Things to do in Munich


The third-largest city in Germany and the capital of Bavaria, Munich, boasts a lot of renaissance-style churches, as well as contemporary art museums.


The city delivers a warm and friendly environment that can make your stay in Munich 10X better.


Keep in mind that the city is big and there are many attractions you can visit. But I guess you don’t want to waste your time on average sites. That’s why I’ve assembled this guide and made it easy for you by illustrating only the top-notch places you can see during your stay in Munich.


Let’s dive right into it:


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Visit The Asam Church

The Asam Church would be an excellent place for you if you would like to explore an unusual yet majestic type of church. It is named after the Asam brothers who lived during the mid-18th-century. One of them was a painter while the other a sculptor - designers in general terms.

So when it comes to the church design, it's impressive. And truth be told, it features some unusual objects that will definitely amaze you. For example, the church faces west, and the crucifix hangs pretty low compared to other churches in Munich.

An interesting fact: When the church was built, it was a private chapel and didn't have anything related to religion. This allowed the brothers to experiment with the design we see today.

The style is Late Baroque, and the building will undoubtedly leave you impressed. It's worth the visit.

Family couple Culture Free


Currently, the biggest church in Munich, as well as the biggest in height.

The uniqueness of Frauenkirche doesn't stem from the two massive towers, it comes with, each of which is crowned with an outstanding dome.

The towers boast a height of 109 meters. New buildings aren't allowed to exceed its length, which makes them the highest structures in the city.

What's more, is that the church doesn't feature many windows, and the design is highly discreet. This might give birth to some awe impressions inside you.

Unfortunately, Frauenkirche suffered a lot during World War II. It had to go through some major revisions in order to return its previous design.

All in all, the church is unbelievably amazing. It's the perfect attraction for both you and your family.

Family Culture Free

Pinakothek der Moderne

Perhaps one of the most alluring modern art museums in Munich is Pinakothek der Moderne.

It has been an amazing audience due to its outstanding modern art exhibitions since its origin.

Also known as the "Dritte," the museum's most attractive exhibition is designed with Expressionism style and elements. Great artworks from famous artists such as Kirchner, Kandinsky, Klee, Franz Marc, and Emil Nolde are likewise available for a thorough expedition.

Many attractions in the museum include industrial design, photography, drawings, and architecture. Pinakothek der Moderne is one of a kind and will undoubtedly leave you with a jaw-dropping experience once you take a day off to explore it fully.

Family couple Culture Low

Deutsches Museum

If you are keen on cutting edge technology and modern science, then you can't go wrong by heading to the Deutsches Museum. Similar to Pinakothek der Moderne, here you'll also need a full day off to explore each exhibition thoroughly so you can get the maximum out of your tour.

The museum boasts a variety of galleries ranging from nano-technology to aerospace and astronomy.

There are interactive exhibitions that will keep your kids actively engaged throughout the tour while you're examining unusual approaches to modern science. The Deutsches Museum can be an excellent place for you if you're especially attached to the "I'm a robot" movie with Will Smith.

Solo Family Culture Low Medium

St Peter's Church

St Peter's Church is probably one of the major attractions in the city. Its origin dates back to the 11th century. Unfortunately, the building was completely destroyed in 1347. But shortly after that, it was re-established again.

Throughout the years, St Peter's Church has gone through many renovations that lead to its current design. The building should definitely be a checkmark on your "things to do" list.

It boasts 15th-century Gothic paintings by Jan Polack that will definitely keep your interest up during your tour. It's undoubtedly an excellent attraction for your whole family and is worth the visit.

Family couple Culture Free

Neue Pinakothek

If you're keen on contemporary art and you would like to explore some breathtaking paintings, then you can't go wrong with Neue Pinakothek.

King Ludwig was very passionate about contemporary art and amassed over 400 paintings in the museum back in the days. Some of the artworks you can examine belong to popular German romantics such as Caspar David Friedrich and Karl Friedrich Schinkel, French Realists such as Delacroix and Courbet.

You'll undoubtedly need to spare a couple of hours to fully enjoy each exhibition the museum offers. It's a perfect destination for a solo guy and for a family.

Family couple Adventure Culture Low


Based exactly at the center of the city, the Marienplatz is full of bustling life. Locals and tourists walk the streets with shopping intentions, while others are examining nearby sites.

It dates back to the 12th century, and its name comes from the 17th-century formed Marian colony. Some of the magnificent attractions you can examine include an incredible monument that dates back to 1638.

Moreover, there is a golden statue that was built in 1590, showcasing Mary on a crescent moon as the Queen of Heaven. The environment is great, especially during the Christmas periods. It's a time when people are in a holiday mood, and discounts are plaguing the city.

Solo Family couple Adventure Culture Food Free

The BMW Driving Academy Maisach

The German autobahns have been known for quite some time to provide great conditions for fast cars. And if you're keen on such vehicles and love the adrenalin, then the BMW Driving Academy Maisach would be an excellent place for you.

