17 Best Things To Do In Sacramento


If you’re looking for an attractive city in California, Sacramento will undoubtedly leave you highly impressed. Its impressive attractions and sights that have been captivating audiences for quite a long time.


Sacramento is also the capital of California. It boasts a substantial amount of museums, all revealing uncanny parts of California’s history.


Extraordinary satisfaction and great views are what Sacramento brings to the table. Ranging from parks and stadiums to museums and shops. Sacramento offers beautiful places and exhibitions to explore and take photos. It has a high chance of impressing you if you haven’t visited it before.


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The Sacramento State Historic Park

If you are keen on California’s history, especially at the beginning of the Gold Rush, and you would like to learn a great deal about it, you can’t go wrong with the State Historic Park.

It covers the area of the 1850’s business park. Moreover, the site became a national museum landmark in 1965. Since then, it has been incredible tons of audiences. Always leaving people with unforgettable and fascinating experiences. That’s due to the impressive buildings from the past the park delivers.

Keen on drama and shows? The Eagle Theater will amaze your whole family. It’s worth checking it out.

However, this place has seen literally a lot throughout the years. It has gone through an enormous count of renovations. 

The Sacramento State Historic Park covers 28 acres of land. And it’s worth checking it out if you’re looking to get an impression of Sacramento’s history when the Gold Rush occurred.

Medium Adventure Culture Solo Family

The California State Railroad Museum

Are you a car guy? Do you love repairing your car and exploring the different elements that construct the car’s engine?

If that’s the case, then the California State Railroad Museum is the perfect fit for you. Moreover, the museum is one of the largest in Sacramento. It covers a ground encompassing 225,000 square feet. And it has been entertaining and impressing audiences since its origin.

What’s more, is that the museum boasts a vast amount of historical exhibits. You can explore the rich train history of California. Moreover, you can learn a lot about it. Furthermore, many restored old cars and locomotives will take you back in time. And give you an impression of how the railroads used to be back in the days. The Railroad Post Office is the place where you can actually do that.

The California State Railroad Museum is worth it for those who encompass mechanical parts and structures in their veins.

Cheap Adventure Culture Solo Family

Sacramento Historic River Cruise

If Old Town Sacramento seems a bit overcrowded, then you can head to L Street Dock and book a memorable river cruise instead. Relaxation, comfort, nature, and astonishing sights. All that is brought to the Sacramento Historic River Cruise.

You’ll be able to explore some of Sacramento’s amazing sights directly from the water. You’ll hear exciting and compelling facts about the Gold Rush and the Pony Express directly from the captain.

The Sacramento River Cruise ends back at the L Street Dock. During the time you were in the water, you would probably have completely forgotten about any problems and have immersed in the world of nature.

The Sacramento Historic River Cruise will undoubtedly leave you impressed.

Medium Adventure Nature Culture Solo Family couple

The Sleep Train Arena

If you are a fan of the NBA, then you should definitely try to catch a game at The Sleep Train Arena. The stadium has actually been home to the Sacramento Kings since 1988. Since then, it has hosted a vast amount of spectacular matches. And it has always been entertaining the people who have attended.

An interesting fact: the Sacramento Kings have been the longest-running NBA franchise ever. Although they might not represent the most successful team, they’ve had their winning share in the past by winning NBA titles.

The place is worth checking out if you and your family are kinda keen on sports events.

Medium Adventure Culture Family couple

The Cathedral Of The Blessed Sacrament

The Cathedral Of The Blessed Sacrament is one of the most prominent attractions in the city. Since its creation in 1887, it has been fascinating people with its impressive design and outstanding features. The dome, which stands 34 meters high, and also the 13-foot crucifix, which has a 14-foot crown overhead, are places that will undoubtedly make your stay worthwhile.

The Cathedral Of The Blessed Sacrament is actually the mother church of the Catholic faith in Sacramento. Moreover, it contains 99 other churches under its wing. And what is more, is that it serves over a million Catholics.

It has gone through recent renovations in order to keep his attractive look up to date. The cathedral is highly worth it if you’re looking to detach yourself from the traditional attractions. Exhibiting this fantastic place will bring you a lot of emotions that you rarely happen to notice.

