Things to do in Montreal

The Montreal

If magnificent botanical gardens and fascinating flora is what you’re looking for, then there isn’t a better place for you than Montreal, situated in Canada.

What’s more, is that the Jazz festival is held here.

Actually, Montreal is the second-largest municipal area in Canada. Friendly people and a warm welcome are the things you can expect when you enter the city.

Moreover, the city boasts a rich history.

On top of that, you can explore a wide variety of attractive exhibits throughout the whole city.

The only thing you’re going to regret is that you didn’t plan your trip to Montreal earlier.

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Go and enjoy the Cirque du Soleil

Mesmerizing acrobatics, dazzling performers these are just a small glimpse of what Cirque du Soleil has in store for you. The most famous and largest theatrical show is based in Canada so you can expect fireworks when you visit a showing in their hometown.

In the show, performers from around the world will deliver awe-inspiring performances. The show has a central theme and a productive storyline that will keep you on the edge of your seats. I have been to three shows before; I definitely vouch for these great entertainers.

Watch a teaser video of Cirque du Soleil

  • Get to watch breathtaking acrobatics.
  • See performers from around the world performing magical feats.
  • Get emerged in a magical storyline full of wonder and grandeur.
  • The largest theatrical show in the world.

Medium Low Family Solo Partner

Get your feet moving across Downtown

The nightlife scene in Montreal is hip and happening. It is considered a world-class destination for international DJ and performers. There is always a party around every corner in the downtown area.

The legal age for drinking in Montreal is only 18 so that is an added bonus for the night discoverer. Some of the trendiest nightspots include Mayfair cocktail bar, FlyJin and Club Pelicano.

I suggest you do your own roaming and find that beat that plays to your heart.

  • Listen to the best DJs from around the world.
  • Montreal is considered the Paris of Canada.
  • Enjoy relaxing venues with smooth vinyl collections.
  • You will get the best of both, supper and night club combined as one.

Medium Family Solo Partner

Visit Basilique Notre-Dame

You do not have to be a religious person to appreciate the beautiful church known as Basilique Notre-Dame. It is one of the outstanding structures from the 17th century and has undergone various upgrades throughout the decades.

It was declared a minor Basilique by Pope John Paul in 1982. Today people from all around the world come to see the two towers Gothic revival exterior that was designed by famous Protestant Irish American, James O’Donnel.

  • Examine the intricate detail of the Chapel of Notre-Dame.
  • Marvel at the interior of the Basilique as if you are viewing ancient Paris architecture.
  • Get a 20-minute tour of the Basilique by a friendly and helpful guide.

Free Family Solo Partner

Thrill rides on La Ronde

Fun, fun and some more fun this is what you can expect from the second largest amusement park in Canada. It was originally built in 1967 as an entertainment complex.

The park also holds the yearly Montreal Fireworks Festival; it is the world’s largest firework festival. There are average 3-million spectators who attend this event, and 6, 000 fireworks get used in this event.

  • Ride Le Monstre, who holds the world record for the highest double-tracked roller coaster.
  • Enjoy all 40 rides that the park has on offer.
  • Try the slingshot or the catapult for a thrill unlike any other.

Medium Family Solo Partner

Rock the spa day at Bota Bota

If you think waves and a spa day don’t go together think again, that is exactly what makes Bota Bota the ideal spa treatment location in Montreal.

The natural movements of the St. Lawrence River coupled with the healing elements of the spa this treatment plan makes you feel rejuvenated while enjoying your time on the boat.

  • Enjoy the old Montreal backdrop as you enjoy your spa day.
  • You get, massage therapy, body treatments, facial treatments, and meni & pedies of course.
  • There is a restaurant on-board the boat so you can indulge your taste buds while you there.

Expensive Solo Partner

Visit the Musée d'Art Contemporain

This exquisite Museum was established in 1964 and today it houses various contemporary arts. The museum has four rooms dedicated to exhibitions focusing on trends in the modern-day contemporary art space.

At the museum 7, 000 works can be found that were done by 1, 500 artists.

  • You can view artworks from Quebec, Canada and from the International community.
  • Musée d'Art Contemporain is the only museum in Canada that solely focuses on contemporary art.
  • Situated in the center of the city you can immerse yourself at the grand architecture surrounding it.

