United States. As many people know expats are the poster child of this way of living. They retired to Cuenca Ecuador and as a way to keep their friends and family informed about their whereabouts they created 'Retire Early and Travel.'

The blog soon gained momentum with them sharing their experiences and way of thinking. They talk about how everyone can retire early and live this dream that they have found possible.

If early retirement and a traveling lifestyle are what you envision for your future let Keith and Tina ignite that spark with their blog that will forever change your mind.
 Adventure, Couple, Lifestyle, Photography, Travel, Travel writing
Salt in our Hair was created by two fun, free and crazy spirits named Hannah and Nick. They started the blog because they share a passion for traveling, photography and sharing experiences. Officially it all began on Instagram in May 2016 when they set out on a goal to capture the world in a way so that people can realize that there is much more to life than their 9-5 jobs.

The name for the blog was inspired on their way back from the North Sea in the Netherlands when they realized they had sticky salty hair, they say its not the most glamorous story but it's theirs. The blog is all about their travels around the world and how to make the best out of every experience.

The Migrationology website was created by Philip Weiss. After a few trips exploring South America, he just needed to tell the world about his experiences. He brings out the beauty of his travels through the food he encounters on his journeys. He and his wife are based in Bangkok and they frequently travel to places where he explores different cuisines. Along with the different food, you will also get the chance of viewing various e-books and apparel that Philip sells on the site to cover travel expenses. You can also check out his YouTube food videos that capture the atmosphere of every place he visits. He has also amassed almost 1million Instagram followers and is set to reach that mark very soon.
 Adventure, Solo Male, Travel writing
A travel blog that doesn`t take itself too seriously. A rather brave way to describe your blog, but Anthony Bianco claims his blog is about funny traveling, nothing serious. You won’t find up to date travel information here, because for Anthony travel was always meant to be fun and not just shirtless and bikini pics. The Travel Tart is about offbeat tales of a travel addict that tends to attract the global readership across a wide demographic who are interested in travel destinations and experiences around the world, like budget tips, luxury, offbeat and adventure travel. Essentially Anthony writes about funny, offbeat and downright strange aspects of world travel today. He discovered a travel passion when he first visited a war zone in Kosovo, on a business trip. Since then he has traveled in over 50 countries across six continents. The success of his blog can be measured by some of the top-notch partners he works with like Visit Britain, Tourism South Africa, Trip Advisor, Qantas, and Emirates.
 Adventure, Couple, Lifestyle, Travel writing
Local Adventurer is a blog that has enabled Esther & Jacob Julee to move to a new city each year. There reasoning for only staying here is quite simple; A year is long enough for them to explore and find hidden gems and on the other hand short enough to motivate them to get out of there and explore some more.

The reason they started the blog was that they felt while they were living in Atlanta they did not explore a whole lot of it. They wanted to expand the mindset of people to explore locally and not just stay in an area without knowing what they really had in their own backyard.

The blog is centered around exploring things in your own hometown, state, and country. The Julee's share all their travel experiences and invite you to step out of your comfort zone and take the plunge into the unknown.

Get going and start that local adventure you always thought wasn't possible.
 Adventure, Couple, Culture, Lifestyle, Travel, Travel writing
Ellie and Ravi are 30 something travelers from Britain and India respectively. They met on their travels and have been continuing the adventure ever since.  On their website, they help conscious travelers to discover the most incredible options for mindful and responsible travel all around the world.

The blog is focussed on personal expansion and consciousness and at the same time focuses on the caring and impact we have while traveling.  They create guides and articles that help travelers discover the eco-friendly and responsible travel options in a destination. They make it clear that traveling can be a win-win situation for both sides.

They also have loads of articles on their journeys and experiences throughout the world. The blog is worth checking out if you want to leave a green footprint n your travels.
 Adventure, Photography, Solo Male
Ironwulf En Route is one of the more influential Asian travel blogs. Ferdinand Decena is the man behind it and he established his blog back in 2003. Since then his blog grew into a premier resource and inspiration for traveling in the Philippines, Southeast Asia and much more. Ferdinand is a Philippino, who worked first as an art director and decided to become a full-time freelance photographer. Ironwulf features his travels across Cambodia, China, Laos, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam. His work has been covered by lots of media such as Singapore airlines Silver Kris, Philippine Airlines Mabuhay, Cebu Pacific`s Smile, Oceana Philippines, etc. His storytelling through photography is quite unique and his picture of a monk above the clouds in Emeishan, China won first place in TNT magazine Annual International Travel Writing and Photography Awards in 2009. This intrepid traveler doesn`t mean to stop any time soon, he is on a constant search to find new and off the beaten paths, destinations to share with the world.
 Adventure, Food, Solo Female, Travel writing
The journey for Kate began in 2011 when she left her home and marketing job in Brisbane, Australia to live in London. After two years she took off and left her friends and family behind to start wining it around the world. Casually as time went on she got freelance offers on the web. a trickle at first, and exculated significantly as time went on. Since her initial start in the online space, she has developed a comprehensive set of skills that include, setting up online brands, marketing, and brand strategy, copywriting, graphic design and social media management.