Free Culture Solo Family

The Sacramento Brew Bike Bar Tour

Would you like to participate in a delicious and bier-oriented exploration of Midtown Sacramento? If so, then you can’t go wrong with the Sacramento Brew Bike Bar Tour.

Here are some of the cool features this tour brings to the table in order to make your touring experience merely unforgettable…

You’ll sip craft beers (must be over 21). Eat great and flavorful food. Have fun in between each stop by exploring adjacent sightings. Listen to entertaining music. Talk to the other passengers about exciting topics. And learn a lot about each attraction you explore.

All this makes your Midtown trip worthwhile and leaves you with an unprecedented great experience.

The tour is worth it.

Cheap Adventure Nature Food Solo Family couple

The B Street Theater

Great fun, professionalism, and education are what you can expect from the B Street Theater. Although it has been critiqued by a vast amount of critics, all come back to watch its magnificent shows.

Moreover, the theater has been captivating audiences for over 30 years due to its professional actors. Over 3.6 million students from California have been brought and amazed by the spectacular shows the theater delivers.

The uniqueness of the B Street Theater stems from its experienced actors. They know how to both entertain and compellingly educate the audience.

The theater has been receiving the award “Best Live Theater” for 14 years in a row.
It’s absolutely worth checking it out.

Medium Adventure Solo Family couple

California Automobile Museum

The California Automobile Museum is another great place for car guys and mechanical engineers to enjoy old models of cars.

The story behind the origin of this museum is actually quite fascinating. There was once a meeting. And it was at that time when one person from the group pulled out a $100 note and stated...”Who would match me?”

Another batch of 5 people came forward…

And this is how the funds for the museum were generated, and the idea was born.

The California Automobile Museum boasts the most extensive Ford car collection. But due to its enormous growth process, it sees to bring other fascinating cars to its collection.

It’s a place that will undoubtedly leave mechanical engineers impressed.

Medium Adventure Culture Solo Family

California State Capitol Museum

The California State Capitol Museum is one of the most impressive buildings you’ll be able to explore during your stay in Sacramento. The museum boasts beautifully designed ornaments all over it.

Located in the heart of the city, if you would like to know a great deal about Sacramento’s history, along with its current government buildings, you can’t go wrong with the California State Capitol Museum.

The basement and the first floor of the building are the places that feature the most attractive exhibits.

The museum is undoubtedly worth it if you are interested in the past and current government.

Free Culture Family

Sacramento History Museum

When it comes to Sacramento’s history as a city, you can’t go wrong by heading to the Sacramento History Museum.

Except for the Gold Rush, you’ll be able to learn a lot more about other incredible historical facts of Sacramento that shape its current state.

You’ll be able to literally get an impression of how life once was in Sacramento by observing its first inhabitants and their lifestyle. It’s an exhibition that has always been capturing kids' looks.

Each attraction comes with interactive features. And a tour guide is available that entertains your whole family throughout your entire museum trip. The museum is worth it if you love history.

Cheap Adventure Solo Family

The American River Bike Trail

What’s better than hiring a bike in the early sunny morning and heading to the 32-miles long American River Bike Trail for a training? The answer to this question looked from a healthy perspective, which is obvious. There isn’t anything else that presents a better option.

The bike trail is also known as the Jedediah Smith Memorial Trail. It’s fully paved, and it comes with two operational lanes. It will undoubtedly help you immerse in the nature around the road and experience the beautiful mornings fully.

Along the way, you can explore beautiful water fountains, use public phones and restrooms. When it’s time for a meal, the bike trail encompasses a significant amount of restaurants. Each one will reward you with flavorful food due to your hard training.

The river bike trail is definitely worth the exercise. It will keep you fresh and energized throughout the whole day.

Free Adventure Nature Solo couple

The Old City Cemetery

The Old City Cemetery is the place where you’ll be able to learn about the history of marvelous Sacramento mayors, Californian governors, and likewise victims of the cholera epidemic of 1850.

The graveyard was established in 1849 and now boasts beautiful gardening. It will keep your state up while exploring the graves of great Californians. You can also take a lantern-led tour of the graveyard.