Medium Family Solo Partner

Come to life at the Tam-Tams festival

Everyone likes a good festival and if it’s a free festival the more the merrier I’d say. The Tam-Tams festival as locals calls it can be found around George-Étienne Cartier Monument in Mount Royal Park. Drum players, dancers, and vendors flock to the Tam-Tams fest every Sunday.

  • A large gathering of dancers, vendors and drum players.
  • Role-playing on certain days of the month makes for interesting viewing.
  • Various exhibitions are shown at the fest throughout the year.

Free Low Family Solo Partner

Indulge the eyes at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

This fine art museum was established in 1860 by art collectors in Montreal. Since those days the museum has really made a name for itself, hosting about 43, 000 works from Antiquity to today.

The museum has it all from paintings, graphic art, photographs, sculptures, and decorative art all being showcased in four pavilions.

Make a reservation at the museum restaurant.

  • It is the museum with the most visitors and memberships in Canada.
  • Fine dining at the Beaux-Arts restaurant.
  • Catch an international or independent documentary at the Cine du Musee.

Medium Solo Partner

Le Bateau-Mouche Sightseeing Cruise in Montreal

To travel in luxury while sightseeing is a magnificent experience onboard the Le Bateau-Mouche. The cruise ship offers music and a kaleidoscope of light shows and gourmet meals that depict the deliciousness of Montreal.

  • Fine dining on-board the Le Bateau-Mouche.
  • Explore the sights from a different angle and be in awe.
  • Light shows will dazzle you on-board the cruise In Montreal.

Expensive Family Solo Partner

Botanical Gardens

The Botanical Gardens is the largest natural museum of science in Canada, it is also rated as one of the best Botanical Gardens in the world. The garden has a collection of over 22,000 plant species from all around the world.

  • Also in the garden are an Insectarium and a Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium.
  • There are also 10 exhibition greenhouses and 20 thematic gardens along 75 acres of space.
  • My personal recommendation checks out the Rose Garden and the Chinese Garden.

Medium Family Solo Partner

Boutiques of the Mile End

The Mile End is an artistic 10 block section of Montreal where the most artist and high-end restaurants/boutiques can be found. This 10block stretch has some of the most sought after restaurants in Northern America.

There is also an extensive collection of local boutiques where the artistic flair can expand beyond what you would normally find in shops.

Book a Mile End culinary experience and get the best food in your belly.

  • Visit Theatre Rialto for anything from comedy shows, circuses, and music shows.
  • Explore the best eateries in Northern America.
  • Have a quiet candlelit evening with your significant other at one of the intimate restaurants.

Expensive Family Solo Partner

Underground City

Montreal is known to have some of the longest and coldest winter months in Canada. If you plan on visiting in those winter months we have some news for you, there is a climate-controlled Underground City in Montreal that stretches 12km.

This Underground destination is connected by various tunnels. The tunnels will connect you to hotels, apartments, shops, and banks. There is also a bus terminal and 7 metro station to easily get around the Underground City.

Map of the Underground City in-case you get lost.

  • Take the Old Montreal food and drink tour and learn about the Underground City.
  • For chocolate lovers, you will have to visit Jeff de Bruges located in the Place Montreal trust area.
  • Get your morning coffee fix at the Tunnel Espresso bar between Eaten center and Ville Marie.

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Walking tour of old Montreal

Walking through the old city is both breathtaking and a glimpse back in time. With this guided tour you will get to discover the city and its history, architecture, and culture of the everyday citizens.

The tour comprises of two sections that take you to the old west or east side of Montreal.

  • Get a personal guide that will tell you all the rich history of the city.
  • The knowledgeable guide will take you through famous sites like Notre Dame Basilica, Champ de Mars and City Hall just to mention a few.
  • You get to choose between three different tours to suit your timeframe.

Free Low Family Solo Partner

Explore the Old Port

The Old Port in Montreal has many attractions that you need to see when visiting. The Port was established in 1632 and there are various private tours that take you around the Old Port. There are great restaurants and ferries to take you to small islands like Peak’s Island.

