Things to do in Dublin


The land of “luck” and the home country of the Notorious Conor McGregor (UFC superstar), Dublin boasts picturesque landscapes and landmarks that will definitely keep you extremely engaged during your stay in the city.


The city blusters a significant amount of magnificent cathedrals, churches, pubs, nature, and parks.


In this guide, we’ve taken a thorough look at Dublin’s sights. When you are planning a trip to the capital of Ireland, you can refer to this guide to check the most amazing places you can examine.


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Visit Oscar Wilde Statue

Surely, Oscar Wilde's statue is one of the most meticulously crafted sculptures in the entire country. You can see how well each detail is designed - perfectionism. In fact, the construction consists of a single statue and two pillars.

Adjacent to Merrion Square Park, the Oscar Wild statue encompasses the structure of the famous poet and writer, his wife - Constance Lloyd, and a statue of Dionysus. The statue actually designates the place where the poet lived for most of his life. The sculpture will undoubtedly amaze you.

Free Culture Solo Family

Temple Bar

If you're keen on parties, night-based activities, and friend gatherings, then you can't go wrong by heading to the Temple Bar. It's actually one of the most famous bars in the city. Moreover, it's located right in the heart of Dublin. A large amount of the natives and tourists head to the Temple Bar for a drink and a pleasant talk. It's actually a place where you can fully immerse into the living environment and forget the everyday hustle and work for a short amount of time.

The uniqueness of the bar stems from its red exterior that entices people right from the bat. What's more, is that it dates back to the 13th century and boasts a rich history. It would definitely be an awesome experience for you and your whole family.

Free Adventure Food Solo couple

Phoenix Park

If you would prefer peace, quietness, and beautiful nature, then the perfect place for you would be the Phoenix Park. It's located adjacent to the downtown Dublin, 2 miles away from it. It is currently home to the Dublin Zoo, the magnificent Wellington Monument, as well as both the Presidential and US Ambassador's Residences. One of the things you can do is merely assemble a picnic with your family and enjoy the day. You can also stroll around the park and contemplate the beautiful nature while filling yourself up with fresh energy. The place will, without a doubt, leave you impressed.

Free Nature Culture Family couple

Visit The Abandoned Prison Of Kilmainham Gaol

One of the most prominent places in Dublin you can visit is the abandoned prison of Kilmainham Gaol. When you pay a small fee of $4 and enter the building, you'll literally find yourself in one of the scenes of the TV series "Prison Break." The guide gives you a 45-50 minutes tour. It guides you throughout each facility and tells you interesting and compelling facts about Irish history. The building is worth checking it out.

Low Adventure Family

Check Out The Ha'Penny Bridge

During your stay in Dublin, the Ha'Penny Bridge should be a "checkmark" in your things-to-do list. It's one of the most attractive attractions in the city. Many people head there to watch the "lucky" autumn Dublin sunset.

What's more, is that you can participate in kayaking activities and go under the bridge flowing with the river. If you're in luck, you might actually catch that time of the year when you can be part of the "Music Under The Bridge" tours. In these tours, all-famous Dublin musicians gather under the bridge to perform spectacles. This makes the life of the audience merely better by listening to their lively music. The bridge is a fantastic attraction in the city.

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The Christ Church Cathedral

Also known in the past as The Cathedral Of The Holy Trinity, the Christ Church Cathedral boasts some ancient elements and designs that will definitely make your cathedral tour worthwhile. Truth be told, it's actually the second most ancient building in the city right after St. Patrick's Cathedral (which is also mentioned in this guide).

Tourists can contemplate Romanesque interiors and other cool exhibitions. The Cathedral is definitely worth the visit, and we highly recommend it.

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The Dublin Castle

The Dublin Castle is your ticket to travel back in time. The castle boasts a rich history of over 800 years. It has witnessed some of the most fabulous events throughout history regarding the Irish progression in the years.

The Dublin Castle is undoubtedly a top-notch attraction boasting a significant amount of "time-travel" items and exhibitions. The building's gardens and museum are absolutely worth the visit. Some of the outstanding museums you'll be able to explore include the Chapel Royal, the Chester Beatty Library, the Garda Museum and the Revenue Museum.

Low Culture Solo Family couple

The Trinity College Library

The Trinity College is actually the oldest university in Dublin, dating back to 1592. But the uniqueness of the college stems from its unmatched library. In fact, it's the place where some scenes of the famous movie "Harry Potter" were shot. If you're a keen fan of the movie, you'll undoubtedly find this place amusing.

Over 200,000 books can be found in the library - there's a slim chance for you to pick one that you like, correct?

The university boasts students such as Oscar Wild and Jonathan Swift, who is the author of Gulliver's Travels.

The library is worth it.

Low Culture Solo Family couple

St. Patrick's Cathedral

If you are keen on large and magnificent buildings, then you can't go wrong by heading to the St. Patrick's Cathedral. It's currently the largest Cathedral in Dublin. It boasts an abundant history of over 800 years back to 1191 when the Cathedral was built.

