Things to do in Bali

The Bali

Bali is an island in Indonesia. Bali encompasses the beauty and rich history of the whole of Indonesia.

The main tourist attraction in Indonesia is Bali.

On the island, you will have an awesome time because 80% of the economy is focused on tourism.

Go dolphin watching at Lovina with the fishermen. The fishermen have cultivated a warm relationship with the dolphins.

See the Kecak dance performed alongside an open fire. It is one of the best experiences on the island.

The island is rich in history and ancient temples.

A remarkable place to explore is the Ulun Danu Temple, but more about that in the article.

Check out all of these well-selected destinations while you stay at this versatile island.


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Swing in style at Treetop Park

A treat for the whole family is the adventure park situated in the Bali Botanical gardens. At Treetop Park you will be entertained with various activities for you and the whole family.

The park is open daily from 8:30 am to 6:00 pm. At the park, you will get to challenge 72 different adventure cruises ranging from flying swings, Tarzan jumps, suspended bridges, and many more fun activities.

  • Spend a day out at the Treetop Adventure Park with your whole family.
  • Complete all 72 adventure challenges and compete against other people in the park.
  • Visit the Botanical Garden while you are at the Treetop Adventure Park.

Medium Solo Family Couples Adventure Nature

Relax at the Yoga Barn

The Yoga Barn captures the whole identity of Bali as it encompasses the serenity and peaceful nature of this Island. The Yoga Barn was established in 2007 and the owners wanted to give something back to the island that gave them plenty.

The center is dedicated to well being and healing the soul through yoga and like-minded techniques. The Barn is open 360 days out of the year and it has over 15 classes that range from traditional style yoga, meditation, kirtan, sound healing, and ecstatic dance.

There are even yoga teaching classes if you want to impress the people back home.

  • Rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul at the Yoga Barn.
  • Try out 15 different yoga classes with different difficult levels.
  • Try the teaching classes to show off some skills back home.

Medium Solo Couples Adventure Local experience

Bali Zoo

When I’m on holiday in a different country I like to check out their zoos and I must admit the Zoo in Bali is up there with the best in the world. The furniture in the zoo is custom made by a local craftsman to give it an authentic Bali edge.

Visit the Wana Restaurant, Bar and lounge for a divine dining experience only meters away from the lion closure.

The restaurant offers many dishes including squad salad, duck & galangan curry, chocolate lava, and Tart Tatin just to mention a few of the delicious selections.

  • Animals at the zoo include the African Lion, saltwater crocodile, agile gibbon, siamang and a whole lot more…….
  • Dine at the Wana Restaurant while in walking distance of the Lions.
  • Take an elephant safari and ride on top of these majestic animals.
  • Enjoy the spa treatment that is also offered at the zoo.

Medium Solo Family Couples Adventure Nature Local experience Food

Tegallang Rice Terraces

Just about everyone around the world eats rice but we seldom consider where it comes from and how it is grown. In Bali, you will get to see the beauty of the rice terraces in all of its splendor.

The formation of the terraces has been carried over for hundreds of years and the irrigation technique dates back to the 9th century.

Various artist and photographers come to Tecallang Rice Terraces to paint the staple food of many countries. It has become such a hot attraction that is a variety of different kiosk and cafes situated near the ledge of terraces to cater to all the people.

  • Get to view the marvelous terraces that consist of the main staple food of the masses.
  • Earn how the rice is grown and the ancient 9th-century irrigation technique is still used today.
  • Grab a snack at the local kiosk with lots of rice recipes that will make you rethink the way you prepare rice in your everyday life.

Free Cheap Solo Family Couples Nature Culture Local experience Food

Watch a Kecak dance

Each country is known to have its own dancing style with USA and hip-hop, Argentina has the tango, Brazil has the capoeira and Cuba the salsa and so does Bali with their very own Kecak dance.

The dance was formulated in 1930 and is roughly translated as the ‘the fire dance’. The dance can be viewed at most festivals and it does not use any background music only the sounds of the men chanting a ‘keh-chack’ sound.

The dance is usually performed in front of an open fire while the crowed is wowed by the artistic movements of the male dancers.

  • The Kecak dance is internationally recognized as one of the three signature dances in Bali.
  • Listen to the keh-chack sounds of dancers as they dance around an open fire.
  • In 2006 the kecak dancers broke a world record as they used 5,000 dancers in the performance.

Cheap Medium Expensive Solo Family Couples Adventure Culture Local experience Food

Monkey Forest

Cute, adorable and very active this is what the monkeys in Monkey Forest are described as. In these 12.5 hectares of forest, you can find around 700 monkeys and roughly 186 species of different trees.

The air is at its purest in this forest leaving that city feeling behind and climate using you to the natural ecosystem that we normally neglect.

There are also various holy temples that you can go and explore that was built around the 14th century.

