Things to do in Copenhagen

The Copenhagen

If you are traveling with your whole family visiting beautiful cities in Europe, make sure to stop by in Copenhagen.


That’s because Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, is a city full of amusement parks, museums, and a lot of eye-catching destinations. Thus becomes the perfect destination for family trips.


Spending a whole week in Copenhagen will result in a great experience and unforgettable memories.


And to genuinely experience those joyful memories, we’ve listed the top attractions you can examine when you’re hanging out in Copenhagen. 


If you are keen on the movie “Vikings,” then exploring ancient Viking treasures will definitely be a compelling activity for you.


Whatever the case, Copenhagen encompasses incredible sites and activities for everyone.


Without further ado:


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Small group bike tour

Actively exploring a city is one of the best ways to see the sights and get a workout in. If you already explored most of the well-known places in Copenhagen this bike tour will uncover the hidden side of the city. You can rent the bike or you can bring your own to explore the inner city sanctum at your pace.

  • Follow stunning routes and go off trail to explore.
  • Get to see hand-built huts and gardens of Nokken’s allotments.
  • Get a work-out in while enjoying the picturesque scenery.
  • Enjoy a fun ride on Denmark’s only Cuban bicycle – a 3 wheeler with a passenger seat at the Sonderbro Haveforening allotment area.

Family Couples Adventure Culture Local experience Cheap Medium

Rent a bicycle

If roaming and exploring on your own is your kind of thing, then you will be thrilled at the many routes cyclist have in Copenhagen. The cycling culture is ingrained into our way of life. People of all walks of life use this means of transportation, whether it be taking their kids to school, going to work, or just taking a late afternoon bike ride you will always encounter a fellow bike companion.

  • Enjoy the super cycle highways.
  • Beat peak time traffic while burning some kilos.
  • Copenhagen was named the first official bike city by the International cycling union.
  • Visit the Kalvebod Fælled, it is just out of reach by foot and public transport.

Family Solo Couples Adventure Nature Cheap

Small group walking tours

If walking aimlessly and getting lost is not your thing then you should definitely join a walking tour. If you are traveling alone you will get to meet fellow voyagers, and learn more about the city from an expert guide. The tours take around half-a-day and you get to see sites like Amagertov, Nyhavn district, and the Christianborg Palace.

TIP- Some museums and attractions don’t allow you to travel with your luggage. So on the day of departure, you can just use LuggageHero or several other options to help store your bags.

  • Follow stunning routes and go off trail to explore.
  • Get to see hand-built huts and gardens of Nokken’s allotments.
  • Get a work-out in while enjoying the picturesque scenery.
  • Enjoy a fun ride on Denmark’s only Cuban bicycle – a 3 wheeler with a passenger seat at the Sonderbro Haveforening allotment area.
  • Renting a car in Copenhagen is a viable option if walking tours don't cater to your preferences.

Family Couples Culture Local experience Cheap

NationalMuseet (National Museum) *

Immerse yourself in a world that dates back 3000 years. The museum offers a variety of activities and expeditions that will keep your whole family entertained. In the children's museum, you will get to see and try things that people ate, played and dressed 100 years ago.

  • Get to see African masks and Egyptian mummies.
  • Enjoy the largest culture-historical museum in Denmark.
  • Experience modern day Danish history
  • Get to see the 3000-year-old sun chariot.

Family Solo Couples Culture History Medium

Tivoli gardens

Visiting Tivoli in the summer is truly something to behold with a lush array of flowers and bushes in full bloom. Thousands of luminous lamps will guide you at night creating a truly awe-inspiring atmosphere. Instilled in their DNA is fireworks, this can be experienced between 4 May – 21 September every Saturday just before midnight. Tivoli Gardens offers a lot of great experiences from music and entertainment to the most delicious cuisines from Italia, Spain and traditional Danish dishes.

Fancy building a bear ………. Yes, this can be done at Tivoli Build a bear workshop.