  • Various shopping and restaurants on offer for you and your loved ones.
  • Take a ferry to one of the many Islands along the Old Port.
  • You can take a nice long walk on the bay while taking in the fresh smells of the harbor.

Free Medium Low Family Solo Partner

Visit the Montreal Casino

If glitz and glam are what you are after then you should head down the Montreal Casino. It is full of activities and a number one destination for party-goers. There is even a formula one race track that will have heart sitting in your throat.

The casino is open 24/7 so you can go and play some hands whenever you feel like it. The parkland around the casino is beautiful for a walk while you contemplate where to risk your money first.

  • Enjoy live performances by various artists such as Tony Bennett and Gino Vannelli.
  • Head straight into a poker tournament while you visit Montreal Casino.
  • 5 Star restaurants and buffet tables for you too much.
  • Catch a boxing match inside the casino.

Medium Expensive Solo Partner

Fun eateries in Chinatown

If you are interested in some fine eastern dining then you should head towards Chinatown. If you undertake this journey you will be pleasantly surprised at the ambiance of this small but intimate town.

The locals love it here because the food, fortune tellers and bars offer something different than the usual Montreal activities.

  • Very small and ambient atmosphere.
  • Fun activities like fortune tellers and trinket shops.
  • Trendy bars and food that will appeal to your tastebuds.

Free Medium Low Family Solo Partner

Listen to Jazz

Since Montreal hosts the most famous Jazz festival it is understandable that you would want to find some local places to ease your ears. There are a variety of Jazz clubs for you to visit that offer food and drink and something for the soul.

  • Live Jazz music at the selected spots namely, Diese Onze, Modavie and Upstairs Jazz Club.
  • Get to see international acts perform live.
  • Fine dining and wine while listening to the smooth sounds of the artist.

Free Medium Low Family Solo Partner

La Grande Roue de Montréal

There are many ways to experience the city and on this ferries wheel, you will get to see all the city has to offer. The ferries wheel is unlike the conventional once that you find at normal amusement parks. It has closed compartments with air-conditioned services. So whatever the weather you will enjoy this ferries wheel and the views from on-top is magnificent.

  • Experience the city from on top of the ferries wheel.
  • Enjoy the climate-controlled cars that keep out the elements.
  • A truly unique way of viewing the city at night time from the top of the wheel.

Medium Family Solo Partner

Montreal Biodome

This is a fun activity for the whole family situated at Olympic Park. The Bio-dome lets you experience four different ecosystems that are located in the Americas. The dome was originally created as an Olympic structure in 1976.

The Montreal Bio-dome makes up one of the four facilities that make the natural science museum the biggest in Canada.

  • Go on a sensory experience through the rain forest.
  • Visit the subpolar region and see penguins.
  • Get to see multiple animals in their natural elements.

Medium Family Solo Partner

Summit and surroundings of Mount Royal

The lush greenery that surrounds Mount Royal makes it the perfect getaway for the adventure seeker. The park has around 5-million annual visitors each year. The 470-acres have the most glamorous views of the city.

Overall there are 3 peaks around Mount Royal that you can climb. The highest of these peaks rise to about 764 feet above sea level. However, one of these peaks belongs to Summit Park.

The best time to visit is in winter months when the park is filled with outdoor sport and activities for people of all ages.

  • Try one of the three peaks with the highest reaching 764 feet above sea level.
  • Enjoy fun activities that are catered for the whole family.
  • There are various picnic spots along the 470-acres of the park.

Free Medium Low Family Solo Partner

Satosphère projection room

The Satosphere is a dome full of visual wonder; it is like a high-tech planetarium for adults. The dome has 8 powerful projectors along with 157 high-end speakers making it visually inspiring to the senses.

Some researchers and developers work on virtual reality applications below the sphere.

Monroe Ferguson has also displayed an animated film here that caught the interest of many viewers.

  • Watch an animated film by Monroe Ferguson, Minotaur – the first film made for a full dome environment.
  • Immerse yourself in visual and incredible sound at the Satosphere Projection Room.
  • Fun parties and DJ’s use the Satosphere for mesmerizing experiences.

