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A Travel blog by Philip Weiss

Hello! My name is Philip.
Previously I did the 9-5 life – or actually – it was more an 8 AM to 8 PM kind of life.

A life that didn’t give much back.

It’s not that I didn’t love my life, but most days were the same:

  1. Get up
  2. Eat, work, eat, work, watch Netflix, sleep.
  3. And repeat.

Not that memorable.

This is not me saying that everything in life should be memorable, not at all. This is me saying that we only live once, so you darn better be doing something you like. Choose a life that you will not regret when your time is up. If this is working, so be it, it might also be raising kids and having a family, my true calling was traveling.

Now, I’m traveling the world, and even though it can have its bad things, it’s so much better than being stuck doing something you don’t love.

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Here are the places I’ve been to and that I think you should see as well.

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