TIP- You can download the Tivoli app to gain access to a full overview of the restaurants, rides, facilities, and events happening in the garden. Apple download – Android download

  • Enjoy fireworks on summer nights.
  • Be in the crowd in Summer classic or Friday rock events.
  • Take the children to Rasmus Klump’s house, and meet the world’s friendliest bear.
  • Soar to new heights on the roller coaster and enjoy spectacular views from the ferry’s wheel.

Family Solo Couples Adventure Food Medium

Danish Hygge Culture walking tour

Finding the elusive 'hygge has become a historical endeavor that many a traveler has taken on. Loosely translated the term ‘hygge’ means “cozy” and this tour encompasses that meaning, so the only way to truly appreciate it (hygge) is to embark on this walking tour and find out for yourself.

  • Get to explore streets like Strøget.
  • Find the true meaning of Hygge at cafés that serve coffee and pastries.
  • Get lured to a tucked away garden near the Royal Library.
  • Experience a 3-hour walking tour with a guide.
  • Visit one of the first public parks (Kongen’s Have), and learn about King Christian IV.

Solo Couples Adventure Culture Local experience Cheap

Botanical gardens

The Botanical Gardens has a rich history that dates back to the 1600s. It moved to its current location in 1870 and the garden stretches a whopping 10 hectares of land. Overall the garden is home to over 13,000 species of plants. Beauty is at the center of this amazing place, just last year a butterfly house was introduced to the garden. In the butterfly house, you will get to experience the fascinating life cycle of a butterfly.

The garden also boasts an air-conditioned greenhouse that is tailor-made to recreate Arctic environments for the plants. It truly is a wonderland for the Flora enthusiast.

  • Conifer hill will expose you to various coniferous trees.
  • Enjoy 27 glass houses of which the oldest dates back to the 1870s.
  • The café offers various refreshments.
  • There are guided tours that will expand your knowledge of plant life.

Family Couples Nature Culture Medium

Copenhagen train tours

Purchase a 24hour train pass and explore the city one stop at a time. The whole journey only takes 45 min, however, you can get off at 4 different stops and go gallivanting as you please. Some of the sites along the journey include the canals of Copenhagen, Copenhagen Cathedral, Round Tower, City Hall Square, and Christianborg Palace. Where2now only recommends the best places so that your journey can be worthwhile.

  • Save money on taxis and public transport, because each stop is close to major attractions.
  • See the city plaza and charming streets from aboard the train.
  • You get to hop on and off the train as you desire for the full 24hours.
  • Experience a true Copenhagen introduction to the city by completing the whole circuit.
  • Go and explore the city atyour pace one stop at a time.

Family Solo Couples Adventure Local experience Cheap

SMK the National Gallery of Denmark

The National Gallery of Denmark is the largest in the country. It has a kaleidoscope of modern and classical art, from the Renaissance period to European classics, there is something for all art lovers. Some of the artists on the show are, Mantegna, Nolde, Anna Ancher, Derain, Rubens, Matisse, and Hammershøi.

The SMK is world-renowned for having one of the best Matisse collections.

  • View Danish Golden Age Art.
  • Grab a snack at the cafeteria while enjoying fine art.
  • Experience art from the last seven centuries.
  • Enjoy workshops, performances, concerts, guided tours and much more.

Solo Couples Adventure Culture History Medium

Nyhavn (New harbor)

One of the more trendy places to be in Copenhagen is the New Harbor. On summer days you will see all the locals and tourist flock to this one-stop activity hub. The harbor is surrounded by colorful old buildings that reflect the rich history of the Danish people.

Two of these homes were occupied by well-known fairy tale author, Hans Christian Anderson.

The Harbour was originally dug out by Swedish prisoners of war in 1671 – 1673.

  • There are lots of restaurants to choose from.
  • Take pictures of the surroundings and in-coming cruise ships.
  • Experience a canal boat ride along Nyhavn.