It’s a place that will keep you interested if you would like to learn about the rich history of significant Californian personalities.

Free Nature Culture Solo Family

The Tower Bridge

If you’re looking for well-lit night exhibitions to examine, you can’t go wrong by heading to the Tower Bridge.

The uniqueness of the bridge stems from its multiple renovations. Its current state is fascinating. Now, It boasts a lot of parts and materials from its first construction back in 1935. Since then, the bridge has successfully been presented as one of the major attractions in Sacramento.

It connects West Sacramento in Yolo County to the Sacramento Yolo in the East.

Now, the Tower Bridge is a magnificent attraction you can explore during your night tour in Sacramento.

Free Adventure Nature Solo Family couple

The California Museum

The California Museum is the place that honors the past achievements of great American natives. It delivers a vast amount of share of California history. And it’s currently one of the most visited museums in Sacramento.

From the very moment you step in, you’ll get an impression like no other. An impression of being inspired by examining marvelous attractions. Each one showcasing the work and achievements of incredible people throughout history.

It’s an excellent place for your kids to get a decent education. Moreover, it keeps your whole family entertained during the tour due to the interactive features and available guides.

The museum is worth it.

Cheap Culture Solo Family

The Crest Theater

The Crest Theater has been featuring one of the most dramatic shows both on and off the scene. One of the most tragic moments happened in 1946. It was the time when a marquee fell from the building and killed a bystander.

But now you can put your worries to rest. The theater has gone through a significant amount of revisions since its creation in 1912. It currently boasts fascinating events, live shows, and classic films.

The best feature of the theatre is its annual show named “The Trash Film Orgy.” Funny name, as well an entertaining spectacle. The show lasts for 6 weeks during summers. And in that time audiences are being entertained by the cult cinemas and local films that have been playing.

Medium Adventure Solo Family

The State Indian Museum

Have you ever watched Indian-based movies? Are you fascinated by their cultures and activities? If I’m correct, then you’ll undoubtedly fall in love with the State Indian Museum.

You’ll be able to learn a great deal about Indian culture, spirituality, and lifestyle. All this creates historical impressions and actually allows you to travel back in time. And will enable you to explore how Indians used to live back in the days.

The museum boasts a vast amount of pictures and artifacts, all providing you with valuable information about Indian life. A significant number of traditional items are likewise exhibited in the museum.

There’s an attraction specifically focused on Ishi. Ishi is known to have been the last Indian survivor of the Yahi tribe.

It’s definitely a fantastic attraction that allows you to travel back in time.

Cheap Adventure Culture Solo Family

The Sacramento Zoo

Are you keen on animals? If that’s the case, then you can go wrong by visiting the Sacramento Zoo.

The uniqueness of the zoo stems from the vast territory that it now occupies. Its history is kinda fascinating. In the beginning, the zoo inhabited only 40 animals. And with time, it managed to enlarge its collection. Now it boasts over 400 animals from all around the planet.

Currently, it focuses on education, recreation, and conservation. It’s the best place for your kids to be entertained. It’s worth the pick.

Cheap Adventure Nature Solo Family couple



General info about Sacramento



Country The United States of America
Capital Washington DC
Language English
Timezone  (GMT-8)
Currency USD
International dialing code +1 916
Electricity The standard voltage is 127 V and the frequency is 60 Hz.
City population of Aruba 501,901


Things To Know Before Visiting Sacramento



First of all, we need to be aware of the weather before planning a trip to Sacramento. If you like warm winters and sunny summers, Sacramento will definitely leave you highly impressed.


Moreover, the heat is not as humid as Atlanta and Nashville.


When it comes to renting for more extended periods of time, it’s worth mentioning that the median rent in Sacramento circles around $1,000.


The food is simply exceptional. No meal-based worries should occupy your brain when you’re heading to Sacramento.


Regarding the culture… Sacramento is a diverse city, and you’ll be able to meet a lot of people from different nationalities.


However, when it comes to traffic and transportation, things become quite laborious. The rail system is actually one of the busiest of its kind in the nation.


All in all, if you would like to visit a significant amount of museums and taste flavorful food, then you can’t go wrong with Sacramento. The city is definitely worth and will undoubtedly leave you highly impressed.


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