  • Explore the 12.5 hectares of forest and identify the different species of trees.
  • See the monkeys in their natural habitat as they explore and play whiles you watching.
  • Go around and visit the 19th-century temples as you make your way through the forest.

Medium Solo Family Couples Adventure Nature Food

Ubud art market

One of our main objectives at Where2Now finds the best locations and deals for you while you are traveling. This is why the Ubud Art Market is an essential stop to find the best local art at a bargain.

The art market was used as a location for Eat, Pray, Love featuring Julia Roberts. So you know if Hollywood thought it was a good location then must be something about this location.

At the market, you can find anything from shirts, kites, scarfs, statues, handmade bags and other handcrafted items from the neighboring towns.

The market is open daily and features better quality and a larger array of items than the other markets in Bali.

  • View the various artworks that are sourced locally.
  • Strike a bargain with the many items on sale at the market.
  • Take a picture to show the people that you were at the location where Eat. Pray. Love was filmed.

Free Cheap Medium Solo Family Couples Culture Local experience Food

Menjangan Island

This small isolated and uninhabited island of Menjangan is a paradise that you would just want to buy if you had millions. Unfortunately, some of us aren’t that lucky so we must settle for a visit while we in Bali.

The islands name in translation means Deer, although there are no deer on the island every spring some deer migrate to the island swimming a whopping 2km to get there.

The main attraction, however, is the crystal clear water and the coral reef. The marine life on display makes this location an ideal spot to scuba dive or snorkel.

There is a temple also located on the island which you can go and explore with a guide.

  • Relax on the white sandy beach and soak up the sun.
  • Get the chance to see the migrating deer swim to the island.
  • Go scuba diving and snorkeling and see the diverse marine life.
  • Explore the temple on the island with a guide and get valuable information about Menjangan Island.

Free Cheap Solo Family Couples Adventure Nature Local experience Food

Wreck diving at Tulamben

Getting everything sorted can be a hassle from the accommodation, transportation, and diving instructors.  Tulamben Wreck Divers offer all of these services in one place. They have various accommodation on offer at very affordable rates.

They also do day tours around town in an air-conditioned car. One of the tours takes you to the Besikih Temple where you can see rice fields and water gardens. There is also an active volcano known as the Kintamani, the tour stretches overnight with a summit to the top.

  • Get all of your needs sorted out in one place.
  • Go scuba diving or snorkeling in 12 different destinations.
  • Visit and climb an active volcano is known as the Kintamani.
  • Take a day trip to the esteem Besikih Temple and rice fields.

Medium Solo Couples Adventure Food

Bali safari and marine life

The biggest Safari Park in Indonesia houses around 1,000 animals representing 100 different animal species. There are various endangered and rare animals at the park and conservation is high on the agenda at the Safari Park.

In the park there are a lot of activities for you to do my favorite being the Jungle Hopper package where you go on a safari journey, visit the freshwater aquarium, 3-shows and a visit to the restaurant. There are other packages on offer too.

  • Get to see 100 different animals throughout the park.
  • Learn about conservation and the various endangered animals in the park.
  • Go elephant back riding with expert guides leading the way.
  • Watch the Agung show featuring over 180 dancers.
  • Venture on a 4*4 safari and see zebras as well as leopards.

Medium Expensive Solo Family Couples Adventure Nature Local experience Food

Take a cooking class at Bumbu Bali

Get to join Heinz von Holzen as you put on your black and white stripes on your culinary master class journey. The cooking class will teach you all about Bali cuisine and the culinary history that goes with it.

On the journey to culinary success, you will prepare 12 dishes with various exotic ingredients found all over Bali. Some of the dishes you will be learning to prepare to include Pork in sweet soy sauce, vegetable salad in a peanut dressing and minced dunked in banana leaf.

All of these dishes sound delicious so surprise your loved ones with the fantastic recipes you learn at the Bumbu cooking class.

  • Cook with master chef Heinz von Holzen.
  • Learn 12 delicious Bali recipes that you can cook for your family.
  • Acquire knowledge of the Bali culinary history and origins.

Medium Solo Family Couples Culture History Local experience Food

Tanjung Benoa water sports

Water sport in Indonesia is taking off in a big way and tourist companies are cashing in on this opportunity. With this boom comes the opportune time for travelers to try out these destinations.

We at Where2Now have found the perfect company to provide all of your water sport necessities. Bali Water Sport & Tour has everything you need to enjoy your time in the water.

They offer free lunch and transport between your hotel and the various experiences they offer. Among those experiences are jet-ski, wakeboard, parasailing, banana boat riding, snorkeling and going 4 meters in the air on a fly board.

Check out their pricing and other activities.

  • Enjoy a whole enjoying the best of watersports.
  • Rise 4 meters above the water with a fly board.
  • Get free transportation from on to different activities.
  • Visit the turtle island on a glass-bottom boat.

