About Us

Welcome to our (Olivia & James) travel website Where2Now. This is me and my companions (love of my life), brain child. It started as a hobby that made us fall in love with each other and the planet.

People seldom get the chance to explore all the wonders that the earth possesses, however, we have been privileged enough to do just that. We took it on ourselves to create a space where travelers/tourist can come for ideas on their next great adventure.

Our journey started when James Smalling (MY LOVE) decided we should live a nomad existence after the global recession of 2008. This took me some convincing but being from a local town in California I just knew I had more to experience than a blunt existence in this sunny State of America.

After visiting the forested volcanic mountains in Bali and the timber houses in Wellington, New Zealand, we decided to inform and inspire people to travel to these destinations. Where2Now encompasses a travellers/tourist dream destination and what to do once you reach them.

Custom Travel Experiences

Choose one of our great destinations to check out and explore. 

James Smalling – “My part in this website is to solely bring the best logistical route to the traveler. In my experience, it can be very daunting venturing to a place that is unfamiliar to you. I take a lot of time planning my trips and I give my best account on how I went about this process so that you won’t have the same hassles. Every place is different but one constant we have learned in our travels is that people, in general, are loving and welcoming no matter where your travels may lead you.”

Building Memories

We love creating memories and we encourage you to engage with us with your own. If you have a new place that you think we should visit or want to tell us more about your experiences in these destinations feel free to reach out.

No Distance Is too Far

Join us on our journey in exploring all seven continents one Destination at a time.





WE Got You Covered

Endangered Wildlife

Our destinations are ful of endangered and rare wildlife. Visit fantastic zoo’s and conservation institutions on your travels. 

Eco lodges & tours

The many vacation spots offer tours all around their country or city. The accommodations are world-class eco-friendly at the same time. 

Epic journeys

Life is never truly lived unless you have gone through an epic journey. 

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