Couples Culture Local experience Food Medium

Norrebro neighborhood walking tour

The Norrebro neighborhood is unlike any other neighborhood that you would find in Copenhagen. It houses more than 55+ different nationalities. The atmosphere is electrifying with an abundance of character and progressive nature. You can book a walking tour through Norrebro, with a small group of people of less than 12.

  • Get a guided tour and explore the many shops, bars, and restaurants.
  • Experience a giant octopus slide and a flying carpet at one of the most cutting edge parks in Europe.
  • Marvel at the Scandinavian design shops.
  • Enjoy the commentary of the guide and decide where to explore next.

Family Solo Couples Adventure Nature Culture Local experience Cheap

National Aquarium Denmark, Den Bla Planet*

A great family outing starts with a visit to the biggest Aquarium in Northern Europe. The National Aquarium offers different sea life for young and old. The Aquarium is specifically designed to give you the feeling of being submerged in water – it has water on all sides. By doing this you can navigate by yourself around the Aquarium.

  • Be sure to check out the biggest tank in the aquarium the Ocean Tank.
  • Get to see hammerhead sharks swimming together with rays and moray eels.
  • Enjoy a powerful visualization of the coral reef.
  • It is just a 12minute walk to the Kastrup Metro station from the Aquarium.

Family Solo Couples Adventure Nature Medium

Church of our Saviour

This mind-blowing reflection of Danish Architecture is worth admiring. The Church is prominently known for its helix spire that has an external winding staircase that many a visitor has taken to the top – breathtaking views over central Copenhagen can be experienced from here. It is also well known for its carillon which tunes out melodies every hour like clockwork (pun intended).

  • Enjoy a panoramic view from on top of the spire.
  • Explore the important and historic relics the church has.
  • The spire is open between April-October.

Solo Couples Culture History Free

Take a ghostly walk and explore creatures of the night

To get a different take on the city and a spine-tingling effect consider a ghostly tour. Copenhagen is full of stories of epidemics and disasters that date back to war times. On this guided tour your guide will captivate you with all these often forgotten but true historical moments.

  • Listen to haunted stories through the street of Strøget.
  • Experience the tour at night.
  • Go on a journey of guardians and victims that haunt Copenhagen.
  • Enjoy the night with up to 20 travelers.

Solo Couples Adventure History Cheap

Copenhagen Zoo

Everyone likes seeing the extraordinary but this zoo gives you experiences worth remembering. As a child going to the zoo was one of my fondest memories. At the start of the morning, you get to see the chimpanzees taking showers. Just before mid-day, you will get to feed the black-capped squirrel monkeys. Then you get to interact and feed a baby polar bear all before the day is done. There is a lot to see so I urge you to get there early.

  • The main attraction is the panda bears.
  • Hear about the wonders of reindeer.
  • Get to experience the shift from day time to night time zoo.
  • Explore the kitchen that caters to all the animals in the zoo.

Family Solo Couples Adventure Nature Food Medium

Christianborg Palace

One of the great marvels in Copenhagen is situated on the tiny island of Slotsholmen. You can find the Supreme Court, the Danish parliament, and the Ministry of State all grouped in this grander palace. Various functions and events are held there by the Royal family.

The throne room is especially important as this is where Danish monarchs are proclaimed.

On the queens 50th birthday, she was presented with a gift by the business community. The gift was 11 tapestries that depict 1000 years of Danish history, and it is admired worldwide.

Video –

  • Get a guided tour around the royal palace.
  • Marvel at the colorful tapestries, paintings, and patterned floors.
  • You will see two tons of copper kitchenware.
  • The Chapel is among the great architecture in the palace.
  • Visit the royal stables and see the queens white horses and carriages.

Family Solo Couples Culture History Expensive

Explore the Viking heritage from Copenhagen to Roskilde

Stories of Vikings are not just tales told to pass the time, on this 3-part bus tour you will witness the heritage that the Vikings held in Danish history. You will start off with a visit to the Viking Ship Museum, where original Viking Ships.

Then on the UNESCO listed Roskilde Cathedral tour you will be taken back with stories of the great Viking Kings Sweyn Forkbeard and Harald Bluetooth.