Moreover, the place is one of the most popular attractions for tourists to explore - keep in mind the weekends. These rest days are the time when the Cathedral might get overcrowded. What's more, is that the St. Patrick's Cathedral blusters an attractive interior and exterior design. It can leave you with a jaw-dropping expression on your face. Make sure you fit the St. Patrick's Cathedral in your things-to-do list. It's absolutely worth it!

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The Spire Of Dublin

Another fascinating sightseeing you can check out is the Spire of Dublin. It's standing right in the center of O'Connell Street, and it proudly fascinates the pedestrians. It's 120 meters high, with a 3-meters diameter at the base and 15 cm at the top.

Moreover, the tip of the spire features an external light source that glows compelling during nighttime. The Spire of Dublin will, without a doubt, leave you highly impressed.

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Attend A Hurling Match

Like most tourists visiting Dublin, there's a high chance that you haven't heard about hurling before (If you have - congratulations). The game has been played in Ireland for more than 3000 years, emphasizing its uniqueness. You can head to Croke Park and attend a match. It is an unprecedented experience, and if you're keen on high tension games, hurling can literally make your eyeballs pop out of your head. The game is actually said to be the "the fastest on the grass."


Hurling players are typically equipped with a wooden stick, helmet and a small hardball. The game undoubtedly brings a lot of passion and tension with itself. It will leave you amazed.

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Hairy Lemon

If you love night dancing and entertainment, then you can't go wrong by heading to the Hairy Lemon. The pub is known back from the 19th century, and it currently features the best Irish Trad Session - live music, outperforming dancing. A lot of unprecedented and fantastic experience is what awaits you in the pub in order to make your day-finish better and more vibrant. Visit the Hairy Lemon will allow you to take off the day baggage from your back in terms of work problems and hustle. It's, without a doubt, an excellent place to chill and have fun with friends, sharing cool stories.

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Glasnevin Cemetery Museum

Go back in time and learn a great deal about some of the greatest Irish poets, politicians, and public figures? As uncanny it may seem, Glasnevin Cemetery Museum is currently rated as #1 place to visit based on TripAdvisor. And it is true. A lot of people have gone there and left fascinated. Though the site might be quite creepy at night, the Cemetery museum is definitely a guide to the Irish past. If you're keen on history, you can't go wrong by visiting the Glasnevin Cemetery Museum.

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The Cliffs Of Moher

Do you want to stay outside of the city? You're looking for a quiet and peaceful, yet beautiful place where you can merely enjoy your life? If so, the Cliffs of Moher can undoubtedly offer you some of these moments. Beauty and peace- these are 2 important words to describe what you can expect when you get adjacent to the magnificent cliffs. It's the perfect place for your family to enjoy your Dublin trip sincerely. The area also takes place in Harry Potter's shooting scenes. It's undoubtedly a great place to check out.

Medium Nature Family couple

Dublin Zoo

Are you keen on animals? Would your kids love the opportunity to get close to some rare and cool species? If the answer is yes, the Dublin Zoo comes with a variety of animals, each one offering you a unique and unforgettable experience. Your kids will fall in love with the zoo once they get the chance to stroll around. Each animal has its own unique and spacious habitats so they can have space to operate and entertain the audience. Some cool experiences await you once you step into the zoo.

Low Adventure Nature Family couple

Do Dublin Bus Tour

Keen on stories and history? The guides in the DoDublin Bus Tour will unveil amazing facts and past experiences to the audiences with a sense of humor. Stories and interesting facts will be discussed about famous Irish poets such as Oscar Wild, James Joyce, Samuel Beckett and more. Besides stories, the guide will thoroughly explain each and every notable sight you'll be able to visit during your stay in Dublin. The journey is definitely the perfect welcome activity for you and your whole family.

Medium Adventure Solo Family couple

Wicklow Mountains

If the Cliffs of Moher got your attention, then another fascinating place you can check out are the fantastic Wicklow Mountains. The site boasts picturesque landscape and beautiful nature. Moreover, the famous romantic movie P.S. I Love You was shot here. The tour costs around $25 and includes transportation fees. The trip is at least three times worth the price. It will definitely leave you impressed.

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General info about Dublin

Country Ireland
Capital Oranje
Language English
Timezone  (GMT+1)
Currency The Euro
International dialing code +353
Electricity electrical supply in Ireland is 230v/50Hz, Plugs and sockets operate using three prongs and plug adapters are widely available
City population of Dublin 1,361 million


Things To Know Before Visiting Dublin


The capital of Ireland is relatively small compared to its neighbors – London and Berlin. For a few days, you’ll have each attraction in the city marked on your things-to-do-list. What’s next? Go outside the city and explore the picturesque landscapes.


Though Dublin boasts some fantastic drinking pubs most of them close their doors at 11:30 pm during the weekdays.


The locals are amicable. The city will give you a warm and charming welcome making you feel that your trip investment was worth it.


Unlike museums in Europe, museums and Dublin are free of charge. You’ll be able to visit a significant amount of fascinating museums without even paying a penny.


The weather can sometimes be darky and rainy, keep this in mind.


All in all, the city boasts some fantastic pubs and picturesque landscapes in order to make your stay worthwhile and enjoyable.

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