This made her decide to start her own travel blog. She still travels all around the world and depicting her adventures on her blog. She unveils all her travel inspirations and shares how you can do the same one city at a time.
 Adventure, Lifestyle, Solo Male, Travel, Travel writing
Dave is a digital nomad who has a passion for helping people. At the age of 18, he felt like his whole life was being mapped out for him. However, with the rise of social media, he saw opportunities to harness these online platforms. He took an apprenticeship at a London marketing agency where he began to spot opportunities due to the sharp rise in digital media.

When he was 20 he had already started his own digital media agency. Inspired by the digital community and his newfound freedom he set off to explore workspace hubs and retreats around the world. From there he started writing for various publications and expanding his influence in the social media game.

His travel blog was formed soon after this with the sole purpose of documenting his travels and giving back to his community that he has grown over the years.
 Couple, Food, Nature, Travel
Trip Trip Now is a blog for travel lovers that bring together experiences and recommendations to enjoy every second on the road. It is focused on 30+ years old travelers that are not digital nomads but rather are committed to traveling as a juicy sauce for enjoying life.

The blog helps people offering resources about how to save to travel or how to plan trips wisely, and details experiences in cities and countries with a journaling style.

Trip Trip Now is made through the efforts of a group of friends that gather information through their own trips and offer their own point-of-view without forgetting what might be interesting for a broader audience. Main interests are local culture, food and nature.
 Adventure, Couple, Culture, Food, Lifestyle, Travel, Travel writing
Amanda Mouttaki or better known as MarocMama developed this blog as a young mother wanting to share her challenges and triumphs as a mother parenting in a cross-cultural relationship. She explains that she has always had a love for reading and it was a way for her to escape her very small rural community and venture into far-off places just by a turn of a page.

At 16 she took her first international trip to Athens, Greece, this is where she discovered that traveling was going to be her forte. At 20 she met her future husband on a vacation in Marrakech, Morocco, and a while after that were married; today they have three children together.  They lived in the USA for 10 years before moving back to Morocco.

The blog is centered around Morocco and the experiences the city has to offer. She reiterates that the blog has a wealth of her many years of experiences, places, and insights from all her years staying there. She is also a foodie who likes trying new things where ever she goes.

The perfect place to find great spots in Morocco and other places she has visited. Check it out for an in-depth look at culture and adventure.
 Adventure, Culture, Lifestyle, Solo Female, Travel writing
To Europe and Beyond was created by Marie-Eve Valliéres a Canadian based in Montreal. At the age of 19, she quit her data entry job and took a trip to England that would change her life forever in the best possible way. 11 years and 36 countries later she is still going strong in her travels around the world. She says her bucket list has only grown bigger over the years and this has had an impact on her turning her passion into her profession.

The blog is not your run-of-the-mill travel but instead, it encompasses a decade of wealth accumulated by Marie over her travels around Europe and the world from an architecture fundi. With the blog, she aims to encourage millennial women to discover the world on their own using her recommendations, practical tips, ready to use itineraries that stretch all over the globe.

 Adventure, Lifestyle, Solo Male
Will Tang is a former electrical engineer, who turned business consultant, who turned full-time blogger. He is the man behind “Going to awesome places” blog. Through his blog, Will delivers honest and genuine stories from his travels in order to give the reader toll and guidance to have that same if not better experience. Will`s story began with a consultant job after graduating from high school. Even though the job was fine something was missing. It was the sense of an adventure that was boiling inside. Little by little he decided it was time for a change and in 2012 he quit his job, packed his things and left for Asia. He had little knowledge of what he was doing but he was just blogging about his experiences day by day as writing a diary. His lifestyle stories began to attract more and more attention and the number of clicks grew. From those humble begging’s to present day he slowly built up his site, social media, brand, readership, etc.
 Adventure, Hiking, Lifestyle, Luxury, Outdoor, Solo Female, Travel, Travel writing
Monkeys and Mountains is a blog dedicated to the outdoor enthusiast. Laurel Robbins began this blog as a way to bridge the gap between outdoor adventure and the luxury lifestyle of a hot shower, warm meal and cozy sleeping accommodation. She takes glamping to a whole new level. The blog was started in 2011 for people to explore the outdoors without needing to subtract from natural comforts like toilets and beds.

Coming from the Rocky Mountains in Canada she knows how an outdoor adventure should be done. On the blog, she teaches and encourages people to enjoy the best of both worlds. She has received multiple people who want her to plan their outdoor adventure and this has made a huge impact on the blog.