To end it off you will get to visit Lejre Museum, where you will indulge in the Viking drink mead.

  • Visit a 3000 BC burial chamber at Lejre Museum.
  • Refreshments can be bought along the tour.
  • Explore the exciting lives of the Vikings.
  • Drink the oldest beverage in the world mead.

Family Couples Adventure History Medium

The David collection

The largest Islamic art collection in Scandinavia can be viewed here in Copenhagen. The museum has three permanent collections namely, the collection of 18th-century European art, the collection of Danish early modern art and the collection of Islamic art as previously mentioned.

  • View 3 different collections.
  • Use a tablet with an integrated audio guide to explore the collections.
  • The Islamic art collection is among the 10 most important in the western world.
  • Works on offer include artist such as Theodor Philipsen, Jens Ferdinand Willumsen, L. A. Ring, Peter Hansen.

Solo Couples Culture History Medium

Bakken Amusement park

If you want to be part of history when visiting the oldest Amusement park in the world is a must. Situated in the woods of Dyrehaven the amusement park offers a sense of nostalgia, however, a flair of modernity too. There is a variety of rides, food stalls and ice-cream vendors for you and the kids to enjoy.

If you want a more mature setting there are lots of bars and live music on offer to entertain you.

  • Free entry to the Amusement park.
  • The park is tucked away in the woods of Dyrehaven.
  • Experience the nostalgic feel of the oldest Amusement park in the world.
  • Get on an 82-year-old wooden roller coaster.

Family Couples Adventure Nature History Local experience Food Free

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

Art is something that bonds generations together and without art, life would literally be bland. This is why visiting the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art will reinvigorate your passion for the arts. There are over 3500 works on display at this museum.

  • Get a greater view of the Sweden area
  • Enjoy a variety of activities and events.
  • Free daily workshops for kids to draw, paint, sculpt and explore artistic methods.
  • Guided tours of the museum can be arranged.

Solo Couples Culture History Medium


Fun, experimenting and life-changing science are just a few of the many things you get to encounter at the Experimentarium. It is a hub full of activities for you and your family. The best learning takes place when you are having fun, and the Experimentarium offers plenty of both.

TIP Get the Copenhagen City Card (including transportation)*

  • Experimentarium was named one of the best places by TIME.
  • Carry out experiments at ‘the beach’ and learn about water.
  • Learn about science and uncover many mysteries.
  • Take part in live experiments, dissections, and life-saving techniques.
  • Visit the Miniverse (adventurous science exhibition) with your kids aged 1-5.
  • The Energy zone will help you keep track of your carbon footprint.
  • Hear inside the human body at Under Your Skin and battle an evil virus

Family Culture Local experience Medium Our Favorite

Høst Nordic cuisine

If you are ready for a taste sensation that will intrigue your taste buds with bliss than the Høst is the place to explore delicious foods. Høst is the Danish word for harvest which means great Nordic ingredients and seasonal greens are used in the pallet teasers.

They prepare their food with elegance and a rustic nature that is indicative of the Nordic culture. They are always big on flavor and creativity. The use of mid-century Danish furniture that translates the kitchen's ability to conjure up minimalist with a twist of the idyllic.

  • Enjoy the best Nordic cuisine.
  • Friendly and passionate staff.
  • Great area and food is prepared with a rustic but elegance nature.

Couples Culture Local experience Food Medium

North Atlantic House

The North Atlantic House gives you the opportunity to experience North Atlantic cultures. There are two large exhibition rooms that introduce you to the culture in a terrific way. You will be able to see everything from performances, dance, music, films, and lectures. There are also various debating events and they offer a rich program all year round.

  • Visit the North Atlantic House to immerse yourself in North Atlantic culture.
  • There are two large exhibition rooms in the Atlantic house.
  • You can see various exhibits and debating events while visiting the house.
  • They showcase performances, dance, music, and culture relating to the North Atlantic Culture.