The Academy provides specialized driving courses to anyone who is above 18. It teaches secretive techniques that you can use during your test drive (don't utilize such type of driving in normal currents). What's more, is that your trainer can actually be a former professional racer and show you some cool tips and tricks.

Solo Family couple Adventure Expensive


Something similar to the Marienplatz is the Midnightbazar but during nighttime. It usually starts at 5 pm every other Saturday, and the entrance fee is quite low. The experience and the value you get are 10x the worth than the actual entrance fee. And let me tell you why:

First, the environment will allow you to loosen up and enjoy the moment, whether you are alone or with your family. You'll meet a lot of cool people and have pleasant chats.

Midnightbazar boasts a vast amount of shops where you can buy clothes, records, nick-nacks, and other stuff that you might find interesting. The uniqueness of this place comes from the vendor's bargains (most are irresistible).

The place is bustling with life, and the experience you get from it is unprecedented and one of a kind. Don't miss this.

Solo Family couple Adventure Culture Free

Visit Freiheiz

Once a power and supply station for Munich's major train station, now Freiheiz is an attractive music venue and theater. All kinds of music are performed on stage ranging from pop to rock so you can enjoy it no matter your preference.

Moreover, the venue is located in the central city center area. It delivers an outstanding individual experience due to its small members' capacity of 400 people.

What's more, is that you can find and examine old parts and elements from the old power station. The place is spectacular, and you probably don't want to miss it.

Family couple Culture Medium

Englischer Garten

Larger than New York's Central Park, the park currently takes place among some of the most significant urban parks in the entire world. The uniqueness of the park stems from its unusual yet engaging activities and sites you can visit and be actively engaged in.

Some of these include a Japanese teahouse, as well as a Chinese Tower based on Kew Gardens temple. Yet, its most popular activity is surfing. You heard it right. You can surf and hold yourself on a wave for about a minute (if you're an expert) in the man-made Eisbach River.

Other than that, you can simply go for a walk and take in some fresh air while enjoying the beautiful trees and grass.

Solo Family couple Nature Free

Neues Rathaus

Another major museum, as well as the hotel in Munich you should not miss, is Neues Rathaus.

It was built back in 1874. However, it needed to broaden its structure because Munich doubled its population for approximately 20 years (1880 - 1900). The building features a fantastic Gothic style and elements that have been amazing audiences since its origin.

Now, Neues Rathaus is a hell of an attraction, and it boasts 400 comfortable and impressively designed rooms. The exterior design is adorned with eye-catching pinnacles, as well as statues of the first four Bavarian kings on the bay of the tower. The place is undoubtedly worth a visit.

Family couple Culture Medium

Alte Pinakothek

Alte Pinakothek is an absolutely one of a kind art gallery and boasts a wide variety of gallery collections.

Truth be told, it's perhaps one of the oldest galleries in the world. Moreover, art gallery museums in Brussels, St Petersburg, and Rome actually model the design of Alte Pinakothek.

You'll be able to examine artworks of great artists such as Peter Paul Rubens, Albrecht Dürer, and van Dyck, as well as Leonardo da Vinci, Titian, Hans Baldung Grien, Hieronymous Bosch, and a lot more.

Alte Pinakothek is, without a doubt, worth the visit.

Family couple Adventure Culture Low

Munich Residenz

Once a 14th-century castle, now the Munich Residenz represents an outstanding palace that boasts over 130 rooms. It's enormous, and each room comes with a unique and luxurious design.

The palace can be found in the northern part of the city and is undoubtedly worth the visit due to its stunningly amazing attractions. Some of these include the Italian Renaissance Grotto Courtyard, the lavishly adorned Antiquarium banquet hall, and the gilded moldings in the Baroque Ancestral Gallery.

The Munich Residenz is an excellent place for your whole family to stroll around and keep their day positively occupied.

Solo Family couple Adventure Culture Low

General info about Munich

Country East Germany
Capital Berlin
Language German
Timezone  (GMT+1)
Currency The Euro
International dialing code +49
Electricity “Schuko” (type F) sockets are used. These accept type C (Europlug), type F (Schuko) and type E (French) plugs
City population of Aruba 1.456 million


Things To Know Before Visiting Munchen


70% of the people in Munich speak English. However, the other 30% don’t want to infidel the English language. So you might want to learn some German words other than “Guten Tag.”


Truth be told, the weather is quite lovely. However, it might not be a good time for a walk during the winter’s peak when everything is covered with snow.


Make sure you bring a lot of cash money with you. To be honest, there are a lot of restaurants and bars, especially beer gardens that don’t accept credit cards, and this will make it easier to get a discount on your purchase.


Sunday is a respected day for rest in Munich. People here are very religious. Keep in mind that most shops and restaurants won’t be open on Sunday.


You can travel around the city with a bicycle. Actually, most locals here are touring through bikes. Cars are merely not necessary.


All in all, you won’t have any major problems during your stay if you follow common sense. Munich is a great city and will undoubtedly leave you impressed if you’re keen on Renaissance-style buildings.


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