Expensive Family Solo Partner

Enjoy the long stretch of the Lachine Canal

The Lachine Canal stretches 14.5 kilometers from the Old Port to Lake Saint Louis. There are a lot of activities to in and around the canal. Many people prefer to take a boat ride along the river. Some people prefer to stay next to the canal and soak up some sun while rollerblading or riding along the bike path.

  • Explore the 14.5 kilometer stretch of the canal by boat.
  • Soak up some along the Canal while enjoying a picnic.
  • There is a bike path for the cycling enthusiast.

Free Medium Low Family Solo Partner

M Telus

If you looking for a concert or some live music then M-Telus is the place you will find both. This space has a variety of concerts held there every year the most famous being the International Jazz Festival.

Generally, you will get a lot of rock groups performing at this art performance center. The facility can accommodate around 2300 people per function.

  • It is a nice intimate venue to enjoy rock bands perform.
  • There is a bar overlooking the concert hall.
  • Big festivals are held at the M-Telus namely the International Jazz Festival.

Medium Expensive Low Family Solo Partner

Taste Quebec terroir at Jean-Talon Market

Montreal is a great place and if you are a tourist not knowing where to shop than the Jean-Talon Market is where you should be headed. If you are just looking for some refreshments are if you plan on making a nice meal everything you need can be found at this market place.

You will find everything from fresh produce, fish, meats, cakes and even dried fruit. There are various flower vendors if you want to surprise the Misses. There is even an Asian shop that sells the best spring rolls in the whole of Montreal.

  • Visit the one-stop market to get everything you need to entertain properly.
  • You can get fresh produce, fish, cakes, meats and dried food at the market.
  • There are various flower shops to surprise your better halve.
  • An Asian shop sells the best spring rolls in Quebec.

Food Culture Free Family

Cheer on the Habs at the Bell Centre

A truly authentic experience is the Habs at the Bell Centre as you know all Canadians are crazy about ICE-Hockey. This staple center has been around as long as people loved this beautiful game.

At the center, you will get treated to live games and a chance to meet die-hard Habs fans. There are a lot of eateries to keep you busy and the atmosphere is electric from start to finish. The Montreal Canadians have a huge following so be sure to book your ticket ahead of time.

  • Get intertwined in the fanatic atmosphere at the Bell Centre.
  • Ice Hockey is one of the biggest past times in Montreal Canada.
  • There are various food courts to keep you busy if you know anything about the sport.
  • You can meet a lot of fellow Canadians willing to teach you about their beloved sport.

Food Culture Medium Family

Get lost for a day in Parc Jean-Drapeau

This authentic Montreal Park is renowned for its diverse culture and sporting activities. It is only 5 minutes away from downtown Montreal and is the perfect getaway for friends, family or couples to enjoy a nice day.

At the park, you can take on the cycling circuit that will test your endurance. If you need to absorb some knowledge you can go read some books in the center of the historical book. There are also drone tours that you can check out.

  • Get active around the cycling circuit that will test your stamina.
  • Visit the center of the historical book for an immersive experience that will teach you a lot.
  • There are drone tours that will leave you in awe about the technological advances.

Adventure Nature Food Low Family

Get lit by the Jacques-Cartier Bridge

If you are traveling by car then you should make a stop by the Jacques-Cartier Bridge at night. The bridge is lit with an array of colors all year round. The colors go from Blue to wine red starting from January and ending in December.

It is part of the urban landscape of Montreal and will be around for many years. It is activated in real-time by the seasons and the energy of the city is large.

  • Travel by your car across the history-filled bridge.
  • Get mesmerized by the various lighting that the bridge brings to the city.
  • The lights are activated in real-time according to the seasons.

Culture Free Family

Perfect selfie moments at Aires Libres

In the heart of the village, tourist is welcomed to view the various art installations. Aires Libres is the oldest pedestrian initiative in the Ville-Marie Borough. In this one of a kind exhibition, 40 terraces are open up to the public as well as rooftop terraces.

One of the main attractions is the 180,000 balls by Claude Cormier and it has become a popular art piece for locals and travelers alike. There will also be an international design contest unveiled that will take place in 2020.

  • Be part of one of the oldest pedestrian initiatives in Ville-Marie.
  • Part of the exhibition is the opening up of 40 terraces to the public.
  • Catch the work of Claude Cormer and the 180,000 balls.