If you need an outdoor vacation without diminishing the comforts of your stay than this blog is straight up your alley, go on and enjoy lavishly.
Stuckincustoms is an adventure and photography blog by Trey Ratcliff. He tends to capture HD images from the most beautiful corners of the Earth as well as people and events. Photos of people from the Burning Man festival tend to tell a story of a frenzy captured at the moment. Trey is a Dallas Texan who moved to New Zealand and lives there today. He graduated in Computer Science and Math, a field in which he stayed until the mid-'30s until finally giving in to his "creative" side. He got a digital camera and started a blog publishing one photo per day- a job he`s been doing for 10 years now. He expanded the blog to social media where he has over 16 million followers. He also does lots of public speeches, TV interviews. One of his greatest achievements is an HDR photo at the Smithsonian. He does a lot of Photo Walks around the walk and that is his greatest passion. Over the past few years, Trey started to partner with some companies, his collaboration with Peak Design on Kickstarter in designing bags made over $13 million. His business today employs 10 people, some part-time and some full time.
 Adventure, Culture, Food, Photography, Tradition
Nomad Revelations is an adventure travel blog by Joao Leitao. This 30 – something-year-old Portuguese with a degree in Visual Arts likes to call himself “curious”. Joao`s blog represents a retrospective of 20 years of travel experiences, exotic narratives and adventure chronicles to inspire people to travel and share experience. Absorbing new experiences, encounters, architecture, religion, languages, music and many more. Over the past 20 years, Joao had visited over 20 countries worldwide and shared his experiences and travel tips on his blog. Joaoleitao.com receives more 8 million page views per year and his success is measured also by the publicity in the relevant press like Daily Mail, Lonely Planet, RBATV, Publico, Amazonas, Momondo, eDreams, etc. His support runs even higher from social media followers numbered nearly a million.
 Adventure, Solo Female, Travel writing
Christy Woodrow started the blog Ordinary Traveler in 2009. It was designed to chronical her travels and share her love for photography. The travel blog has grown tremendously over the last 10 years and is now one of the top travel blogs in the world. The blog offers various tips and hacks on balancing home life with extreme wanderlust.

The blog, unlike nomad living blogs, focuses on ordinary travel as the name suggests. In 2009 many of the popular blogs that got media attention only focused on selling your stuff and leaving everything behind to travel the world. This was not suitable for everyone's lifestyle because some people value family and their homes but occasionally they want to have an adventure and that is what the blog is all about.
"Connect and inspire a journey with the ordinary traveler"

Check out the blog for an in-depth account of her travels.
 Business, Life, Travel, Travel writing
Chris Gullebeau writes books, travels and runs a blog called “The art of non-conformity (AONC)”. Over the past 10 years, he claims to have visited every country in the world. Through his blog, Chris aims to “share a story of how to change the world by achieving personal goals while helping others at the same time”. He focuses on three core areas – Life, Wok, and Travel. Life section refers to writing about personal development and life planning, showcasing that one does not have to live life in the way others expect. Work refers to entrepreneurship and other kinds of unconventional work, with key message that work should be both fun and meaningful. Finally, travel comes down to traveling and adventure with his tips and advice from countries he had visited. He has written several other pieces - Unconventional guides, The 100$ Startup, Do what you love, create a new future, The Happiness of Pursuit, Born for this. Chris also has a daily podcast “Side Hustle School” which is downloaded more than 2 million times a month.
Once Upon a Saga is a travel blog from Danish adventurer and traveler Torbjorn C. Pedersen. Thor (as he prefers to be called) is on a mission to visit every country in the world without flying. Why not fly? Simply, to make the journey more interesting and fun. Thor persists to visit all the countries in the world using only ground transportation like trains, buses, boats, and his own two legs. The main purpose of his blog is to promote and share stories from each country to counteract the negative images as presented in media for each country. To fund this enormous project Thor has prepared well in sponsorships, personal funding, crowdfunding and cooperation with the Danish Red Cross. When asked about the purpose of the project, Thor has more than one. Firstly it’s “to do what no one has done before”. Secondly, he will be presenting the Danish Red Cross as a goodwill ambassador, promoting them worldwide. Finally, it’s the sense of adventure and exploration that drives him. Torbjorn`s work is publicly covered by large media houses like BBC, National Geographic, Forbes, Al Jazeera, RTE, Lonely Planet, Vice, etc. and a number of social media followers are measured in several thousands of them.
 Adventure, Lifestyle, Nature, Outdoor, Solo Male, Travel, Travel writing
Michael Turtle has been a storyteller from a young age. When he was in school he used to run the student newsletter and wrote a weekly column.  This writing passion carried over to his university years where he was the deputy editor and interviewed high profile people for the paper. This paved the way for his next decade as a television and radio reporter and newsreader at Australia's national broadcaster.

This all changed when he started traveling and started reporting on the amazing destinations he visits. His blog is also about informing people that they don't need to stand in long lines to get to see major attractions because there is plenty of stuff to bewilder you other than the most common things. He also takes you to places that are not yet overrun by tourists and has detail directions on how to get there. So join the turtle and explore those untapped wonders that people overlook.


So, that was the complete list, did I miss any?


If so, please drop a comment below.


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    Great post and very informative. I have also started my blog about 2 months ago. It has been doing well for a starter blog. My goal is to make it to the top list of best blogs in 2020. Of course, coronavirus affected the plan somehow, but I am still trying to make it work out.

    This’s how I found your article by searching for the top traveling blogs of 2020. I will leave my blog here, and you be the judge whether it should be in the list or not. I appreciate the feedback and honesty.

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