Medium Expensive Solo Family Couples Adventure Nature Local experience Food

Climb Mount Batur

If you are an active person and fancy a challenge then you should climb Mount Batur. Mount Batur is an active volcano in Bali and a tourist hot spot.

To get the most out of your mountain hike you should take the pre-dawn excursion. On this excursion, you will reach the top of the volcano just before sunrise and I have been told the view of the sun coming up over the sea is to die for.

  • Experience breathtaking views from the top of the volcano.
  • Enjoy a pre-dawn hike with an expert guide.
  • There are lots of quiet spaces to enjoy the active volcano.

Free Cheap Solo Family Couples Adventure Nature History Local experience Food

Bali Provincial State Museum

If you are a history buff or just enjoy learning about different cultures then a visit to the Bali Provincial State Museum will be a bonus for you on your trip. The museum was originally built in 1910 and suffered major damage because of an earthquake in 1917. However, it was restored again in 1920 and throughout the years it has improved tremendously.

The museum houses different historical objects and material from the Mesolithic Age to the modern age. You can find among the artworks paintings, statues and artifacts. Also on display are Bronze Age weapons, musical instruments, and some religious artifacts.

Additional buildings include a library and a restoration room which houses all the damaged artifacts.

  • Visit the State Museum and explore all the artworks on display.
  • Learn about Bali and Thailand history.
  • See special weapons used in the Bronze Age.
  • Explore the restoration room and find out what goes into restoring precious art.

Cheap Solo Family Couples History Local experience

Tirta Empul the wonders of water

The Tirta Empul is a sacred temple in Bali and dates back to 960 AD. The temple is a Bali heritage site and it is advisable to wear the appropriate attire- a traditional Kamen or sarong and a sash around the waist.

People from all over Bali come to this Temple for the holy spring water. There are 13 sculpted sprouts where locals bend down from 1-11 of the sprouts. The last two sprouts are solely used for funeral rituals.

  • Walk around the tropical plants and grass banks.
  • Admire the sculptures around the temple that dates back to 960 AD.
  • Visit the presidential palace that is located on top of the hill.

Free Cheap Solo Family Couples Nature Culture History Local experience Food

Bali Bird Park

The bird park has over 250 species of birds of whom 40 are protected species. Of those rare species is the Pesquet’s Parrot and various Bali Starlings.

The Park has 4d theatre that shows bird movies in an air-conditioned cinema. At the Bali rainforest, you can observe the free flight show of the different birds soaring around the arena.

  • Get to feed various types of birds in their natural environment.
  • Watch 4-dimensional movies that focus on birds.
  • Learn about the preservation of birds and the endangered species.
  • Experience a flight show of birds including the storks, cockatoos, and macaws.

Cheap Medium Solo Family Couples Adventure Nature Food

Nightlife in Kuta

Sightseeing can be exhausting that is why taking some leisure time to experience the nightlife is encouraged to recharge those batteries. The nightlife in Bali is phenomenal as soon as the sunsets.

To find the best spots you will have to venture to Jalan Kartika Plaza and on the main beach street of Jalan Pantai Kuta. You will find various bars that turn into dance clubs as the night progresses. The club scene is also up there with the world’s best boasting colorful laser shows and trendy DJs.

  • Spots to check out Sky Garden, Paddy's Pub, Engine Room and Gracie Kelly’s Pub.
  • Go bar hopping and enjoy some of the locally brewed craft beer.
  • The club scene is top-notch with laser shows and brilliant DJs.

Cheap Medium Expensive Solo Couples Culture Local experience Food

Goa Gajah

This Archaeological locally named ‘elephant cave’ has nothing to do about elephants. The courtyard is filled with relics and rock-wall carvings. In 1954 the pools were dug out and there were 5 sprouts found it is said that the pool originally contained 7 sprouts.

At the parking area, you will find souvenir shops at a kiosk to replenish your energy levels. There are also various picnic locations with rivers running across the site.

  • Watch the excavated pool and the sprouts that were dugout.
  • Have picnics amidst the rivers and garden.
  • Replenish yourself at the kiosk or buy souvenirs at the local shop.
  • Study the rock carvings as the guide tells you the meaning.

Cheap Solo Family Couples Nature Culture History Local experience

Pasar Badung

This market has been through a lot over the years. In 2016 there was a fire that completely wiped it out the buildings had to be demolished and rebuilt. The rebuilding took 3 years and since February it has reopened better than ever.

Everything is grouped together meat and vegetables can be located on the ground and first floor. There are clothing and souvenir shops on the second floor. The market is very clean the hotel/restaurant chefs also shop here for their produce.