Food Culture Free Family

Put your hands together at the Quartier des Spectacles

The past 100 years have been great for the Quartier des Spectacles as the neighborhood has always been the center of popular culture and entertainment destination in Montreal.

The center has a vision that states ‘Live, Learn, Create and Entertain Downtown’ and they welcome tourists to share their vision. There are various artistic expression sites where the artist showcases their work. The streets are filled with trinket shops and cafes that offer delectables for all the passes by.

  • Visit the 100-year-old quartier that’s the center of culture and entertainment in Montreal.
  • The center's visions read as follows ‘Live, Learn, Create and Entertain Downtown.’
  • Along the streets, you will find trinket shops and cafes
  • There are various artistic expression sites where the artist can showcase their work.

Culture Free Family

Get down and dirty at Café Cléopâtre

The Café Cleopatre is your number one stop if you are looking for some adult fun. Situated in what use to be called ‘the land of hookers and hoodlums’ the flashy lights of the Café Cleopatre still shine brightly amidst the darkening night sky.

Developers have been trying to buy this place from owner Johnny Zoumboulakis for years now but he is adamant that he won’t sell. This strip club has stood the test of time but many say it won’t be there forever, so you should make a trip to view it before their doors are closed permanently.

The Cleopatre has been in operation for decades and it will be a sad sight if it closes.

  • Visit one of the oldest adult attractions in the city.
  • The Café Cleopatre has been around since the 1920s.
  • The vintage adult night club is the only building left standing after major developments around it.

Food Medium Solo

Dance in the sand at Village au Pied-du-Courant

This Mexican style festival is a tourist hub that draws in thousands of tourists every year. At the festival, you will get to experience the best tasting Mexican cuisine outside of Mexico. It is not just the food but they take you deep into the culture with music and dance.

It is an open-air party that gives you the chance to sit back on the beach and have some delicious tacos while listening to original live guitar music from some of Mexico’s great performers like Ariana Vilaboa and Mighty Funk Freakaz just to name a few. There will also be a variety of live DJs that will be playing throughout the day.

  • Get wrapped up in the party atmosphere of the Village au Pied-du-Courant.
  • Live DJs perform throughout the day.
  • Mexican cuisine is the best outside of Mexico.
  • Performers like Ariana Vilaboa and Mighty Funk Freakaz will be performing among other international acts.

Food Culture Free Family

Beauty is in the eye of Phi Centre

Technology is evolving at an unprecedented rate and Montreal is incorporating this in its tourist attractions. The Phi Centre has the best tech when it comes to Virtual Reality experiences and it is bound to blow your mind in the most amazing way.

The center offers various short films on canvas that takes visual stimulating performances to the next level. Some of the shows on offer include Boy Harsher, Pharmakon, Owen Koots, and Jeff Koons just to mention a few.

  • Explore the interactive exhibition showcased at the Phi Centre.
  • Watch a short film in the new VR technology and experience art like never before.
  • Get to be part of shows by Boy Harsher, Pharmakon, Owen Koots, and Jeff Koons.

Adventure Medium Family

Take a street art tour of Saint-Laurent

Art has always been an integral part of any society. Many people say this is the way beauty should be appreciated. There is nothing more stunning than the Montreal mural tour. On this tour you will be taken to Saint-Laurent Boulevard it is the premier street art corridor. This space has transformed over the last 20 years and you can get some of the best art murals on these streets.

The cafes and shops offer you great food while spending your time looking at the manmade marvels. It is one of the world leaders in street art and most recently it has become a festival held every year.

  • Visit the street festival that is one of the biggest in the world.
  • Saint Laurent has been developing its street art for the past 20 years,
  • In the streets of Montreal, you will a variety of café’s that offer you something different while exploring the murals.

Culture Free Family









General info Montreal

Country Canada
Capital Ottawa
Language French
Timezone  (GMT-4)
Currency Canadian Dollar
International dialing code First, dial 1, the country code for Canada. Then, dial 514 or 438, the 3-digit Montreal area code. Last, dial the 7-digit local number.
Electricity The standard voltage is 110-120 V (with a standard frequency of 60 Hz) Not compatible with European plugs.
City population of Montreal 1.78 million

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