Family Culture History Local experience Medium

Round Tower Panoramic view

The 17th-century tower is an iconic image all over Copenhagen. The Round Tower is the oldest functioning observatory in Europe. The tower is used by amateur astronomers and receives many visitors all year round. The outdoor platform of the observatory gives a great view of the old part of Copenhagen.

In the tower, you can find various exhibitions of art, culture, history, and science. They have recently added a floating glass door enabling you to see the core of the tower, hovering 25 meters above the ground.

  • Visit a 17th-century tower built by Christian IV.
  • It is the oldest functioning observatory in Europe.
  • The tower is used by amateur astronomers and visitors all year round.
  • There are various exhibitions held at the tower.
  • The floating glass door enables you to see the core of the tower.

Family Local experience Free

The Freetown Christiania

Freetown is considered the most hippie town in Copenhagen. This is mainly due to the fact that they had an open cannabis trade for more than half a century. In the area, it is estimated that there are over 900 people living here. They live by their own rules and regulations apart from the Danish government.

They have met various incidents due to their cannabis trade over the years. The community now is a peaceful and tranquil people with everyone living in their own sort of bubbles. There are various trinkets shops where you can buy souvenirs to remember your visit to the hippie capital of Copenhagen.

  • Visit the most hippie town in Copenhagen.
  • They traded cannabis for more than half a century in Christiania.
  • There are estimated that only 900 people live in this district.
  • There are various shops offering different trinkets and souvenirs.

Couples Culture History Local experience Free

Torvehallerne Food Market

If you need some fresh ingredients on your travels you need not look any further than the Torvehallerne Food Market. At the market, you will be exposed to over 60 stands offering everything from fresh fish, meat, trinkets, quality goods, and gourmet chocolates.

There are also numerous small eateries where you can have authentic Danish dishes.

  • Explore the 60+ stands that offer an abundance of goods and produce.
  • Have a nice breakfast or lunch and enjoy authentic Danish meals.
  • Try the gourmet chocolates they sell at the Food Market.

Couples Local experience Food Medium

The Kronborg Castle

The Kronborg Castle is a must-see attraction for anyone visiting the Copenhagen area. The renaissance architectural castle stands with its spires, towers, columns, and the beautiful sandstone and copper roofs. The castle is a World UNESCO heritage site. It is the 400th death anniversary of William Shakespeare and they will hold a cocktail evening commemorating the play Hamlet.

  • Visit the wonderful castle that is known as the Kronborg Castle.
  • The Kronborg is a renaissance architectural castle and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • There will be a cocktail evening held at the castle as a commemoration of Shakespeare’s Hamlet play.

Family Culture History Local experience Medium

Jægersborg Dyrehave (The Deer Park)

If you are tired of the robust nature of the city you should head towards the wonderful woodlands of just north of Copenhagen. This deer park is tranquil and peaceful and is full of areas to relax and watch the deer roam free.

The park is full of lush forests, small lakes and wide-open landscapes that encompass the beauty of the Nordic region.

  • Get out of the city and breathe in some fresh Nordic air.
  • Go deer watching as explore the deer park.
  • The area has lush forests, small lakes, and wide open landscapes.

Family Adventure Nature Cheap

Copenhagen Pride

The pride festival has grown in leaps and bounds every year and is celebrated around the world. In August everyone from the LGBTQ community comes together to unite under one banner and celebrate their uniqueness. The event is both colorful and political with various events, parties, concerts, and films.

During the activities, City Hall Square in Copenhagen is renamed Pride center in commemoration of this growing event. The show always ends at pride square and afterward, you can look forward to a live show and great after-party.

  • Be part of the Copenhagen Pride festival and show your solidarity.
  • The event takes place in August every year so schedule your visit accordingly.
  • The event has a colorful and political nature to it.
  • There are various events, parties, and concerts on offer throughout the day.

Couples Culture Local experience Free

The Kastellet (Citadel)

The well known Kastellet was founded by Danish King Christian 4 in 1626. The Kastellet can be found on the border of inner Copenhagen and the area of Østerbro. If you visit inside the Citadel you will see it is being used as military barracks and offices. The facility is open to the public and you can enjoy a nice run or jog in the surrounding area.