  • The market is uber friendly and the locals love tourist interaction.
  • It is still a new building only 4 months old.
  • The produce is fresh and the hotel/restaurant chefs buy here.
  • Everything is grouped well together to avoid getting flabbergasted.

Cheap Medium Expensive Solo Family Couples Culture History Local experience Food

Lovina and the Dolphins

At Lovina, you will encounter a special relationship between the fishermen and the dolphins. Since the olden times these fishermen have ventured to catch their fish and just as they go for their morning catch so does the dolphins.

It has become so regular that local fisherman now takes tourist on-board the ship to experience this magical experience. The day starts early so you will have to be up by 05:30 am as the fisherman wait for their boats at that time.

There are hotels at Lavina that cater specially for dolphin watching and arrange watching tours.

  • Get to see the dolphins up and close as you feed them fish.
  • Enjoy the boat ride on the sea as you venture into the ocean.
  • Stay at one of the many hotels namely, Dolphin Beach Bali and The Lovina

Medium Solo Family Couples Adventure Local experience Food

Go surfing in Kuta

Kuta beach is the most popular beach in Bali because it was the beach that made tourist flock to Bali in the early days. The 2-km stretch of beach is ideal of beginner surfers as there is ample space for you to learn without having to worry about other surfers.

Kuta isn’t ideal for seasoned surfers as the wave quality isn’t that great, however, there is a point named Halfway Kuta where you can find a decent wave or 2.

  • Enjoy the freedom of a 2 km coastline where you can operate in peace.
  • Let the locals teach you the ins-and-outs of surfing.
  • The best place to surf on the beach is the Halfway Kuta.
  • Kuta is the most popular beach in Bali.

Medium Solo Family Couples Adventure Food

Ayung River

In Bali, you can literally find a river or stream around every corner, but not all of them are suitable for River Rafting. There are three main rivers used for this activity, Telega Waja River, Melangit River Klungkung and the Ayung River Ubud the one we will be focusing on.

What makes Ayung the good spot for rafting is the fact that it has crystal clear water. It also has the longest river in Bali stretching 68.5km from the northern mountain and ends up on the Badung Strait at Sanur Beach Bali.

This is a unique rafting adventure takes you through major sightseeing attraction including the rainforest and rich rice fields. You will also be able to see the wildlife in the forest if you are lucky you can spot the rare Blue Javan Kingfisher.

  • Go river rafting on the longest river in Bali stretching 68.5 km.
  • The water in the Ayung river is crystal clear suitable for drinking.
  • Explore the rainforest and see wildlife like the Blue Javan Kingfisher.

Medium Solo Family Couples Adventure Nature

Don Antonio Blanco Museum

Don Antonio Blanco is Bali’s most famous artist even though he wasn’t born here he considered Bali home for many years. Born in 1911 Don traveled all over the world expressing his love for women paintings.

He arrived in Bali in 1952 and found his wife after that he settled down in Bali.

His mansion was converted into a museum just before his passing 1999. There are various artworks of his on display and the surrounding grounds are beautiful no wonder he fell in love with Bali. His son has also become a painter and his works can also be seen at the museum.

  • Visit the museum of Bali’s favorite artist Don Antonio Blanco.
  • View the mansion and the serene surroundings that made Don fall in love with Bali.
  • Marvel at the paintings by this legendary painter and his son.

Cheap Solo Family Couples Culture History Local experience

Balangan Beach

Balangan is considered one of Bali’s best beaches and is also a number one destination for surfers. The beach has golden sands that stretch around 500 meters and delivers swells from 1 meter to 3 meters.

There are also various kiosks to replenish your body after a long day of surfing. Accommodation can be found at Aman Gati Hotel.

  • Enjoy surfing at one of Bali’s top-rated surfing beaches.
  • Walk around the crisp shores along the vegetated limestone cliffs.
  • Meet surfers from around the world as they search for that perfect wave.
  • There are eateries located to the eastern side of the coastline.

Free Cheap Solo Family Couples Adventure Local experience Food

Visit Ulun Danu Temple

The picturesque temple is one of the most photographed on the island of Bali. The Ulun Danu temple was built in 1663 as a dedication to three Hindu gods, Brajma, Vishnu and Shiva.

The temple is still in good order has a mixture of Hindu and Buddhist architecture. It is open daily from 07:00 am to 17:00 pm. You can also hire a speed boat or a fishing boat to capture better pictures of the temple.

  • Enjoy the scenic views surrounding the temple.
  • The temple is dedicated to three Hindu gods, Brajma, Vishnu and Shiva.
  • Hire a speed or fishing boat to grab excellent photos of the Temple.

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General info Bali

Country Denmark
Capital Copenhagen
Language Danish
Timezone  (GMT+2)
Currency Danish Kroner (DKK)
International dialing code +45
Electricity 220-volt AC, 50Hz current and uses two-pin continental plugs
City population of Copenhagen  777,218