  • Visit one of the ancient places that date back to the 1600s.
  • The Citadel can be found on the border of Copenhagen and the area of Østerbro.
  • There are ample open spaces for a morning jog or an evening stroll around the area.

Solo Adventure Nature History Local experience Free

The Gargantuan National Ballet

The Royal National Ballet of Denmark has been around since the 1800s and is a well-known institution throughout the world. The ballet is an internationally renowned classical ballet company and is based at the Kongens Nytorv in Copenhagen. At the ballet, you will see world-class performers doing what they have been trained to do for many years.

  • Get to visit the Royal National Ballet and view historic art and photography.
  • Witness the elegance of a ballet play at the ballet house.
  • The Royal National Ballet s world renowed.

Family Local experience Expensive


General info about Copenhagen


Country Denmark
Capital Copenhagen
Language Danish
Timezone  (GMT+2)
Currency Danish Kroner (DKK)
International dialing code +45
Electricity 220-volt AC, 50Hz current and uses two-pin continental plugs
City population of Copenhagen  777,218


If the quality of life and a new adventure is what you are after then Copenhagen is the perfect destination for you. Copenhagen has an urban population of 1.6 million people and is traditionally associated with Hans Andersen’sLittle Mermaid’. Copenhagen was named the capital city of Denmark in the early 15th century giving it a rich vein of history.

The Danish capital is a world-class city and is ranked as one of the most environmentally-friendly cities in the world. It is so environmentally friendly that you can take a warm afternoon swim in the harbor. This is just one of the facts that make Copenhagen a number one tourist destination.

You will get to experience a lot of activities and things to explore in Copenhagen from the historical buildings and ancient streets to the glorious museums and multitude of different galleries on show there is something for everyone.

You can get valuable information about Copenhagen at one of these locations.

ENIGMA – Museum of Post, Tele, and Communication – location

The Enigma center is a unique combination of different places like a museum, a design shop, a café, and a post office.  The Enigma square is kid-friendly, allowing you to let your kids play while you gather information on Copenhagen for your stay.

Copenhagen City Hall – location

The Copenhagen city council can be found at the city hall. It is also home to the Lord Mayor of the Copenhagen municipality. The building can be found in the city hall square in central Copenhagen. The building was built between 1892-1905.

City Hall is one of the tallest buildings in Copenhagen with a breathtaking view from the top. The building is open to the public during office hours, but if you want a tour to the top you will need a guide to escort you.

If you just want to visit the tower, you can be escorted on Mon.–Fri. at 11 am and 2 pm / Sat at 12. Price: 30 DKK

THE LIBRARY – location

If you are a book worm then you should head down to Nordvest city area, there is a cultural diversity unlike other parts of Copenhagen. The library offers a multitude of selections for everyone who stops by.

The building’s architecture is quite unique as it is designed to look like a bunch of boxes stacked up on top of one another. There is something for all age groups be it, books, magazines, CDs, and DVDs all in different languages.

Frederiksberg Center – location

Just 10min away from the Copenhagen city center you will find the Frederiksberg center. You will find a whopping 90 shops all located in this one location. It has an enormous shopping center that is worth the visit if you looking to get great deals.

A nice idea would be to take a stroll thru the tranquil streets and visit all the museums and the Frederiksberg Garden.


How to get to Copenhagen


There are a lot of ways to get to the beautiful city of Copenhagen via London without flying. You can take the Eurostar-train from London to Brussels, Cologne or Hamburg and stay at one of these stops overnight – then travel from one of these destinations to Copenhagen in the morning. There is a nice benefit if you use the services of Eurostar there are no bag weight limitations. There is only one snag you will have to be able to carry your own bags on board.

Alternatively, you can book a SAS flight from London to Copenhagen. Flights occur throughout the day so you can manage to get the best flight to fit your schedule.

You will fly from London to Copenhagen Airport, Kastrup.

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